“I Hybrid Feed Because I Don’t Make Enough Milk”

by Katie Madden & Ariana PowersBottle or boob? Formula or breastmilk?Yes, please. All of these.A little known way to feed your baby is to “Hybrid Feed.” Hybrid feeding is not “I do both” or using formula for convenience. It is a very deliberate and strategic method to protect breastfeeding when a mom doesn’t have quite enough milk.When done properly, moms who hybrid feed can often go on to nurse their babies for twelve or more months. Some of them even have trouble weaning!...more

A Letter to My Son at the End of His First Year

Dear Cody,...more

"I Chose to Stop Breastfeeding"

by Katie Madden and Lindsey Holland...more

lessons in parenthood – live in the moment

 i have a messy room. dirty laundry. more work than can be thought of. and a happy child.today i was at work for literally 11 hours. i’ve been up since 4:30am. i’m exhausted and have so much to do that it’s mind blowing. but in all honesty, none of that matters too much. dirty laundry will still be there. my room will still be messy. work will still need to get done. but my child? well, she deserves me in the now....more

It Is Well with My Soul: Two Years Later

I struggle with contentment.  I’m a perfectionist, firstborn, type A, always looking for something better, worried about the future, and a slave to my own expectations.The week of my mother’s death was much more difficult than I had anticipated.  I was just sure that after years of watching my mother suffer and decline in the grips of early onset Alzheimer’s disease, her passing would be the easy part.  But when it came down to it actually happening, I was 4 months pregnant with my second child, exhausted, emotional and terrified....more

Postpartum Depression: Aileen’s Story

an interview with Aileen McElhaneyAileen is one of the mamas I have had the pleasure of helping breastfeed over the years.  Her little boy Rory was a tiny little firecracker from the day he arrived, with a full head of downy soft, bleach blonde duck-feather for hair that stuck straight up off his head.  Not only did I see Aileen for a number of private consultations, but she also came to support group. A lot. At one group, I remember her sharing that she had been diagnosed with Postpartum Depression....more

One Breast or Two?

So, are you supposed to feed the baby on one breast or both breasts at a single feeding?While we are at it, what counts as a feeding? One breast or both breasts? What if the baby takes one breast and then 20 minutes later wants the other breast? Is that 1 feeding or 2? The answer is yes.  Or no.  Or I don’t know. If you are asking these questions, you are too caught up in what your baby should  be doing and you aren’t paying attention to what your baby is actually doing....more

That is SO Not a Mom Fail

One of my Facebook friends put up a post this morning saying she thought she was the only mom around who hadn't taken a last-day-of-school picture of her kids. She hashtagged her post "mom fail." Um, no.That's #crazytalk.I know this mom, and she is amazing. She cares about her kids. She's enthusiastic and involved. I've never seen her when she wasn't smiling. (Note to my children: no, you cannot have her instead of me.)...more

What Caitlyn Jenner reminded me about Motherhood

                                                                        Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair...more

An Apology to My First Child

 Dear Daughter #1,I'm sorry.  I'm sure you have noticed that your father and I do not really know what we’re doing. That we figure everything out on you, our lovely, gracious guinea pig.You are our learner child. We’re feeling our way along, using you as our test case. We make our biggest mistakes with you and on you and then have a some idea how to get things right with your younger sister.I'm particularly sorry for…...more