Mindfulness for Kids

School has started, life is getting busy with homework and after school activities.  Everyone can get overwhelmed with their daily lives.  I came across this great routine for kids that was mentioned to me by my mother.   My kids love it.  It feels like a relaxing yoga routine. It introduces the basics of mindfulness to children and a playful way to guide them to become more present in their life.It calms them down and helps kids focus and fall asleep more easily.  It is a audio CD that has guided meditations. ...more

Just Start a New Story

You are in charge of your own stories. You can tell yourself you are worthless or you can tell yourself you are worthy. Simple right? Oftentimes, not so much… Today, as part of Just Start (& self-esteem continued...) month, I'm sharing how mindfulness, vulnerability, and creativity can help you Just Start a new story....more

How-To Let Go of Low Self-Esteem

Meditation has really been a transformative practice in helping me build my own self-esteem. Today, I'm going to share some background on the tough topic of self-esteem, I'll share some ways meditation has helped me with my self-esteem, and how you can start your own meditation practice....more


The Truth about Self-Confidence and 4 (or 5) Techniques Than Can Help

Where has the time gone? Three weeks since my last written post. Around here we’re trying to savor the last few dwindling days of summer. My oldest daughter heads back to school next week. My youngest daughter will head to daycare, for the first time, the following week. I will head to a local community college for a statistics class the week after that....more

A simple thought about gratitude and happiness

If you're not grateful for what you have, you'll never be happy with what you have....more

6 Videos for Teaching Calming Methods to Young Kids

Having a two-year-old in the house means we spend a fair amount of time watching kids cartoons. Most of our favorites are on PBS Kids. Sesame Street and Elmo still rule in our house. While watching, I've recently noticed a few segments that are clearly influenced by mindfulness and mindful breathing. Lovable characters demonstrating belly breathing is a great way to introduce mindfulness practice to young kids....more

How to Cultivate Compassion in the 21st Century

Compassion is the keen awareness of the intersection of all things.   - Thomas Merton Last week was pretty amazing. On Tuesday, I saw His Holiness The Dalai Lama speak on a panel about The Importance of Education in Promoting Universal Human Values....more

What I want to tell you

Here is what I want to tell you.That you don’t ever have to give me a reason for your struggles. There isn’t always one. If there is, you can tell me why. And if there isn’t, it doesn’t matter. It makes you no less deserving of a hug, of a listening ear, of a compassionate smile.That you can say to me, “I’m so anxious,” or “I’m super down today” or “I’m miserable” and I won’t expect you to know why....more

How One Little Word Can Inspire Your Life

The One Little Word (OLW) project was started a few years ago by popular memory keeper, Ali Edwards. Instead of making New Years Resolutions she encourages you to choose a word that will help set an intention and tone for your year.I first joined the community in 2011. That first year my word was Intention, 2012 was Nurture, in 2013 Enjoy, 2014 was Choose and in 2015…...more
SuePierce Pick a word its not too late =) In fact, mid-year is a great time to reflect and to ...more