Is Parenthood Frowned Upon?

There are times in history and places in the world where being childless was just about the worst thing a woman could be....more

Why Saying You Love Everything About Motherhood Is a Big, Fat Lie

I’ve told my sweet princess I love everything about motherhood so many times.  Well, guess what?  I admitted to her yesterday that sometimes Mom lies.While I do love being that child’s mom and am convinced I was created especially for the job, I most certainly found a part of it that I hate…Cleaning up vomit....more

Facing Freedom

 I am raising a beautifully creative child. I became a mother when I was 34. Too late for a first child in some eyes, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice of waiting until I did some growing of my own. God gives us what we need, when we need it. That’s a perfect and true statement. I didn’t realize when it was happening, but I was given the gift of my husband and daughter when I was open to receiving them and loving with my whole heart....more

A Mother's Summer Bucket List

Today when I was broadening my horizons about the world around me, otherwise known as browsing Facebook, I noticed one of my online friends posted a Summertime Bucket list.Have you ever seen one of these? They’re a list of ideas to spark a summer full of enjoyment and learning....more

A Poem To A Mother

 True story: The words of this poem hit me (like a ton of bricks) out of nowhere while I was taking a very late shower lastnight....more

Motherhood is...

"Motherhood is buying a shirt for your daughter that she tried on and loved in the store only to have her refuse to wear it at home because it’s too itchy.“This was the status update I posted on my blog’s Facebook page last week.  So simple, yet so true....more

The Bus Stop

I love my mom. I really do. Nevertheless, the woman has a terrible habit of throwing me under the bus. She does this for two reasons: I) she has been trained by patriarchy that women are less important and her kneejerk reaction if my brothers or her siblings are upset is to try to get me to see how and why it is my fault and I should make nice with the poor dear creatures and 2) having had an abusive childhood she cannot handle conflict....more

10 Ways Moms Are Like Doctor Who

I grew up watching the fourth Doctor zip in and out of time saving humanity with his faithful companion, K-9. That scarf! If only I knew how to knit, I think I would only knit those. I have been binge watching the new Doctor Who lately, and just as the 10th doctor said farewell, I had the revelation that I too am exactly like a Time Lord. In fact, all moms are Time Lords, only better! I give you… ...more
Thank You! People assume that parenting is a strict progression of cause and effect but actually ...more

The Mommy Mafia

 As a head's up, this post is a short rant. If you're not up for a rant, read one of my other posts....more

A Mother's Touchstone

As a mom to three kids, I do a lot of going in and out of my house. Each time I go to meet a bus, or get into my mom-mobile, I revisit a piece of my childhood and one of my most treasured possessions…my quartz rock.The rock sits among shrubs from our home’s previous owners and some flowers and perennials I’ve planted. About a foot long, the rock blends in with its surroundings. It also stands out as something unique. Just like it did when it was in my mother’s garden. First in the house we lived in until I was nine and now at the house my parents remain in today....more