Kickstarting your dream – Why crowd funding sites are a God sent for millions of working moms like me.

It was late in the evening, May 14th 2014, after putting my babies to sleep, I nervously clicked on the “LAUNCH” button and for the first time felt my heart sink and soar at the same time, a weird nervous feeling I am not sure I have ever felt before.  That was the day I launched my kickstarter project at, a business idea born out of my personal frustration of not being able to find cute and stylish swimwear styles that also covered the back.  But like many of you reading this, I always thought I don't have the time but more importantly, I don't have the mone...more

Shame Makes a Hard Thing Even Worse

2009 was an extremely challenging year for both Michelle and me. Among the many issues we faced that year, one of the most painful was the difficult financial situation we’d put ourselves into: We were $105,000 in debt and about $300,000 upside down on our house by the end of that year. There were a number of factors that contributed to this, some of which had to do with the economic downturn and the collapse of the housing market, but more had to do with our lack of awareness, understanding, and responsibility with our money. ...more

A Homeowner's Real Estate Fear

Disclaimer: Not my actual houseThere comes a time in the process of selling a house when every hom...more

Currency is a Trap

I do not believe in capitalism. Not only that, I don't believe in money.I hate money.I am sick of money.What is money anyway?Little pieces of paper and metal that have value.Why are they valuable? Because we say so.That's it. That's all.We agree it means something, so it does - a shared delusion.There is no inherent wealth in a $1 bill, not even in a $100 bill. It doesn't matter if it is the Queen's face or my own, a stamp on a bill is meaningless.A sparkly diamond can go for hundreds of millions of dollars, but the bottle of water that keeps us alive? A few quarters.Our priorities are screwed up.I'm not saying water should be expensive or diamonds should be cheap, I'm saying nothing should have a price tag on it.“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”–PlutarchWhy do citizens revolt? Either because they can't walk the streets safely or they can't put food on their table. That's it.That's the purpose of government. To provide safety and security. That's what civilization is. When those two needs are corrupted, revolution is certain.We all live on this planet. We all need its resources. We all need care and sustenance. But even in one of the most revered countries in the world, this happens:"Inequality is as dear to the American heart as liberty itself."-William Dean HowellsWhy does this happen? How did we let this become the norm? How did we disillusion ourselves so much?We speak of American Dreams and trickle-down economies. We listen to tirades against the "economically disadvantaged" in which they are called lazy and stupid and unwilling and unmotivated and deserving of their lot in life.We ignore generations of racism, sexism, classism, ageism, and ableism. We ignore the pitfalls of capitalism and the way it always leads income inequality. We call corporations 'people' and watch those that struggle suffocate and call the billionaires "too big to fail".We don't ignore our materialism, we applaud it:We are told that the rich need the "incentive" of more money for them to create jobs. We are told that the poor need the "incintive" of less money so that they will pull themselves up by their bootstraps. And then we believe it.When someone does battle their way to the top of the ladder, they believe they deserve it more than anyone else. That think they worked harder, that they are inherently better. Even if they cheated.We become convinced that those seeking help are a bunch of couch potatoes commiting fraud, no matter what the evidence shows.We don't share. We don't consider. We don't empathize.We slap on a price tag.I hate money. It is a vile thing....more

Don’t Chase The Money Chase The Vision

“Success Procedure: Run your day by the clock and your life with a vision.” – Zig ZiglarThe same is true for money. Money is forever moving.And even the value of a dollar changes constantly with the stock market.I hear people all the time saying, “I’m chasing that money” or “I’m chasing that paper.”...more

Save. Spend. Splurge.

I got out of $60,000 of debt in 18 months using my budgeting and expense tracking tool....more

Score Freebies and More on Twitter

I am on Twitter almost everyday. I've found that it's a great way to save money, here's how! ...more

Are you financially savvy?

During last year’s Women’s History Month, I found an article by one of my favorite financial experts Lynnette Khalfani Cox (  The article was inspired by last year’s WHM themes, Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment.  The information is definitely still relevant and useful.  Do you feel like you’re financially savvy?  Well according to Lynnette Khalfani Cox, there are six ways to know for sure. ...more

How Much Do Braces Really Cost? I'll Tell You.

When the twins were six, we started talking about whether or not they'd need braces. It was an interesting topic for me, because I've never had them. I was excited. By the time they were nine, we knew the direction we were headed in, so I called a few orthodontists in Texas to get an idea of the process and cost. Here's what I didn't expect to find out—it's a secret. It's like Fight Club. Seriously....more
There is no such as a easy or simple cases and teeth are so crooked that it costs more.  But I ...more

After the Sale is Over

From our Pinterest PageRequesting samples of items you are selling as a fundraiser to showcase and market them can inc...more