Top 5 Best Appliances for Kitchen

Kitchen appliances continue to become more and more useful these days. What with all the numerous exciting recipes that make cooking worthwhile. These days, there are a lot of kitchen appliances that are more improved and modernized thanks to our technological development. Gone are the days when kitchens just consist of a simple stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink. Nowadays you can already experience a stuff that was not invented years ago and this set of great inventions are a lot more efficient that they can do the work faster....more

Grief, You Bitch.

What’s worse? Watching someone you love and care about suffer and grieve, or to grieve yourself? Exploring grief can be a dangerous task.One of my self-proclaimed characteristics is being an over-empathizer. I often see people suffering and suffer for them. It sends me into a panic or can even trigger an anxiety attack. I want to help and help and help, but sometimes all you can do is listen and listen and listen. Even that can be hard because when do you stop listening and start with the comforting words? How do you help someone grieve?...more

Best Toys for Baby's First Year

When my husband and I had our baby we had no idea what to look for in terms of toys. Neither of us had much experience with babies, and it seemed like such a small person wouldn't need much. I stand by that thought, but we still got plenty of toys as gifts, and our daughter really took to a few of them. Here are the ones I would recommend for baby's first year:...more

call your mom

I've been super mean to myself lately. Like Mean Girls mean to myself. Like I could have probably filled a burn book about just myself and then evil laughed at myself being mean to myself.  I'm not writing this to get sympathy or to get anyone to say anything nice to me. Seriously. Heck! Write something mean in the comments if you want! Plz don't. What's the virtual equivalent of branding my hair and petting my head? Can you do that?...more

Raising cheerleaders

I'm raising girls, and I want them to be cheerleaders. I’m not talking about the ones on the sidelines at football games. That would be fine too, but what I want goes deeper than that. Let me explain....more

Finding the way

My introduction is going to be simple, I’m a Christian woman, wife and mother.  We have lived in several different places and currently live in Pennsylvania, which I learned to spell only after we moved.  I plan to share a lot more about myself with whoever is paying any attention, but I don’t want to overwhelm in my first post....more

Why Little Ones Should be the Reason you Travel

WHY LITTLE ONES SHOULD BE THE REASON YOU TRAVEL “Have you lost your mind?”“Aren’t you scared?”“What if something happens?”“Why don’t you wait?”...more

Meet the Explorers


Stop Making Motherhood So Difficult

I’m feeling a bit fed up today....more

What are YOU Hungry For?