What's Up with My Shoulders?

I cannot be the only one...who has heard, "relax your shoulders," so many times during a yoga class that you have felt the need to check that it's not on a loop alongside the soothing chanting and wind chimes soundtrack, but rather it is in fact the instructor repeating it over and over. ...more

How Raising My Son is Like Dating an Asshole

Since becoming a parent I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to analyze the whole new set of emotions that come with the job.  I knew that having a kid would take a lot of mental effort, but I didn’t realize it would be a form of psychological warfare.Lately I’ve been exceptionally confused by what I recognize as a slightly familiar feeling – one of aching love mixed with desperation and a dash of irrationality - and then it hit me: I’m in a totally dysfunctional relationship. Although instead of dating the guy, I’m raising him. ...more

5 Awesome Things About Our Stay-At-Home Days

I’m a full-time working mom. While it’s not ideal, it is what it is – at least for now. More and more often though, I’m finding myself requesting off on weekdays. And while I’m at it… Well, apparently I’m also confusing the crap out of everyone who can’t figure out why I’m shaking things up a bit and sometimes taking off Tuesday or Wednesday, instead of Saturday. Go figure.Um, because I can…...more

My Mommy Meltdown

People view me as being strong, and tough.  Which I am and can be when necessary, but it's a gift and  a curse to be viewed as a strong person--let alone a strong WOMAN.  I have a lot of priorities, obligations, and responsibilities as I'm sure all wives and mommies do.  But sometimes those responsibilities can be OVERWHELMING. ...more

It's the Little Things That Elude Foster Youth

I was 25 years old when I experienced my first flat tire. I had only been driving for four years at that point since, in my day, foster children weren’t allowed to get licenses. I got my driver’s license at age 21, and was only able to get a car because my last foster mother co-signed a car loan on a very nice and reliable used car....more

Instead of judging, HELP!

 If you watched the news in the last few years you probably have seen the headlines "Mom drowns kids" or "Mother taken into custody for child's death". It has become an epidemic. Mothers turning on their children and doing the unspeakable. As a mother, It breaks my heart to read the headlines. These little children falling victim to the one person that is supposed to love and protect them....more

I Believe All I Want To Be Is A Mom

This is my first blog, so please don’t be mean. I just need to put my thoughts out there.All my life I’ve always had the same fever, baby fever. I love children and the science behind having a baby really amazes me. It truly is a miracle. There is nothing I love more than the idea of having children and being a mom. Majority of the time, I believe it is all I want and the only thing that will make me feel complete and successful in life. ...more


Thinking of my mom today....."My mother is the one person in my life who I can honestly say has my heart. We've been through ups and downs and we've seen one another cry and climb out of storms. My mother has shown me what it means to put yourself second to only God....more

I'm a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day. To everyone that is a mom, helps mom, fills in for the mom…….all of you.I’m a mom.  I have two awesome wild redheaded boys.  They are a joy, a pain the the ass but the greatest thing I’ll ever do.  Ever try.I’m not the perfect mom.  Or the super mom.  Or the best mom.I’m just a mom....more

The Way I See Her Now (What Hindsight Taught Me About My Mom)

 On a certain day in May, I decided once and for all to stop rolling my eyes at my mother....more