Old School Blog Post

Remember when Facebook put Notes out for the very first time and shortly thereafter came the explosion of quizzes/surveys that were especially useful whenever I was trying to write a paper or do some research or something… you know, the things in my life that were completely unimportant but only led to a degree… or two… or something like that ...more

Loving back words...

When I was defrocking my mother's home this past weekend, I came across some plaques that some of us had given her. Ever practical, I thought that some of these plaques honoring mother or father might be reused by some Goodwill shopper. I had gathered a few of them together to dust when I happened to notice a message handwritten across the back of one. The front said a simple "There is no friend like Mother and no Mother quite like you," but the back words were much more specific and personal in their expression of love:...more

This Mom Went To Comic Con


I once said, ‘I will never be THAT mom’

When I look back years ago, I realize now, that I had what I call a ‘new mom complex’. Not all new moms have this… but I definitely did. I looked at many moms around me and thought, ‘I will never become like that’. I really believed at the time that I would be the exact same mother in five years time as I was at that very moment. I would always take my nail polish off when it chipped. My eyebrows would never be unkept, let alone look like the amazon had taken over my face....more

Lament of a Newbie Football Mom

The beginning of September in Texas heralds a brand new season.  I speak not of autumn leaves and sweater-weather, but the clash of helmets and the smell of sweaty boys. I am now officially a Football Mom (is that capitalized?).  I have just finished splinting my first sprained thumb/jammed pinkie combo.  My 13 year old son is now running around the house clicking his injured appendages together like a demented crab....more

The Facebook Breakdown: GTFO

I recently had a Facebook Breakdown. ...more

Underutilized: The difficult part of staying at home

  Last Monday evening I sat in traffic with my two boys, Wylie (10)and Max (7), and our greyhound. When I say “our” greyhound, I should clarify that we got the dog last year for our kids and definitely NOT for me.We were all headed home after a glorious weekend in the mountains. My husband, Andy, left for work early Monday morning and I stayed behind to manage the kids and the dog....more

A Mom's Week In Pictures!

Let's face it, we all enjoy a little voyeurisme from time to time. I know I do! It's fun to take a peek inside the life of a stranger. I guess It's so intriguing because there are simply no two lives alike. We're all on our own unique path, our unique journey. And eventhough you are comfortable with the seeds you have planted so far, It's still interesting to peek over de fence and see what the neighbors are growing. Most of the time you'll find the confirmation that the flowers you chose were indeed the right pick for you....more

Letters Home – My Poor Host Parents are Going Through Shock

Posted by fallingdownunder on July 14, 2013 I just got home from my trip, seconds ago – I haven’t even had a chance to go to the toilet yet! I got home to six letters and two big boxes that I haven’t even opened yet! I‘ve only read half of your letter and I already have to respond! But first – I received a nice letter from Grama with fifty dollars spending money! I’ll keep writing her!...more

Thursday's Three

Thursday's Three  This week has been more mellow than the past few. My baby has been sleeping through the night (thankfully!) my husbands' work schedule seems to be more consistent, and I'm more rested. So thinking of three things that made my life simpler this week was rather difficult. But after much thought, it really wasn't as hard as I thought....more
@nikonMom Thanks for the comment! My husband feels the same way! I also have a black leather ...more