Benefits of capinhas Galaxy S7 Eagletechz

The idea behind designing mobile cases is to provide protection to your mobile device. It is very important to choose a reliable brand for your device. The capinhas Galaxy S7 Eagletechz are the right choice for your Galaxy S7. It provides effective protection from several dangers. Obviously, a scratch on the screen may drive you crazy. A capas s7 eagletechz is the right option to save your device from airborne dust, heat of sun, liquid spills and scratches....more

Why Isn’t Your Marketing Mobile-ready?

 Customer experience should be at the top of SMBs priority list, and it is for many. According to Wasp Barcode’s Small Business Report, 43% of small businesses recognize that improving customer experience and retention are top strategies for revenue growth....more

3 Things You’re Forgetting About Mobile

 Having a mobile-friendly site is great, but there’s much more to keep in mind beyond that. Mobile-friendly isn’t enough – you have to consider what it’s like to use your site on mobile....more

Think Outside the CAPTCHA Box

Mobile devices make our lives easier. But they also open us up to increased potential for fraud and security issues.Verifying mobile device users is something all businesses should be thinking about, especially as more of our activities — both professional and personal — are conducted via apps.The App GenerationIt used to be that many of us would only feel safe conducting tasks like banking, viewing health records or accessing work email from a desktop browser, but not anymore....more

10 Ways To Secure Your Life With Android Mobile Apps

No doubt, personal safety is one of the most important rights and the highest priority for any human being. Recent events in the world reminded how vulnerable is women's safety in danger of being subjected to violence, abuse, and rape. ...more

I hope my son doesn't read this post

I was attempting to beat my Dad in our ongoing tournament of Words With Friends when my son inserted himself onto my lap and asked, "Are you looking at The Twitter? Can I see?"...more

Leaving the house without your phone

Last week while my husband was traveling I took my son out on a date (which means he got to pick dinner and then we went out for dessert). As I was answering his questions over ice cream, he asked me about nitrogen (because that is what five-year-olds are into these days). I went into my purse to get out my phone to look up more information, but realized it wasn't there....more
I hate forgetting my phone but don't mind so much if I actively choose not to have my phone ...more

Mobile Education Games for Children

No more teachers, no more books is the siren song of summer, but chances are you'd prefer your kiddos hang onto at least a shred of their education over the warmer months. If you were born to homeschool you're all set. But if you look at the new math and cringe it pays to seek out some summertime support....more

3 Things Bloggers Need to Do Before the Google Update Tomorrow

It is important for all bloggers to understand the Google update coming up on April 21st. As in, tomorrow. Even if you do not pay much attention to your Google rankings, this update will still affect your page traffic and audience reach. If you are not a website owner or blogger, you may still find it interesting how Google is trying to create an even better searching experience when using your mobile devices. Here are three things bloggers need to do before the update on April 21st. ...more
Thank you for sharing this information. Especially the link to check on the mobile friendliness ...more