So What if You Really Did Win the Publisher's Clearinghouse $10 Million Prize?

I'm sure you've thought about it a time or two. What it would be like to win one of the big prizes -- more money than you could ever imagine. ...more
@hollynielsen A beautiful dream!more

Learn to “Never be Unemployed”!

When you are employed with God, Inc., you never worry” about unemployment”.    ...more

Black Friday? No Thanks. Just Black Coffee with Cream and Time with Family

Sounds like the perfect coffee! Enjoy your Friday :)more

The Value of Time !

What resource do the majority of people value the most?  Money.  What resource do the rich value the most?  Time.  Wait, say that again?  Why do the rich value time more than money?  I’m glad you asked....more

How to Stop the "Mom, Can I have....?"

Do you ever get overwhelmed with these?Mom can I have …?Mom I want to go to …?Mom can we get …?I know I did.I found a couple of things that have really helped with this.Give your Child an Allowance...more
We have a chore chart, each star they receive earns them so many points, once they get twenty ...more

Split Pea and Sausage Soup

Soup makes me happy. Just recently, I took having soup at home to the next level and made homemade soup bread bowls. It was a very, very good day in our house....more

Balancing work, children, and a relationship is impossible

Rosie does it all! ...more

Kim Kardashian Plays to Win and You Aid and Abet Her

Much has been said about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce after only 72 days of being man and wife. Simply, she's a fame whore and he's a pawn caught in the game. But the extravagant fairytale wedding Kim Kardashian had and quickie divorce not long after -- and our undying interest in both -- say more about us than they do about her. ...more
Indeed. ;p My husband and I married after being together for ten years, which was perfect for ...more

"It's Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry"

So sang Chicago in the iconic song. If only my bank were as willing to utter those words. I wrote a postdated check to a doctor's office, something we have all done at some point. It's not surprising that the doctor's office made a mistake and deposited the check early. Mistakes do happen. It's also not terribly surprising that the bank processed the check when it was presented. Again, mistakes do happen. The bank's response to their error is what truly boggles the mind. ...more

Have You Ever Made a Bad Purchase That You Regret Making?

Everybody has made bad purchases before that they regret making. ...more
@midnightbliss That is very smart. It's easy to convince ourselves of anything we want to ...more