Why Getting Paid with Stuff (Instead of Money) is Like Having a One-Night Stand

Bloggers: Don't trick yourselves into thinking companies value you if they're paying you in merchI have a friend who makes stuff happen. She's been interviewed on TV at least a gajillion times in the three years that I've known her. One of her pieces for Huffington Post has been on shared on Facebook 58,933 times. (When I said "gajillion" I was exxagerating....more

I Took Date Night Out of the Budget and Almost Ruined My Marriage

“Are we growing apart?”  ...more
budgetbrainiac Date night might be expensive but it is far less than the cost of therapy or a ...more

8 Ways to Earn Extra Money For Christmas NOW

I walked into Costco the other day and BAM! Christmas trees, wreaths, bows, garlands, lights... All right there when we walked in; which is a painful reminder that, holy cow, Christmas is almost here! Which of course brought up the question do I have my Christmas money yet?! ...more

7 Tips for Making Your Money Grow

Almost everyone is interested in finding ways to make more money and to make their money grow.  The good news is that everyone has the capability to make it happen.  The bad news is there's no "get rich quick" way to really do it.  It takes healthy financial habits, practice, and patience to build the type of bank account you've always wanted. Here are seven surefire ways to make your money grow....more

Self-Worth = Financial Worth?

When I was sixteen I got a job at Curly's Dari Freeze....more

Dealing with Debt - Part 1

 As much as we all hate debt, a lot of us have to admit that we have debt or have had debt at one point in time. Credit cards, student loans, car notes, overdrafts and mortgages are usually the big items in our debt portfolios....more

Professional Women Opt Out

Sometimes, you can't help overhearing a conversation. Five women were having coffee at Starbucks, surrounded by their collective seven children. From their talk, it was clear they were professionals who had opted out of their careers to raise their kids. One confided that her husband was angry about the financial pressure he felt at being the sole earner in the family....more

Letter from a Newly Widowed Baby Boomer

Dear Helga,I was widowed when my husband died suddenly. For the the last two years , he was making sure his parents' estate was in order. He planned to start on ours this fall.  "We" own several businesses and I understood a bit about them, but not nearly enough. I listened to your radio broadcast and heard such familiar feelings.  Trying to negotiate finance decisions in the middle of grieving is very hard for me. Do you have any advice for someone who wishes she had read your book last year? Katie...more

Backwards Budgeting: For National Blog Posting Month!

In honor of NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Post Post Month) I took on Blogher's challenge to write about something I feel I am an "expert" in.  To say I am an expert at budgeting is VERY far from the truth, but when it comes to somehow keeping our heads above water while freelancing, I have some experience.  So below I have included our tactics for "backwards budgeting!"  Woohoo! Unless your a freelance psychic, this is for you...more