My Debut as a Coupon Shopper

I had done my research (by reading every word of the Beginners Section of The Krazy Coupon Lady), clipped coupons from last Sunday's paper, printed numerous internet coupons and had sale papers in hand.  Although I felt I was ready for the challenge, I was also nervous. Really, nervous? Yes, nervous. Nervous I wouldn't find the right sales. Nervous I would get caught in the emotion and buy way too much stuff that *gasp* wasn't on sale nor that I had a coupon for....more

Hey Denise,
That's exactly what I've done tonight (a very romantic Friday night with my ...more


A couple months ago I literally stumbled into my closet to find that I had (surprise, surprise) “nothing to wear”. As I rummaged through the ridiculous amount of shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes, underwear etc, I realized that 50% of those items had not been used in over a year. I had shirts hanging in my closet that were never appropriate to wear in public at the age of 27 and somehow I managed to keep since high school. Was it the memories?...more

In which i don't know his life

Sometimes, especially in the middle of an inane conversation, I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I had kids.  Did I wake up one day and think, “Hey, Kevin and I are having way too much fun with all this time and disposable income, so perhaps we should throw a wrench in the works?”  Or was it all those cute nieces and nephews I had who appeared so adorable and small and cuddly and certainly didn’t have an “I’m incredibly work-intensive” sign on their bodies.    Who knows....more

Marriage Ties Your Hands

Marriage Ties Your HandsAmazing the number of things you can’t do to protect yourself financially unless you have your husband’s cooperaion.You can’t undertake estate planning on your own. You can’t write your husband’s will.  You can’t take his medical exam for life insurance or long-term care insurance. You can’t be his health care proxy if he doesn’t assign you durable powers of attorney to make medical decisions for him. The same holds true for financial decisions....more

SAHM? Crap job? You're LAZY!

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To Pay Or Not To Pay: Kids An Allowance

If your kids are doing their chores and homework, does that justify a weekly allowance? As a family member, helping out around the house should be expected, of course on the other hand, parents don't have to yell at their kids, which saves on stress for everyone. So, to pay or not to pay is a common parent dilemma.  ...more

Don't Touch My Condiments

Only now that I know a few things about behavioral economics, I will admit that there’s another reason I hoard condiments. It’s called the endowment effect, a behavioral quirk that causes people to put a higher value on stuff they already own than stuff they don’t. The endowment effect explains why you might charge $20 for a collection of old Abba records at your garage sale, but wouldn’t pay someone else $5 for the same records at their sale. ...more

I once counted more

How the Kindle Simplfied My Life

                                                                           BOOK TAKEOVER! ...more

I agree Connie. I have to budget too if not I will go overboard. We just purchased the Nook as a ...more

Morning Walks in Fairy Land


Saving Money by Living in the Middle of Nowhere

Six months ago, we moved from the lonesome prairie of South Dakota to "urban" Helena, Montana. Today, we looked over our most recent bank statements and wondered where we'd gone wrong.In the middle of nowhere in South Dakota, we paid $115 a month to rent a little place in teacher housing. Each week, we drove 30 miles to buy groceries. Groceries, now that we think about it, were really the only thing we ever bought. We ate out once in awhile, but our only local options were Subway and the Starlite Snack Shop, so we weren't exactly breaking the bank....more