Dear Blogger: You Are Totally Missing The Boat

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Great tips!  I joined Klout following this post.  I can see the score going up slow-ly.  I'm on ...more

In Moms We Trust – Strategic Marketing Via Bloggers

Do you work with bloggers? Are you not quite sure they are a fit for your company? Many of our clients have an initial knee jerk reaction to the term “Mom Blogger.” We tell them all that it’s only a matter of time before they too will jump on the bandwagon. By ignoring this powerful marketing avenue you are loosing a huge opportunity to build viral impressions for your brand....more

Mothers of America, So Nice To Meet You

As a college graduate who many years ago left an ivy-covered liberal arts institution with a philosophy degree in hand, I thought I knew everything. Throughout my twenties and thirties I worked for media companies that targeted the mom market; TV networks, websites and print publishers with products and content focused on parenting. In those days I thought I knew everything about moms. ...more

Hey Bloggers! I Want More Shine

This is me, on Twitter, this afternoon, sort of losing it:"Everybody here trying to help others just needs to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Ignore the haters. cc: @dooce @mom101 @lovethatmax""IGNORE!!""Say it with me now: IGNORE! I IGNORE YOU, HATERS! Gonna keep doing what I do, & trying to help, come what may.""Maybe we could write a song called 'I Ignore You, Haters'. Who's good with lyrics?""Ignore!" I think I'm going to start a new hashtag ... drumroll please ...#ignore...more

Amen, sister. Amazing and timely as always. more

Maybe I AM a Blog Snob. What did I sign up for? Recruited to a Cult?!

Does anyone feel the way I do?? I signed up for a mommy blogging group - but feel like it may not be the right fit for me...

An Ode to Mom Bloggers!

As many of us around the world prepare our turkey and give "thanks," we want to take this opportunity to feature, and say thanks to, some of the brilliant "Butterfly Moms" that took flight - with the help of MyWorkButterfly. We're excited to introduce what will become a regular feature on MyWorkButterfly's home page in 2011!! Here's a taste of what's to follow in an ode to Butterfly members:   ...more

7 Amazing Family Bakeware Brands

I‘ve had a pleasure headed to Google and finding Gourmet bake-ware for families....more

The World's To Do List: United Nations Week

The energy and story telling are inspiring.  And you don't have to be in New York.  Live streaming is here  If you can't watch the streaming, a special media site has been set up here highlighting all that's happening through the course of the week. ...more

Top 30 Mom's on Twitter that Should be Celebrities

Yesterday Babble featured the top 50 celebrity moms that are on twitter, and I had this genius revelation that I should make my own list of the top MOMS on twitter that I think SHOULD be celebrities! Although coming up with 50 would have probably been impossible for me, coming up with 30 wasn’t too hard! So, here are the top 30 Twitter Moms that I think should be Celebrities!...more