Does Louboutin Make Hiking Boots?

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Write, He Said (Major Surgery & the Road to Recovery) — My Amazing Family — Sunday Morning Rerun

I'm rerunning this post today because it's as true today as it was then.  ...more


The opportunity to have a night away from home and children is therapeutic. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful supportive network of family that allows for us to have this opportunity to have some quiet time. My in-laws are wonderful, generous people who sincerely love us and want to spend time with their grandchildren. We were able to get away for one night. We shopped around for a nice resort and spa. The advertisement listed the resort as four diamond, it was short of that but it didn't matter. We never made it to the spa. Regardless, we could have been anywhere....more

My Favorite Fitness Apps

I know several moms often say that they don't have time for fitness because they have kids (note I have 2). And I agree! Coming from the mom perspective, it's hard to motivate yourself to workout when you've been chasing two kids around, and then cleaning after them and trying to find time to cook for them and the biggest kid of them all - the husband!By the end of the day, I'm tired. i just want to sleep. However, just because you don't has as much time to work out, it doesn't mean you shouldn't work out....more

Long over due

I write to vent, to express, to just be me. I write in class, at work, at home. I write about the once was, here and now but rarely about what may be. I've attempted blogs before but so much faster to pull out my journal however from there it goes back into a purse, drawer, box where it hides all those dreams, fears and realities that I so wish to share.  I want people to see through my eyes, feel my heart race, hear my laughter and sometimes cries and just feel. I want love, understanding, hope that one day things will get better....more

Resolutions Revisited Hello, my lovelies, and a happy mid-March greeting to you! Why so perky, you ask? Other than the fact that this week has seen a streak of mid-60s and warmer temps, sunny days, longer evenings, and the rechristening of several of my pairs of flip-flops (my poor, swollen feet are grateful!)?...more

Baby Weight All of a sudden, I very much feel pregnant...and, judging by t...more

Too Pretty

My mom was a dear, sweet lady.  Loving, yet quiet and reserved – a lot like me (yeah, right).  She held deep religious beliefs and lived by those her whole life.  My mom always encouraged me and let me know that she valued and loved me.  That’s not to say that we didn’t have some awful times – ah, the teenage years – but I always knew my mom loved me and I loved her.    My mom was not much of a disciplinarian; that was left to my dad and, actually, to my grandmother who cared for me as my mom was one of the few moms working outside the home back...more

Keeping Austin Weird

For the past few days, mom and Aunt Heide have been visiting me in Texas for spring break! It's been glorious having my mama (slash best friend) around, and sharing Texas with Aunt Heide has been interesting. We're keeping Austin weird. ...more

Do you judge other mothers? (I do)

Everyday is a learning experience for me. If there is one thing I have learned about being a parent... its that when you point your finger at someone-- there are three fingers pointing back at you. Let me explain...Miss M was invited to a neighbor's first birthday party. Everything was going along swimmingly. The kids played nicely together. My husband chatted with the dads who are also in his MBA program. The other moms, who were all friends, laughed about life. And I......more