Flipping through the channels — I hear “…and she was very successful”.Hmmmmm, successful.  Made me think — am I successful?  What does successful mean?...more

On Being a Mom and PhD Student

I personally can't imagine being a mom and a student going for a Ph.D. Yet I know it can be done. I have clients who have done this (while working full time in addition) and there are many of you out there. I particularly like this post from Midwestern Berliners as she navigates the Mommy Ph.D. challenge. (It is part one of a four part series, so check out the others as well.) ...more
I'm so glad to find other Mom PhDers out there. I feel like I'm doing such a crappy job at the ...more

Motherhood… a whole other level of EXHAUSTION.

I am exhausted. I am physically and mentally tired so often that I honestly have just stopped recognizing how exhausted I really am. I am a perfectly healthy active young woman (well… young may be exaggerating), yet I feel like I am constantly just overcoming the feeling of being worn out. I look around and I see other moms that have just as much on their plate that always seem to look like they are full of energy. Am I missing something?...more

Career Mom vs. Stay at home Mom… Why the fight?

So I could be crazy, but I always feel like there is this invisible line that has been drawn in the sand between stay at home moms and career moms. In my head I picture a boxing ring, and that loud obnoxious announcer yelling through the speakers, ‘…and in this corner we have the full time Career Mom. Challenging her in the opposite corner we have the Stay at home mom. Good luck. Let’s get ready to rumble…’...more

Monday Morning Musings V.2

Original Content from: Oh, Just Stop Already...more

The Impatient Mother… I’ve been one

I am impatient. I yell at my kids. I get frustrated. I use threats and often resort to bribery with my children. I am a mom who makes mistakes daily, and I feel bad about it....more

Next frugal tip!

Sorry it has been awhile. I didn't mean to get caught up with well life! Our weekend wasn't really busy but maybe that is what we needed. This week has been an awful whirlwind and we just want it over. We went to mid week service last night to try and recharge. Going to church is never bad but we wanted more of a recharge than a bible lesson but nonetheless it was good to go and God was happy we were there. Last time I mentioned Krazy coupon lady and I hope you have found that site helpful! Today I am going to talk a little more about coupons and then move on....more

My Mother and the Middle Finger Salute

My mother, who we call Ninny, is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. And the funny part about that is that most of the time she doesn’t mean to be funny. It’s completely unintentional – it just happens.Some people are just funny because of things they do or the timing of when they say things. Ninny is a master of both of those things.A perfect example of this would be what I call the “Glasses Adjustment” story.And it goes like this:...more

To 12-Year-Old Me, With Love

Awkward image to go with the awkward age.

Double Jog Stroller Strategies *That Failed*

1. Tell the kids you will run them to the closest pet store (we call it our local zoo).  This works great to get them in the jogger, but running home with a fish doesn't end well.  Trust me....more