The Demise of 9 to 5

Here I am 7 am on a Saturday morning … working. This past Thursday, I was up until midnight … working. Sunday afternoon … working! In my 20′s, I used to get dressed up, go to an office and put in a solid day of work. It might not have been from 9 am to 5 pm, but it was at least something close like 8:30 to 6:30. Sprinkled in with those 8 to 10 hour days were the occasional late nights at the office....more

Mom Material

A year into motherhood at the age of 44, I am realizing that part of the reason I put off having a child for so long was that I never really thought I was mom material.  I thought that moms, like brides, were something that other women got to be.  Now my family and friends pointed out my way with children from the time I myself was a child.  I think I was about eight the first time I babysat, and when I became a teenager I took a summer job working as a camp counselor.  When my college friends started having kids about ten years ago they were quick to point out my talent...more

Not every woman wants to be a housewife or a mother. Surprise!

Men, do yourselves a favor and STOP freaking out that every woman you date wants to get married, have kids and be a housewife. Sure, some do - but not all. Lately we've been hearing about some new relationships going south, because the men think their dates are in a rush for a ring, picket fence and children...

This Much is True I don't want to admit it...sometimes, it just doesn't feel like it could be true...but, when I really look around me at all that I have...when I take a good look at myself and see all that I am, I can truly say the following words say it all. I truly hope they ring true for you, too, supermoms!"Realizing that despite the craziness, this is the best time of your life!" --Parent Magazine...more

Rite of Passage..When Daughters Raise Their Voices

Growing pains are hard. We all go through the them. This is the stretching life sometimes requires to ensure we do not become stuck or petrified in our current state. The stretching hurts and if we are not resilient, can leave us misshapen and without form. I am going through my own growth process, a stretching of sorts, which wouldn't be half bad if my oldest daughter weren't entering into the painful abyss of pre-teen adolescence. (It is okay to cry for me, Argentina). My daughter wasn't raised to "not talk back"....more

Drama mama…

As a mom of two girls, I often wonder what drama their teenage years will bring.  What will our relationships be like and how do I avoid the pitfalls that my own mother and I have experienced?  The recent visit from my own mother made me stop, reflect and realize what an evolving and ever changing relationship mothers and daughters go through.  My oldest daughter is only three years old but during the last few months, I’ve noticed that she is becoming more self sufficient or shall I say self reliant – and therefore I see my role with her changing.  Now my younges...more

And the List Goes On\From what I hear from friends and readers, it's not so much that you don't want to make healthier decisions it's that you don't necessarily know how to....more

Spit That Out!: The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt

Dear mommy bloggers, green bloggers, and any combination thereof! I am excited to tell you about my new book Spit That Out - The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt available now on Please visit to learn more....more

Paige Wolf Media & Public Relations

Author of Spit That Out: The Overly
Informed Parent's ...more

QuickByte Fridays--Colorado Country Christmas

Okay, I know this post won't apply to all of you, but I wanted to feature a fun way to kick-off the holiday shopping season by featuring a post from a local blogging friend, Angie at Garza Clan, for Colorado Country Christmas. What better way to get into the spirit than by hitting this massive shopping extravaganza! And, what a great trial run for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are just around the corner. Feel left out?...more

Admit it. Are there Glee Songs on Your iPod? Here's my Journey into Gleekdom

 The start of the holiday season is a perfect time to get out with the family to see a play or take in a musical. Plus, it’s also the time of year for the relentless pursuit of gift ideas. Soundtracks or DVDs of your favorite shows are tailor made to stuff stockings, for the kids, the husband—or maybe even yourself. ...more

I love GLEE. I love it because it brings back all that high school angst that I can view from ...more