Bank of America Update: Why blogging and contacting Consumer Affairs matter

In today's world, it really seems like speaking up is a pointless exercise of futility.  We receive terrible customer service and we say nothing.  A company cheats us or discriminates against us and we do nothing.  We've become jaded about our world, feeling helpless when what feels like the inevitable injustice comes our way.  Why speak up if nothing good can come of it. ...more

The Gift of Not-Enough

November. The month of gratitude! It's Day 2 for me -- I'm supposed to tell you something I'm grateful for.But today sucked.Left, right and center, it was one big, fat suckhole of a day.It started off with a difficult conversation with my daughter, in which I said about every wrong thing I could possibly say. Even worse, I knew that I was saying the wrong words as they were flying out of my mouth, but I couldn't stop them....more

Forget Rivalry! What Do You Do About Sibling Bribery?

My son once paid my daughter a dollar to go away and leave him alone. I found the little girl in the workshop turned temporary kids’ room by herself on her bed, clutching her dollar. The boy and his friends were outside, carefree and clearly up to something. They eyed me as I walked past, looked down and picked at their fingernails when I said, “Where’s your sister?”...more
@Jane Byers Goodwin That's what I was going to say - only you did it better. :) As the oldest, I ...more

All I want is ONE channel with my internet!

Moving is stressful.  Not only do we have countless boxes to pack and unpack, but moving involves setting up or moving utilities, television, internet, and other services.Moving is also expensive as we work to re-arrange and re-fit our previous lives into our new spaces -- bigger and smaller. Of these hassles, probably the area that creates the most stress is the establishment or changing of basic services --including and especially television and internet. ...more

So what about income protection insurance - Is It Worth It?

Income Protection Insurance - Is It Worth It?...more

Do Extroverts Make More Money than Introverts?

There is an assumption out there that extroverts make more money than introverts. But is that really so? ...more
Brilliant Summary! I am a very comfortable introvert operating successfully in a very extrovert ...more

Frugal Shopping Online

One of the ways I save money online is through Ebates.  If you enter your shopping destination through the ebates portal, you can receive anywhere from 1-20% cash back on your purchases.Ebates has over 1500 participating stores offering cash back.  These include Target, 1800 Flowers, and Amazon.  Ebates also offers coupons when offered by the retailer for deals such as free shipping or a specified amount off of your order. ...more

Would You Keep Working if You Won the Lottery?

Every once in awhile, my husband and I will have a conversation that leaves me wondering if we're on the same page. I go to bat for him all the time as he's an amazing, hands-on dad who also likes to vacuum and wash dishes. When people dis on dads, I point to him and say, "Nuh uh! See! Amazing!" But then something falls out of his mouth and one of my eyebrows does an insta-raise and I think, "Wait, what?" I had one of those moments recently when he got all "women belong in the kitchen, barefoot, and if not pregnant, baking me a pie" on me. ...more
 @Arnebya What flavor???? more

Best And Worst Campaign Materials to Buy

I have a love/hate relationship with campaign collateral.  Pens, pencils, notepads, mousepads, brochures, palm cards, stickers, nail files, magnets, buttons…the list goes on and on.  I really hate it when there are boxes full of this crap still sitting in a campaign office after Election Day.  On the other hand, I realize that these little leave-behinds are great ways to leave your name and campaign logo hanging around a voter’s house indefinitely.  The big question remains – what campaign materials should you buy?...more

How to kill your debts, Ninja Style!

Your Beauty and character is not defined by other people, let haters hate!...more