Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway

 Mommy Needs A Getaway Giveaway All mommies need a break! Wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation? Get your entries in. ...more

Funny Sh*t My Son Said: An Excerpt for Bartlett's Book of Quotations

Here are some funny things my son said today:...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: To Wives Before You Were Mommy

I have a love/hate relationship with blog posts that hit home. You know, the ones that really make you feel bad or guilty. Well, this is one of them: Our anniversary is coming up, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to post this. I’m going to sum it up/put in my favorite parts of it like I have done on many of the other Thoughtfulness Thursday posts....more

And then there were three...

Hubby and I have been on and off about trying for a child of our own. Last October we started trying, it lasted about three months, to no avail. We're pretty impatient so I went back on the pill and decided maybe in a few months we could try again. We ended up buying a boat in January, taking full advantage of  living on the water. From January to April we have been out every weekend, through all types of weather, the good, the bad and the ugly....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: "Mommy, Somebody Needs You"

Thoughtfulness Thursdays: "Mommy, Somebody Needs You" If you haven't read this post by now, you should:

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mommyhood Isn't Glamorous II

I love when I find a blog post that relates so well to my life that I could have written it myself. This is that article: ...more

Mom, do you feel Bullied?

Moms, this is for you if you're fed up with people judging and criticizing your parenting.  You know, making you feel like crap about yourself and even your kids.   I've actually been hired just to help parents cope with this ... imagine how bad it is for that to happen :(....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Mommyhood Isn't Glamorous

I think I'll be making Thursdays a day that I will switch out Thrifty Thursday and Thoughtfulness (what used to be on Tuesdays). This blog is every evolving, so bear with me as I figure out what works best for me and what my readers prefer (if you have a preference, let me know!)....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Growing Up

You know when you pray really hard for something for your child and you really want it? Well, I've been praying for months that E would get into this church school (3 half days/week) next year. I really want him to have the social interaction and to thrive. I also think he needs structure, because let's be honest we don't have assigned times for things (other than lunch and nap). To continue reading, visit: Xo,J...more

Time for Mommy to Hide

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom and I absolutely love being a wife. But, sometimes… We as mothers need time to hide, breathe, or go for a run. When I get the chance (when my Husband get’s home)… I like to grab a glass of chardonnay, pick a nail polish color to do my nails, sit on the floor, light a fresh scented candle, and lock my self in the bathroom....more