Christmas For Everyone Else, Except Each Other? Why?

It's no secret that when you get married and start having a family, you sacrifice many things. Free time, your body, discretionary income. This Christmas will be the fourth my husband and I have celebrated together. The first year, we were engaged, planning a wedding and had his two kiddos to buy gifts for. Needless to say, we never even thought to get each other any gifts. Not even a small, homeade gift. This tradition seemed to continue, as we both found ourselves taking a pay cut over the next, we had another baby and money seemed to always be tight....more

Money! That's What I Want

Whoo, starting off with two heavy hitters! I was hoping for a softball today. The writing prompt for Radvent Day 2 is Self-worth.Meg talks about beauty and self-image in her post today. I certainly am not immune to the pitfalls of self-consciousness about my appearance, but an issue that has dogged me more significantly, particularly since I got married, has been a tendency to tie my self-worth to money....more

How to create a good invoice?

What is an invoice? An invoice or bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed ...more

Money Update

First a piece of business.  Due to a change in management, Superpoints is currently unavailable.  Hopefully, they will be under new management soon and once again available to earn gift cards!Now on to the update. Even without the use of Superpoints this month, I managed to sock away $40 in my Amazon account.  Not bad for just a few minutes each day!!  Every penny of that is being saved for Christmas more buying books for me until after the holidays!! ...more

A non-religious hippie finds gratitude in faith and rituals

Well, crap. I don't have a pre-defined topic for gratitude today.Let's make it up as we go along ...Ah. Got one.I'm thankful for not having a topic but trusting that one will come when I'm ready for it.I guess you could call that faith.Born to itI've gotten really good at having faith as I get older. Because, oddly enough, during the most secure time of my life I used to worry a lot....more

Bank of America Update: Why blogging and contacting Consumer Affairs matter

In today's world, it really seems like speaking up is a pointless exercise of futility.  We receive terrible customer service and we say nothing.  A company cheats us or discriminates against us and we do nothing.  We've become jaded about our world, feeling helpless when what feels like the inevitable injustice comes our way.  Why speak up if nothing good can come of it. ...more

The Gift of Not-Enough

November. The month of gratitude! It's Day 2 for me -- I'm supposed to tell you something I'm grateful for.But today sucked.Left, right and center, it was one big, fat suckhole of a day.It started off with a difficult conversation with my daughter, in which I said about every wrong thing I could possibly say. Even worse, I knew that I was saying the wrong words as they were flying out of my mouth, but I couldn't stop them....more

Forget Rivalry! What Do You Do About Sibling Bribery?

My son once paid my daughter a dollar to go away and leave him alone. I found the little girl in the workshop turned temporary kids’ room by herself on her bed, clutching her dollar. The boy and his friends were outside, carefree and clearly up to something. They eyed me as I walked past, looked down and picked at their fingernails when I said, “Where’s your sister?”...more
@Jane Byers Goodwin That's what I was going to say - only you did it better. :) As the oldest, I ...more

All I want is ONE channel with my internet!

Moving is stressful.  Not only do we have countless boxes to pack and unpack, but moving involves setting up or moving utilities, television, internet, and other services.Moving is also expensive as we work to re-arrange and re-fit our previous lives into our new spaces -- bigger and smaller. Of these hassles, probably the area that creates the most stress is the establishment or changing of basic services --including and especially television and internet. ...more

So what about income protection insurance - Is It Worth It?

Income Protection Insurance - Is It Worth It?...more