Beware of Fake Life Coaches & So Called Spiritual Gurus

So, here's how the relationship began via email:Hi Tim,I checked your site and see they have made design improvements, not to my exact specifications, but it does look far more like a site for a spiritual life coach now....more

Taught by a Tot

There’s a little girl named G. in my life who has already mastered a thing or two about life.As anyone who has had a toddler knows, we all learn by repetition. Little G. has perfected this so! When G. comes to visit us, she heads to boxes that are familiar, reaches from tippie-toe and dangles her fingers on those “no” items and squeals and belly laughs at the predictable.Like most adults I know, we too like the familiar. We frequent the same places, order the same menu item and park where we know we won’t forget our cars. (Yes, I am the guiltiest of this last one.)...more

Each day of our lives, we are all selling something. Ourselves.Tell me, who are you? What do you believe in and what do you stand for? What’s your mission in life?Why should I turn to you for comfort, for your services, your product or for love? What’s your shtick? What sets you apart from anyone else?Are you honest and kind? Can you be counted on in hard times?Are you giving or selling? Are you consuming or providing? Are you nice?What are you hiding? And are you dealing with it?...more

My Life changed the day I...

Recently reading Apple magazine, with an article highlighting Sheldon Kennedy , I stopped to think of all the pathways and crossroads we face during our lifetime. Some are major intersections that come immediately to mind, some curve with scary cambers that could topple us and some are meanderings that seem to take forever and that still lead us somewhere....more

Forgive and Remember

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget. ...more

Gratitude vs. Mindfulness

Cut the Cord

Where is your phone right now? Within arms reach? Thought so.Don't worry, I'm guilty of it too. Mine is currently in my lap - something I am becoming more and more conscious of. The sad truth is that in today's society, our phone is an appendage, attached to us at all times.We're tethered...more

100 Words: Live Gently

Today's thoughts: What if you – what if every one of us – not only endeavored to tread lightly, taking care not to damage or destroy... but also made every effort to intentionally leave things better than they were when we first found them? What if you – what if every one of us – not only treated others the way we ourselves would wish to be treated... but also went the extra mile to deliberately bring goodness and beauty into others' lives? What if you – what if every one of us – not only existed... but also lived mindfully? How wonderful it could be! ...more

Mindfulness with Kids

It's been a while since I blogged, and I will tell you why.  I have begun journey of mindfulness. It has calmed my anxiety and helped me conquer my depressing thoughts long enough to get on with my life.  Blogging has been my release of complicated thoughts.  If I am coping well with all aspects of my life, then I don't need to always write and purge them elsewhere.  Yes, I still get stressed by work, kids and all those household worries.  What caring mother doesn't ever worry?...more

Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014: Small Stones 1-4

I had heard of Writing Our Way Home and their January "Small Stones" tradition (if you're not sure what it's all about, you can read more here), but always seemed to remember or find out about it after the fact and so was never able to participate. ...more
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