A Call to Reverse the Charges: If a Service Provider Charges you for a Late or Missed App't It's Time to Return The Favor!

Restaurants, doctors, hair salons and other service providers often ask for a credit card to hold your reservation and will bill you for a late or missed appointment. ...more

Practicing Financially Safe Marriage

of those points are fundamental to having a healthy financial marriage. It's important to be ...more


ONE THING... I have always been a little curious about the story of the rich, young ruler in the gospels.  He approached Jesus, acknowledging him as the “good teacher.”  He obviously knew of Jesus and wanted what Jesus had to offer.   He asked Jesus how he could obtain eternal life.   Jesus first challenged the young man for “buttering him up.”  Then, Jesus reminded the young man of the commandments.  The rich, young ruler told the Lord he had kept all the commandments.  He sure was confident!  Then, Mark 10:21 says, “And Jesus...more

The Price Tag for "Joy!"

Yun’s Toastmaster leader emailed her saying: “The theme of this week is car wheels  and the turning world”.   Yun is scheduled to give a speech, so she wonders what topic to give a speech on.  A turning world seems fitting, objectively an subjectively.  Yun’s mind starts on a crazy monologue…....more


To read more form BUTTERFLY go to www.butterfly.pro...more

I am Relationship.

 'I don't think we should date anymore'. Stop. I want you to stop and think for a moment about your first break-up. Who knows how long you were in that dark place or if you're even out. I thought I was far from the days of listening to 'Tears on my Pillow', myself. So, I'm 28 and dating. If you're older you're probably thinking, 'You still have time' and if you're younger you'd start off with, 'You're not that old, you still have time'. My first break-up (gulp) I found out that my boyfriend was dating another woman on Myspace....more

Money Chatter Challenge

Today’s post is for you if you want to improve your relationship to money “casholla – the green stuff”. Personally, I always see room for improvement in this area, so I study ways to do so, and am continually increasing my awareness around ‘what is’. I’ve decided to unleash a technique of mine, that I’ve formerly used to successfully silence my ‘inner critic’, onto my own negative chatter about money....more

Dominga Paz

***Hey guys, Raha from Paradigm here, I started this Bent Reeds to write about love and life, well, my friend has lovingly offered to be in charge of this blog. She is recently engaged and she knows way more about this topic than I ever will. She's also just as funny or even more funny than I am, and her and her other half are two of the most amazing couples I know. So, this is her first post of many, don't worry I will be on her and I'll make sure her fiancé "The Captain" is on her to write daily.XO Raha ***...more

Quick and Easy Alfredo Sauce (milk, cream cheese, parmesan)

I'm going to be a little indulgent here and share a recipe that isn't made from much that comes in the Angel Food Ministries boxes with the exception of milk.  The only reason I feel I can share it is because it is relatively affordable for our area when I shop sales or at Aldi's....more

Oven BBQ Chicken (chicken)

When the weather is warm and we're spending time out in the yard, at least once a week one of our neighbors will grill barbecue chicken in their backyard.  The minute the scent hits my nose, I stop what I'm doing, inhale the wonderful fragrance as deeply as possible and then decide we MUST have barbecue chicken, too!  It's a bit odd, I know, but I'm okay with it....more