Trying to find my purpose!

Have you ever had the thought "What is my life's purpose? What am I suppose to be doing, as if to ask if what is being done is not enough or not the real life mission.I ask myself this question quite often, but to no avail. I am still wondering why I have not figured it out this late in my life. I have kids, a husband, and then nothing else. I have no talents, I have no degree, I am unemployed, apparently unemployable since I have not worked in a few years....more

Sunday Scaries? One Reason You Might Get That Sinking Feeling Right Before Monday

There’s something that happens every Sunday, when the sun peaks through my California window, nestling itself into the space in which I slept. The neighbors are out, the weekend feels as though at it’s end, and I should be gearing up for another busy week ahead…but instead, I feel the call to stay in, stay quiet, and connect to something. There’s a part of my heart, a deep little corner, something beyond the depths of consciousness, that needs to be rediscovered on Sundays, so I can feel complete again. So I can face another week....more

3 Times When You Should Hit Pause on Parenting

The word "pause" is a very familiar term. In my house, pause usually represents either the button I hit on the TV remote to (loudly) announce that dinner is ready. That's for the younger kids. For my older crew, I pause the house's internet access, which flushes the older kids out of hiding in all corners of the house like cockroaches. But the word PAUSE has entirely new meanings in my life as of late. ...more
I'm still working on your first point.  Some days I do better than others.  I'm thinking of ...more

Living with awareness and mindfulness


Letting go of comparison and choosing love and mindfulness instead

There are many things that parenting teaches us. One big lesson is to let go of comparison and and choose love and mindfulness instead.if we’re stuck on the outside, we’re missing the opportunity to connect and growToo often, we look outside to determine how we feel inside. Giving in to those surface-level thoughts of comparison and judgement tear us up inside. When we’re stuck in that place, we’re missing out on connecting with ourself, and others....more

Mindfulness in Action: Be a G.E.M.

You know how wonderful you feel sitting in meditation, allowing all those pesky thoughts to drift on by? Or how being mindful, living in the present moment--like actually tasting your food rather than inhaling it—brings you greater peace and enjoyment, not to mention the terrific perks in terms of cardiovascular health and overall well-being. And then you step out of the inner sanctum of your mind into LIFE, which is messy and raw and often irritating and annoying—so much for peace and enjoyment. ...more

What a Year It Was: A Reflection on 2015

Following up on my last post, I wanted to share the process that I went through to reflect on 2015. It was a big year for me in more ways than one, so I knew I wanted to do a more deep-dive reflection on the year than I ever had before so I used Susannah Conway's Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook....more

How to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

This week I tried a mindfulness-based practice that I've been calling the daily diary of good things. I was looking forward to this one, largely because it didn’t involve actually doing anything other than kicking back and letting the good times roll....more

The Joy Experiment

As Fat Tuesday rapidly approacheth, I wrestle with my annual question of how to address the “Lenten Issue.” While I no longer practice Catholicism, there’s something to be said for the focused 40-day time frame of Lent that appeals to my quest for living present within each moment. I know that statement makes me sound “New Agey,” but my preliminary list of things to give up for Lent proves I am not. For example, item number one is that I will refrain from all alcoholic beverages that don’t taste like whiskey. Case closed....more

How To Avoid Catching Other People’s Stress

It’s possible you feel that catching other people’s stress is unavoidable, but that’s simply not true. Take a minute to sit and think about what typically causes you stress. A lot of your stress probably stems from internal thoughts and pressure you put on yourself, but I bet a large chunk of it also gets triggered by other people....more