Would You Move From the Boonies If Your Kids Didn't Want To?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I want to move to a new neighborhood that would be closer to restaurants, coffee shops and stores....more
If you want to somewhere that is closer to stores and restaurants, keep in mind that you will ...more

Have it All? Negative

I was thinking about the commentary:Women can have it all....marriage/kids/career.ALL.  (Not sure I understand the "all" statement)Not really....I mean, you can "have" it.  Yes.But can you manage it?Me?  I don't see me managing it all well.  All aspects.....even good most of the time.Now, I've dropped the "marriage" qualifier.  That's honestly not a huge change in the "have it all" discussion.  It's hard.  Period.  And I appreciate those of you that it isn't hard to do it all.  ...more

When Rich Girls Cry

A  Muppet?  Really?  Girl, BYE. When I saw day time talk host/singer Tamar Braxton weeping on camera over having been called “a Muppet” by a rival singer, I couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I tried to feel sorry for her, but, I just couldn’t get into it. ...more

5 Reason's I'll Never be a Pinterest Mom

Pinterest scares the shit out of me. And I am fairly well-versed in social media. In fact, I have a Pinterest page. I think....more

10 Reasons Mommy Bloggers Rock!

Paying homage to all the moms who blog and share their amazing tips with the rest of us!(I'll do one for daddy blogs, too, soon....more

Who Mailed My Mom A Dick Pic?

Dick pics often happen when you least expect them. You’re scrolling through your Tumblr feed and out of the blue there’s a pretty graphic, (fan-drawn) money shot of fictional characters getting it on across your screen, likely when there’s a nun or your boss walking behind you....more
CassInTheAttic Funny, yet--terrifying!more

Should I Feel Guilty about Raising a Disney Obsessed Princess?

            My daughter fits the gender biased “princess” stereotype and sometimes, I feel like I am raising her to be a selfish, self-centered, pink loving, Disney obsessed brat.   It’s not like I did it on purpose, it is something that just happened naturally.  Personally, I hate the color pink.  For my baby shower, I demanded that everyone attending be aware that they should NOT buy anything associated with the color pink.  Just because I was having a girl, did not mean I had to succumb to the gender stereotypes associated with being...more

7 Years With You...

Dearest You,Happy Birthday my sweet 7 year old boy! Hard to believe 7 years have passed since you were born into life. I think about that day quite often. About the day I looked into your round little beautiful eyes and swore to love you for my entire lifetime and beyond. You were so perfect in every way. Much smaller than we had anticipated. Slightly plump in all the right places but a pound and a half smaller than your older brother....more

"Mama, Are You Going To Come Play With Me?"

“Mama, are you going to come play with me?” That was the question I got the moment my tired body plopped down into my office chair. I slowly turned my head, looked at my brown eyed, brown haired boy and I froze for a moment. Torn. I was hoping to get a few minutes to myself. A few minutes to write. Something I yearn for but get very little time to do. “Hold on, buddy. I will be there in a minute.” Silently wishing he would run off to play and forget his pleas for his mommy to play. Again five minutes later, “mama, I thought you said you were coming to play”?...more