"Sign here, Honey"

It’s one month from tax time. If you’re like most wives I know, you’ll let your husband consult with the accountant. You have too many other things to do, and besides, you’re not interested in all those forms. BIG MISTAKE! Your signature is required to file a joint tax return. Your signature means you read it, understood it and agreed with the information. ...more

12 Fresh Tips for Frugal Living

Living a frugal lifestyle is no longer considered to be unusual, it’s a normal thing that most of us are doing. We reuse, recycle and repurpose everything.  We can not only save money,  but also to be environmentally friendly....more
These are great tips! I'm happy to see that I'm actually doing most of them! :)more

Creating a Family Budget, Amazing Race Style

Developing a family budget is an excellent exercise in humility and shame. I highly recommend it as a way to get your ego in check if you’re feeling overly confident, or just need a quick slap in the face. It’s especially advisable if you or your partner recently lost a job, have massive debt to curb, or are expecting children....more

Tax Season Tips - Keeping It Simple

It's just tax season so stop pulling your hair out! IRS, taxes, audits, new laws very year, deadlines. Any of this can give just about anyone reason to worry, but what I've noticed is that worrying about tax season is far worse than actually dealing with it. So....more

Couples Finances: How to Start the Money Talk

Congrats, you're engaged!! Or you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level and move in together!! No matter where you are in your relationship, if you are planning for a long term future then it’s important to start thinking about your finances. According to CNBC, finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Don’t let money get in the way of the happiness between you and your partner....more

Beware the Seductive Financial Advisor

 I met a financial advisor after I was widowed who had the most seductively soothing bedside manner. He had been recommended by a friend who said this man was ‘really great working with widows’.The advisor explained that it’s hard for women whose husband had managed the investments to understand how money 'really works".  “Ultimately, it comes down to your peace of mind and the trust we establish in the relationship”, he said....more

Money is Not about Money

I once attended a workshop about money and its relationship to our cultural norms and icons. One of the exercises for our group was to chew a brand new $100 bill. We did it, but most of us gagged.The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate that money – the thing itself – is neutral. Pieces of paper, diamonds, chunks of gold to which we assign a cultural worth have no direct value in nourishing us, keeping us warm, or sheltering us.  In this exercise, money even turned out to be disgusting....more

How to Save Money Shopping Online

If you’re anything like Dave and me, you spend a fair bit of time and money online shopping during the holiday season. For everyone I’m buying for, I either purchase the items online or price them out online before purchasing in store. Shopping online gives you the ease of crossing things off the shopping list without having to leave your home, but it can also save you money! With the sales and coupons available online these days, you can get just about anything at a discounted rate. Today I’m sharing with you some tips to save money shopping online....more

Dating a Man Who Earns Less Than You Do

What are the pitfalls of dating a man who makes significantly less money than you do?...more