Lone Ranger

I have a friend named Skeeter. She is always running in 27 different directions, taking her 2 kids here, there, and everywhere for different activities. She recently got a new car and I haven't totally adjusted to "spotting" her around town, but she always honks and waves!! I realized that she had called a few weeks ago and never called her back, so I immediately picked up the phone and called her. She was exclaiming as to her busy-ness and asked me, "Do you ever feel like you have to do everything on your own?...more

The Breastfed Family

Original Post by Desiree at http://sosewmama.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-breastfed-family.html#moreAll three of my children have been breastfed. Each of our breastfeeding journeys differ in experience and duration. My first child has been the ONLY of my children to have a bottle. Which was forced upon us in the hospital. After we left that nightmare, she was exclusively breastfed. My first child (A) had an extremely difficult time trying to latch. This was brought on by a multitude of factors. Being that I was still young and it was my first child, I had no idea what to expect or how to learn the right way to breastfeed. It's mainly trial and error. I had no experience with baby A. No family that could teach me how to do it. The fact that I had an emergency Cesarean section wouldn't have even mattered, if I could move my body at all. The numbness consumed me. If only baby A and I could get that skin to skin contact right away. Maybe things would have been different.Baby A - 3 days oldThe thought of a lactation consultant didn't come to mind until the medical staff forced me to supplement. I was immensely distraught over not being able to do what was completely natural. I remember thinking to myself, "How can I not know how to do this?" The questions I would ask myself would just make the pain more intense. I felt like I was letting my baby down. My body was letting me down. The pain was unbearable.This is the most natural act that I could do, and yet I could not get it to work. My experience was dreadful. The Nurses were of no help. They were awful even. There was even a nurse who was getting flustered by my lack of knowledge in breastfeeding. She would hold tight onto my breast and try to force it into my baby A's mouth. It was so painful. This nurse was far to forceful, and I now know that this is not the proper way to latch a baby. You do not need to grip the breast the way she was. Honestly I feel if I was left alone, I could have managed to do it. ...more

Safe driving.....

I admit I can be an overly cautious driver......but let me tell you the story behind that. From age sixteen to about 23 I had two accidents that were my fault, one that wasn't, about nine tickets or more (most speeding) and about 8 cars. Need I say more? So, one day I woke up and thought boy I could sure save a lot of money and my dad from getting a heart attack if I drive like my mom. Ha. (My mom has never been at fault for an accident and never had a speeding ticket) It annoys my husband to no end. He cant stand it....more

Multiple Bloginalities

Hello there, I have been blogging for 7 years now. I blame a dating relationshio with a super-middle-aged-nerd who keot talking about his "blog". It was awkward how wierd I thought he was. So, I compulsively blog. www.homelessinla.com www.darlasmom.com and www.shortandfat.wordpress.com (the last one is currently hidden)...more

Powerful and extraordinary women

Wow! What an amazing week. God has truly blessed me. As most of you know one of my goals this year was to get involved at church. I joined two women's classes. This week was first week we met and I already feel like a more powerful woman. Some of the women in my Tuesday class are in my Wednesday class so that was a nice surprise. Last night we told our stories and I just feel in awe of some of these inspiring women and had tears for those whose stories were of sadness and of praise. This year church had so many classes to choose from and I didn't know what to do....more

Is that my daughter?!

Today at the store a stranger felt the need to let me know that my daughter is beautiful but she must take after her father. She said she didn't see me in her at all. I was like well I had her and her eyes are blue like me but other than that I don't know what to tell you. Ha. She does favor her father a lot but thought it was funny a stranger thought they should tell me. We had a great day Sunday until the falcons lost. Boooo! Really had hope for my husbands team. Overall great weekend though. Tried a new restaurant Saturday night with family. It is called The Chicken and The Egg....more

Frugal Betty

Oh what a beautiful day! I am so happy to see the sun out. We had a great play date today and now our daughter is sleeping. Upon waking I think I will feed her some lunch and head out. It is too nice to stay inside and we have been stuck inside all week! I am going nuts. As some of you know I am a stay at home mom.....when people hear that they assume I spend my days at the gym, getting nails done and eating Bon bons. It really bothers me. People would be surprised by how much we live off of....more

Rain rain go away

Rain, rain go away! I am so ready to walk, run maybe even skip! It has been raining since Monday and I am ready for the sun! Today I had all these plans for our daughter. After a trip to craft store I wanted to take her to the mall so she can burn some energy. They have the best idea ever! It is a soft play area for kids to burn energy. How great is that? You can let your kids go nuts in the play area then once they pass out shop whine free! It is even nice for dads who don't like shopping. They can sit on the bench and let the kids run free while mom shops....more

Letter to Myself As a New Mom

This is the letter I'm sure I'd want to read years ago when the diapers and sleepless nights had just began. Also those tiring first days in the hospital when breastfeeding was just not working....more

Tom Selleck Called. He Wants His Mustache Back.

I have been lucky enough to call myself a hockey mom for the past 13 years. My son Matthew started playing when he was five years old. He had gone to the ice skating rink with his dad one Saturday afternoon just to skate around the rink. He had played t-ball and done some karate, but when he saw the players coming out of the locker room in their full gear and skates, he decided he wanted to play hockey. Now he had never seen a hockey game before and wasn’t even tall enough on his skates to look over the top of the goal net, but once his mind was made up, that was it....more
@HomeIsWhereYourMomIs It is terrible when that happens... I think 20k is best spent in your ...more