Friday QuickBytes--Jack Sht's Fraternity Rules Project Supermom works for herself, she has instituted a new rule...EVERY weekend will be 3-days long and will start on Fridays! Yay!!...more

A Life of Servitude Okay, so you're a love those kids and are totally dedicated to them and would do anything for them. And, shouldn't one of those things include taking excellent care of one of the most important people in their lives? Yes, I'm talking about YOU, my dear!Motherhood is one of the most cherished, demanding, and respected roles we'll play....more

The True Meaning of Halloween (No, It's Not About the Candy)

 Halloween's coming! In celebration of one of my favorite holiday's here's an excerpt from my book app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track:The True Meaning of HalloweenIt has taken all of my thirty-something years on this earth plus the birth of my first child to realize that Halloween is not about candy....more

This year I'm saving money by talking the kids into homemade costumes. A witch is simply a black ...more

Living the Dream days, it seems that saving our money just isn't as fun as it used to know, like it was back in your grandparents' day, when that was all they seemed to do, right?!!...more

What Is In A Name

Naming Your Baby ...more

5-Best If you're like me, I have spent plenty of time scrutinizing myself, in front of the mirror. So, when SELF magazine challenged readers to pinpoint a least favorite body took me all of two seconds to zero-in on mine...and talk it up with 5 compliments, that got my attention. So, rather than focus on what I wish were different, for once, I really thought about what my least favorite body part brings to my life. That part, by the way, is my thighs....more

I'm a Bad Mom ... to my Dog!

Every mom I know worries about whether she is doing a good enough job raising her children....more

My Love/Hate Relationship with Sam's Club

Back in my twenties, when I was single and pulling in a great salary, I had a financial planner who told me, “you are at once the most promising client I have and the most frightening.” He went on to explain that I was promising because I was earning a great income from my consulting work, but frightening because I was blowing most of it on clothes and shoes. I confess … I was a shopaholic! During my shopping heyday, I was known to spend up to $600 a month on a couple pairs of pants and a great pair of heels. Why not?...more

There was a guy on it who pretty much only shops at Costco and he actually does save money. The ...more

Finding the Time to Shower

I'm not sure how it happened, but in the last few years motherhood and work have taken over to the point that showering has fallen low on the list of priorities. As I sit here and write this, my hair is starting to look stringy and I'm growing a remarkably scratchy layer of leg stubble. This is not an unusual occurance - the stringy hair syndrome is common enough that I've developed a very effective hairstyle for masking it (it involves lots of upside down brushing of the hair and a barrette). How did I get to this point? When did showering become a luxury like pedicures once were?...more

Habitual Offenders ...more