The SAHM $$$ Making Scheme

GET RICH QUICK!Haha, just kidding....more

My Love Affair with Books

I love books.   Book stores, libraries, or any place that sells an enormous selection of books is my version of Disneyland  New books, old books, long books, or short books, I love them all.My parents always encouraged reading.  So much that my brother and I wound up in a local newspaper for having read the most books.  I couldn't tell you if I started reading early or late, what I do know is I have never stopped....more

10 Ways To Save Money In A Plant Based Kitchen

When talking to people about cleaning up their diet and going plant based, I often hear that it’s difficult to afford a healthier lifestyle. I won’t argue with you there. Real food and organic produce is pricier than processed food made in a lab or a factory. And you will certainly see a jump in the grand total on your grocery bill. Also when you are just starting to explore healthy, clean eating and cooking it might require some initial investment to get you started. But once you get pass the first stage and get the hang of it, I can promise you that  it will become more manageable. ...more

The Day That Wouldn't Die

Apparently, I need the ball joints on my car replaced.No.Let’s try that again.Apparently, I need my ball joints replaced.There. That sounds sufficiently dirty and weird, which is exactly what I was going for.These “ball joints” they speak of are going to run me about $600.Which is slap-my-ass fantastic because I already gave away $300 of my money on other car repairs and really, really wanted to make another donation to the struggling automotive business....more

4 Easy Ways to Reduce How Much You Owe In Taxes

Not everyone has the luxury of receiving a tax refund.  If you are one of the "unlucky" people who has to pay Uncle Sam every year, here are a few tips that may come in handy....more

Screw Miss Havisham, I needed to learn about interest rates

How does the education system miss something that most of us will need to deal with almost every day of our lives? How does it skip completely, or just touch on a subject that can cause great hardship and has driven people to suicide? It’s not an easy subject to talk about, but not that complicated to learn, yet in school we rarely do. Most of you probably think I’m talking about sex. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m actually talking about money.Sex and money are both topics that a lot of people argue should be taught by parents. But are they?...more

8 Outfits | 9 Pieces #6

Today on my blog I'm sharing the sixth outfit in my 8 outfits | 9 pieces series!Check it out here!...more

How to Tackle Your Debt: The Debt Snowball vs. the Debt Avalanche

When you’ve racked up debt across multiple loans, being debt-free seems like a distant dream. But it’s possible! The first step is to create a repayment plan that will work for you....more
I'm a fan of both methods. I think it definitely depends on each person's financial situation, ...more

Money talks

At about this time last year, I wanted to introduce my son to money. But it was too early for him, as evidenced by the fact he would still mix the play money in his cash register with the real thing. So, we took a step back and waited. ...more