10 Confessions of a Mom

1.  I have hidden certain of my children's books at bedtime because they were too long and I didn't want to read them. (I did this today.  A library book...something about Tinkerbell's journey to something or another... How did I let this one get into the bag?)...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: To Wives Before You Were Mommy

I have a love/hate relationship with blog posts that hit home. You know, the ones that really make you feel bad or guilty. Well, this is one of them: http://www.scissortailsilk.com/2014/01/24/before-you-were-mommy/. Our anniversary is coming up, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to post this. I’m going to sum it up/put in my favorite parts of it like I have done on many of the other Thoughtfulness Thursday posts....more

You Might Be a Southern Mom If...

1. You ever shouted, "Stop your wallerin' out there and get inside before you get your clothes dirty; we're gettin' ready to go out!" For those who don't speak Southern, wallerin' is the same as wallowing and describes when animals roll around in the mud to keep cool. We Southern Moms also use it to describe what our kids are doing out in the yard when they play. ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are...

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are... One of the biggest blessings in my life is becoming a mom to E. I never thought I'd be a good boy mom (I've shared that before) but I love it more than anything in the world....more

And then there were three...

Hubby and I have been on and off about trying for a child of our own. Last October we started trying, it lasted about three months, to no avail. We're pretty impatient so I went back on the pill and decided maybe in a few months we could try again. We ended up buying a boat in January, taking full advantage of  living on the water. From January to April we have been out every weekend, through all types of weather, the good, the bad and the ugly....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mother's Day

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mother's Day I know that Mother's Day is a celebration for us that are mothers, but it can also be day of great sadness for many women that cannot become mothers....more

Mom Confessions!

 The other day I was riding in the car by myself (which is extremely rare).... I was enjoying the music and talk of radio vs. the rotation of Raffi and Music Together..:-)  Anyway, the subject on one show was "Mom Confessions."  They had moms calling in sharing all sorts of hysterical things... So the rest of the ride I was thinking about what my mom confessions would be.. Not really as funny as the moms on the radio, but here's my list:...more