Gratitude ~ Worth More than Money

Sometimes when I am eagerly awaiting my next pay check because some unexpected expenses ate up my spending money or even when I'm trying to shuffle things around so that my automatic bills don't bounce, I try to shift my thinking so I don't get caught in the trap of lack consciousness and making myself unhappy....more

Money and Scheduling...How do YOU do it?

Scheduling and money…how do YOU do it?  This is a keeping’ it real post. Sharing my soul with you. The last 2 weeks my schedule was and is really tough. If not for the help of my husband, my MIL and my friend and neighbor, something would have had to give. Either my Little Man missing out on his Jiu Jitsu class or party, or me having to give up a gig. Neither of which is good....more

Tis the Season to Hustle: 8 Ways to Earn Extra Income

We are finally in the seasonal months in which people are looking to enjoy their holidays by buying gifts, traveling or attending various holiday parties. Unfortunately, this season also bring about stress, limited of cash and money troubles. In my household, we don’t celebrate holidays but we are always looking for various ways to bring more money in....more

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Hello Ladies and gents! Let's talk about money!Most of my blog entries will be about money, and key money making strategies. And what I am mainly concerned about are those people who battle with earning an income and the guilt associated with making money....more

My Money Journal

I began keeping a money journal last year and it has transformed my life. It started out to be just a record of my spending plans and day to day purchases, but soon I was expressing my feelings about how money was affecting all aspects of my life. ...more

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make it Through the Holidays

With autumn here and winter fast approaching, we move into the festive "holiday season"! For some though, this time of year is also wallet-draining, stress-inducing and all-around nerve-wracking! ...more

Pet Peeve: Daycare Upselling

I love our son’s daycare, I really do. He goes two days a week and his teacher is fantastic. She’s the exact right mix of super sweet and on top of things. I’m incredibly impressed how she somehow manages to have her entire class adore her AND keeps a group of 2 year olds under control. I actually feel like Jack learns something new every single day that he attends, which is great!...more
JoulesDellinger I think at a certain price point that may be true, and yours does seem to be ...more

My Budget: November 2014 Edition

I think it is time to introduce you to my budget. It is one of the sharpest tools in my personal finance arsenal and it is the main reason that I started this blog. Here stands a woman that is completely wedded to her budget and yes we are happily married. As I have mentioned a few time before, I use YNAB to do my budgeting but this doesn't stop me from using the old school method of pencil and paper at times when I need to get a new perspective on where I am headed....more

A Betrayal of Trust

My tenacity is currently being tested with long struggle I have been having in the last 12 months with claiming compensation from an unscrupulous Financial Adviser who mis led me whilst I was living overseas in Thailand as an expatriate.He claimed an expertise in advising on Financial Products and specifically on Overseas Pensions. What ensued was a disaster. For me....more

Savings tips

We are now in the month of February. In which most of our new years reso’s & goals have began to fall to the way side. Theres still hope for some of those goals though! If you’re like me {horrible at saving money} & you’ve made a goal to save {every penny you can} a little money in 2013 I’ve got a few ways to help you do it. Here are a few things I’ve picked up, ok so I heard them from my financial advisors {my mother, dad, brother, & a lady from work}....more