7 ways to tell that you're a second time mom

Being a first time mom can be scary. There are so many unknowns, and all of the angst surrounding consistency and colour of your baby's poop, length of naps and how much milk she's getting fill up your world. Then that baby grows up a little, and you have another....more

What to do when someone tells you to "Enjoy every moment"

I have a beef. I know. Shocking, right?My issue is with the older women who see me walking around with baby C, or the Threenager or, even worse, BOTH of them, and they smile knowingly and say to me, "Enjoy every moment. It will be over before you know it!"Jesus Christ....more

Why I Am Proud to Say I Wear Mom Jeans

From TheSoccerMomBlog.comWhile browsing Pinterest a couple days ago, I came across a pin that blared “Gap and Old Navy Make MOM Jeans!!”  Intrigued, I clicked through to the original blog post.  The writer had apparently done lots of “research,” trying on numerous pairs of jeans from Gap and Old Navy, photographing herself wearing them, and comparing the results to those of her backside in various luxury denim labels....more

Still Grieving

I need to come clean.  My last post was about “living courageously,” but I’m finding that to be much more difficult than I had anticipated.  Despite my best efforts to be strong and happy and brave, I am actually feeling very broken and weak and tired....more

What Surprised You Most About Becoming a Mom?

Last month, when Ali shared her and her wife’s struggle to decide whether or not to have a child, the personal stories that popped up in the comments inspired me to reach out to other women and ask what surprised them most about becoming a mom....more

Lie #1: Breastfeeding Will Be Easy

I am going to be a little negative here. I am not trying to discourage you from breastfeeding.  I am going to tell you the truth.I promise you that I will always tell you the truth.  I am not going to sugar coat stuff for you. You are a big girl and you have a right to know what your are getting yourself into by choosing to breastfeed.The truth is that often, breastfeeding is really, really hard.But isn’t it natural? Haven’t women been doing this for thousands of years?...more

The Art Of Raising A Child

The Art Of Raising A Child ...more

You Want Support. You Need Stretch.

 It’s awesome to have a support network when you are a new mama. You need that unconditional love.  But sometimes, a support network can feel little more like an enabling network.  Those who support you don’t want to see you get hurt or endure any pain. They don’t want you to make mistakes. They want to protect you from challenges that may be difficult for you. They try to save you....more

What Potty-Training Taught Me About My Son

My pride was exposed, that's what. What about you?"What Potty-Training Taught Me About My Son" just appeared in The Good Men Project (originally published by BLUNTmoms). ...more

You Never...Until You Do

Do y'all have a list of "nevers" in your head?You know the list...that slightly self-righteous all-knowing "Well, I'll never do this" or "I'll never do that" list."I'll never date a bad boy.""I'll never lie to my parents.""I'll never take the easy route.""I'll never get married.""I'll never have kids.""I'll never get fat." "I'll never stay in a bad marriage.""I'll never get divorced."...more