Mobile phone hacking: proactive and reactive responses

Mallorie’s Android phone was acting odd, like it was possessed. The thing had a mind of its own, sending garbled texts and gambling. Ghost? Or hacked?Mallorie locked down the phone when it was charging so it wouldn’t purchase poker chips. One day she forgot to lock it and it went on a shopping binge. Packages began appearing at her doorstep....more

Isis mobile wallet goes live

Isis Mobile Wallet allows you to make purchases with your phone—a technology that just went live. Just wave your Isis-compatible smartphone at select cash registers to buy soda or taxi service, via Isis’s near-field communication technology. (iPhone compatibility with NFC will come later on.)Incentives...more

5 ways to protect your mobile from prying eyes

Do you know how to keep your phone from the prying eyes of exes, strangers, cops, other officials and even your own spouse? Here are tips to keep your mobile safe and secure. #1 Common Sense...more

Can You Find The Bad Candy?

Candy Bubble Land. Candy Planet. Candy Dash. Bad Candy. Wait a minute – Bad Candy? Where is the bad candy?...more

Mobile, Wearable and Now…Implantable Technology?

It began with the laptop.The laptop was the first portable internet-connected device that freed up millions to create a mobile workforce. Next was the smartphone, which didn’t really take off until Apple opened it up to developers and allowed the creation of applications that made the smartphone what it is today. Apple did it again with the tablet, and now Android tablets and smartphones have an even bigger stake in the game than ever before....more

Hanging Hearts Valentine's Mobile

Visit my blog to read the tutorial for how I made this hanging hearts Valentine's Day mobile. ...more

The Latest Sensation for Shopping Addicts - Shopkick That Shopping Habit!

Long established but recently made more usable, national retailers have been usingShopkickto drive foot traffic and incentivize spending since 2010. In 2011, Shopkick added a local arm which gave small and medium-size businesses the ability to get in on the action and capitalize on the buzz of this location-based shopping platform. But what is it exactly that makes consumers flock to Shopkick?...more

Dear Santa: The Mobile Wish List

The next in the "5 Questions" series, I asked entrepeneurs "What's on your mobile wish?"iPad or Windows tablet . – Ebony Rentas, CEO and Founder, The Women's Age @TheWomensAgeThis proves my point that you can't ask customers what they want, they don't know - I'll know it when I see it! – Beth Temple, Digital Pioneer @bethtemple4u...more

Who Inspires You?

Richard Branson inspires me. Not for the reasons you may think. No, he inspires me because of an answer he gave in an interview at the World Business Forum. When asked what made him an entrepreneur, Sir Richard replied "I was brought up in a loving family". That inspiring answer silenced the suit-filled audience....more

Integrating Your Digital with Traditional Marketing in 2013

A few weeks ago we discussed the online marketing trends for 2013; now we are going to bring offline marketing into the mix. Let’s analyze trends, identify areas where your marketing strategy can be improved upon, and integrate your offline marketing to make sure that next year’s plan is even better than the last.1. Email Trends ...more