I remember the exact moment my dad told me my mom had cancer. I was driving my daughter, Ada, and I to the grocery store after her swim lesson. Life seemed normal.I was snacking on my taffy with my country music hits on in the background. It was a beautiful Spring day and we were heading to the store to get groceries and pick up a prescription. My phone rang and my dad told me everything as I was trying to concentrate on the expressway with a 10-month old in the background.“Yup. OK,OK. Thank you for telling me.”...more

I'm a Good Mom and a Bad Wife

"Make sure you put your shoes where they belong, please." Guess who I was talking to? If you said my kids, you're right. If you said my husband, you're right too.I've spent almost all of my adult life as a mom. Taking care of my kids is second nature to me. And so is talking to them....more

My 5 mommy breakdown signs

Every Mommy can feel when a breakdown is approaching them and most times it just unavoidable.My symptoms usually start like this:1. Forgetting everything....more

Toys I Wished For as a Kid

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?Thinking back to my childhood, I remember many little details that probably have no bearing on this actually post. However, when I had to think of a toy that a friend had that I wished I had too or instead, I can't remember.  There maybe two reason for this:...more

Mom low point moment

Last night after returning home from my momma's house I was full, tired and exhausted bottom line I ate too much.I knew in order to do what I wanted to do which was NOTHING I had to get these kids off to bed. Sigh, sigh, cuss word and I was off to get the damn thing done.Frist thing was I needed to give liv a little wipe down because the whole bath process seemed very daunting and frankly I didn't want to do it.She was a hot mess.I was going to do a little clean up and it would be Super Easy....more

Trading in parts of myself

At the ripe old age of 28 I have realized that since becoming a mother I have been slowly trading myself in. Some of the trade in's I noticed right away other's creeped up on me. Some shallow other's depressing. I've traded my young flawless belly for tiger strips that I prefer to keep under wraps. Those things are pretty roarsome as Daniel the Tiger would say.I've traded in my Roxy two-piece bathing suit, for a nice skirt based one piece. My motto went from less is more to more is not enough....more

How On Earth Did I Become One of THOSE Moms?

A few months ago, my very first friend had a baby. By that I mean that none of my other friends have babies yet (half are just getting engaged, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones). She was the first to become a mom. Throughout her pregnancy we talked about how she wanted a natural birth and how excited I was for her to be going through a midwifery group and to birth in their birth center. She went late, which is normal for first time moms (or, if you're like me, going two weeks late is my due date), and we talked about natural ways to induce labor. ...more
I think that we all go through this in every relationship. We're not perfect, after all. What I ...more

Parenthood: Sometimes You Want to Scream, and Sometimes Their Hugs Fill Up Your Universe

Sometimes you wipe with paper towels or Kleenex when you can't afford or have time to get out and buy -- or even remember to buy -- toilet paper. Sometimes you step on something wet on the floor when walking out of the bathroom and you wonder what it is, but deep down you really know. ...more
barbeedreamhouse Thank you! it's cliche but parenting has got to be one of the most difficult ...more

I'm not "this" mom....I'm "that" mom

Back to school.Back to routine.Back to seeing other moms.Back to reading everything from my mom friends on Facebook.I’m not the perfect mom.I’m not a super mom.I’m not able to be at the school all the time mom.I’m not a hyper-organized mom.I’m not a June Cleaver mom.I’m not a homework loving mom.I’m not a fundraiser loving mom.I’m not a good cook of a mom.I’m not a spotless housecleaning mom.I’m not “this” mom....more
My gosh, we sound so similar in our momming personalities. I'm that mom that avoids the PTA ...more