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Grandpas and Golddiggers

George Johnson is 74-years-old. He recently sold the business he founded 30 years earlier. He has three children and five grandchildren. He was widowed three years ago when his wife died of cancer.   ...more

Women and the Retirement Gap - Are You Getting Lost in the Cracks?

Even in the changing face of retirement (we're not just all sitting around, traveling, and playing golf anymore, but rather engaging in new careers), women are faced with a monetary gap. While the wage gap obviously has an impact on retirement, there are more factors at play that seem part of the "gotcha" for women of retirement age. So, what is really going on, and what can you do about it no matter what your age? ...more

American politics relies on you blaming yourself, when it's not just you. It's all of us. It's ...more

My Greedy Family: Why I Tolerate but Don't Respect My In-Laws.

After my mother in law, who I simply adored, lost her battle with longtime illness, I learned the true nature of in-law conflict. That September, I had already overspent my money into traveling "back home" for my grandmother's funeral. Not a week after I return, my husband's mother dies suddenly from complications of her long time illness. She was just over 50. We sunk another $1,000 of money allocated for expenses to travel back home again for the funeral and arrangements. Arriving in town to plan yet another funeral, I am confronted with a new beast....more

Giving Is Down, but What Does That Mean?

It doesn't need sugar-coating. The economy has made life difficult and different for families all over the country in all kinds of ways. We've seen blog posts about budgeting, cutting out unnecessary spending and going without extras. But the recent news that charitable giving has dropped 100 billion is a big indicator that we're all cutting back. Everywhere on everything. ...more

I enjoyed reading your article as I can really relate to the topic. My husband and I have been ...more

Thoughts on My Newly Retired Social Security Blanket

I see that we won’t get a cost of living raise from Social Security for the second year in a row. I say “we” because I started taking Social Security when I retired from my newspaper job at age 64. It was a good time to take an early out. Downsizing had begun. I opted to not wait until 66 to get the full Social Security amount because, frankly, I wanted in the system. I didn’t want to wait and have the government say, "Oops, too late. You’re out. Rule change.” ...more

Eileen I just need to ask if you paid 40,000.00 to your local car dealer for a new car would you ...more

A Daily Dare. A Lasting Challenge : No Buying Day!

I just realized how much USELESS stuff I  (or we for that matter) buy, consume or purchase daily, weekly, etc.  ...more

Close Quarters. When Neighbor Noise Takes Over Your Life.

Recently, I wrote a witty tongue in cheek blog post about my crazy neighbor. While it was fun to take a moment to laugh about her antics, the post had a lot of serious issues in it about close quarter living.  When strapped for cash or living in a high cost of living area, sometimes families find themselves renting apartments, townhomes, or multi-family homes. There can be major benefits to living in smaller quarters (like less to clean!) but there's a few very major drawbacks. Sometimes, the drawbacks can be so extreme, you may have to consider a move....more

Oh gosh, and beware: Brand new homes and townhomes are insulated in such a way that noise ...more

The best things in life are free...

Kate Takes 5: The best things in life are free....: Really? I bet whoever said that was bloody loaded. However, purely to test the notion, and not at all because we are suddenly extremely empoverished, I decided that last weekend was to be designated a 'free' weekend. It began with my sister-in-laws 40th birthday party. With no money to buy a present I decided to bake some cakes for her instead....more

"Making It"

     My husband and I took our three boys for a walk in the early evening the other day. As a gentleman up the street from our home was getting in his car, he and my husband greeted each other with a nod. “How’re you doing?” My husband asked. “I’m making it,” the stranger replied and got into his car. I concentrated on his reply – “Making it.” You could hear the fatigue in his voice....more