Year End Financial Checklist

 It's that time of the year again. Everyone is in the holiday spirit, parties are in full swing, dinners are being planned and the wish lists have gotten quite long! This is the exact time of the year when it seems that everyone starts to ignore their spending. Don't let holidays ruin your financial progress; this can be a great time to review the financial strides you've made this year. By analyzing your spending and following these key steps you will place yourself in a better financial position for the New Year. Here is my Year End Financial Checklist that will help make your season brighter!...more

Am I Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago?

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So what about income protection insurance - Is It Worth It?

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[VIDEO] Sh*t Broke Folks Say

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 @CultOfMoney Thanks! It's an acrylic toilet that I bought online. I think they still have them ...more

It's Not Too Late to Join the January Money Diet and Start 2012 Financially Strong

If your checkbook took a hit over the holidays, you're invited to join the annual January Money Diet!...more