Here's What I Really Think About Women

I was perfectly happy easing myself into the world of blogging. I started blogging for a company I used to work for ( -- they are AMAZEBALLS) and loved every minute of it. When I went out on my own, I thought I would start with two of my most current and timely passions -- careers and transitioning to a plant-based, gluten-free life....more


FIRST, A PLEA:So, I do believe I've lost my JoJo Mojo, baby, yeah....more

A Job, Day Care, Good Pay: Single Moms Get Some Mojo

Single moms have it tough: trying to juggle work, child care, and (usually) carrying the brunt of the parenting solo makes for a very tough life. This people generally accept. But what a lot of people don't realize—especially certain politicians of late—is that single mothers represent two-thirds of the population that are living below the poverty line in America; looked at from another way, a full 27 percent of single mothers live below the poverty line....more

Pan Seared Black Grouper with Meyer Lemon Mojo Sauce Recipe

Just a short time ago, trying to find a Meyer lemon in Richmond would be pretty tricky, if not impossible. ...more

Roundtable: Can We Really Have It All?

Breast Cancer Vs. Menopausal Mojo: Must We Choose?

Here we go again.  Just when we think we’ve made peace with hormones, more data emerges to throw us into a collective tailspin again. None of us wants to die of breast cancer, but what if we want to improve our quality of life by taking hormones after menopause? Do we have to choose between living vitally and dying? And how do we make sense of all this data?...more

Sorry, can't accept the driving a car / taking mojo pills analogy. Driving cars is unfortunately ...more

Enjoying Your Children (Mojo and All)

Media Mojo - Where's Yours?

A lot of us are drawn to one media more than another.  My Mom, for instance, loves to listen to Fox News for a couple of hours every morning while she takes care of breakfast and gets ready for the day.  She loves it.  I'd rather be set upon by a pack of wild Chihuahuas than undergo that kind of punishment....more

A Tribute to Childless Mommys: You Don’t Have To Have Kids To Mother

Written By: Lissa Rankin Mother’s Day is Sunday. As an OB/GYN, I know this can be a tough day for women who have been unable to conceive, lost pregnancies, had abortions, adopted, or chosen not to reproduce. With all this talk about motherhood floating around – Mother’s Day brunches, kids making shell necklaces, and flower displays at the local grocery store, you may be feeling…well…left out. ...more