The Hardest Two Weeks

You deserve to hear the truth about the first two weeks of motherhood.I’m writing this as if I am talking to a pregnant woman, but that pregnant woman’s partner should read this, too.The first two weeks of motherhood are the hardest two weeks you can possibly have during the happiest two weeks of your life....more

This is my experience of new motherhood

It's 10pm, still early in the night, and I'm attempting for the first time to lay my baby down to sleep without my help. She's displaying all the signs of her sleepy window: rounded mouth, drowsy eyes, relaxed arms and fists. I lay her in the bed, kiss her goodnight and tip-toe away before she notices....more

Bonding With My Teen in the Baby Department

I simply can't walk past baby stores or infant departments without having to browse the adorable clothing, toys, and other goodies. My daughter is in high school now, but I'm still pulled in every time, especially if I see a pink display....more

My Daughter Reminds Me Life is Awesome

My daughter’s hair smells like honey, because that’s how little girls are born. Sugar and spice and all things nice is not an exaggeration or a poem, it’s based on scientific fact. But I didn’t always like girls; I had been a mom of a boy for 8 years before the XX made me puke for 9 months. Without a sonogram I knew she was a girl; I kept saying “no boy would treat his mother this way.” ...more

I Curse Proudly

In Russian are two words for ass, but they are modifications of one another. One is pronounced “paw-pa” and the other is pronounced “zj-awpa.” That first one is like “tush,” the second one is like “ass.” My house is a pure “zj-awpa” house, but my cousin was purely a “paw-pa” family and whenever we got together, I always used the wrong word for ass....more

When Suicide Hits Too Close to Home

The other day, my 8th grader got into the car after school, chipper as always. We started the usual pleasantries: how was school, what did you eat for lunch, any tests coming up? We carry on for about 5 minutes until he says, “Someone at school tried to kill himself today.”I didn’t say anything at first because my immediate instinct was he was kidding. He said it so nonchalantly and he has a tendency to say crazy shit to garner a reaction; he is a teenager after all. Instead of the “just kidding,” I was waiting for, he continued with the story. ...more

What happened to the person I used to be?

Here’s what I remember about going back to work properly after having my first daughter....more

The Shower is my Temple

I truly started to value the shower 13 years ago when my son was born. As a new mom, my hierarchy of responsibilities and time management had endured an earthquake and luxuries such as bathing ended up very low on the priorities list. Of course this was completely counter-intuitive, because what I needed more than anything was 15 minutes of solitude for more than just pumping milk. Beyond hygiene, I needed a shower for my mental sanity; it is my mental defibrillator, shocking me back to normalcy. ...more

I am a Marathoner

Certain characteristics are foreign to me.  Tall, brilliant mathematician, amazing dancer are just a few adjectives that I will never claim.  Marathoner was also included in that group of words. Until just a few weeks ago.  I ran a marathon! Me! Even I am in shock.  ...more