6 Mistakes Businesses Having Independent Contractors Always Make

Working with self-employed companies has its talk about of pitfalls - pitfalls those subject matter businesses to large financial and legal repercussions.  Here, in no particular order (usually since there is no great way to list/order them), is my set of top flaws businesses with 3rd party contractors make:Working with Independent Contractors that don’t have UBI’s...more

Identifying Blogging Mistakes and overcoming them

I still remember my first blog on youth reality shows being closely scrutinized by a dear friend. In fact, this friend of mine, Cathy had actually egged me on to initiate a series of blogs based on my personal experiences—that could range from a random personal occurrence to any of the major global events to have moved me. ...more

Embarrassing Mistakes: #6 in a Series

Every time I write a blog post about embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, I think I’ve captured them all....more

Grace - Finding Purpose In Sad Places

Grace. Living a graceful life.It sounds wonderful, but I've struggled to deeply understand what the word “grace” meant to me, until this morning when I read this quote:“Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.”...more

4 Blogging Mistakes Every Newbie Should Avoid

If you're new to blogging, making few mistakes is inevitable. Even the best bloggers have made silly mistakes in the past. Most of them became blogging experts by learning on the go, while some of them learnt their best strategies through trial and error, and they often admit it openly. However, there are some costly mistakes which could leave an indelible mark on your blogging career or even ruin it. Here are 4 mistakes you should avoid by all means. ...more
Thanks. I did not know about number 3more

Five tips to avoid job seeking awkwardness after Uni

Adjusting to life after university is a whole new level of weird. I for one was used to staying up all night discussing the evils of the “west” with all the self importance of Jeremy Paxman, but with more pajama top soup stains. I was used to attending workshops full of budding writers who viewed any post graduation job as a stopgap before an inevitable literary breakthrough would mean that they could spend the rest of their lives banging out bestsellers on a vintage typewriter, hyped up on various substances Hunter S. Thompson style.     ...more

An Apology to My First Child

 Dear Daughter #1,I'm sorry.  I'm sure you have noticed that your father and I do not really know what we’re doing. That we figure everything out on you, our lovely, gracious guinea pig.You are our learner child. We’re feeling our way along, using you as our test case. We make our biggest mistakes with you and on you and then have a some idea how to get things right with your younger sister.I'm particularly sorry for…...more

Be Careful of Monday Morning Quarterbacking

For this week’s audio podcast, click here....more

Cringe-Worthy Household Mistakes -- and Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Memories from one of my DIY experiences will last forever — on the garage floor...more

3 Common Online Dating Mistakes For Men Over 50

Curious about the 3 common online dating mistakes for men over 50?  1. Trolling for women in their 20’s and 30’s2. Assuming a 28 yr. old woman would prefer themover a 20, 30, or  even 40-something3. Refusing to consider dating women their own age or older     Well the 1st one SHOULD be they need a big CLUE.  Possibly a bit harsh, it's not on the list.  ...more