Feed Your Baby, Not Your Freezer

Before you go back to work, you should be sure to have 3 daycare days worth of milk in your freezer to act as a cushion.Once you start working, you will be pumping for your baby, not for your freezer....more

My New Arch Nemesis

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more


On Motherhood


I Breastfeed and I Have Too Much Milk

Don’t hate her because she makes more milk than you.Having an oversupply of breast milk seems like a blessing. Something no woman should complain about.You kind of hate her, don’t you? She sits at support group explaining that she has no more room in her freezer, that she can pump eight ounces after the baby has breastfed. You are struggling to get a single ounce in your freezer. Or maybe you don’t even make enough for your baby and you need to supplement with formula.Don’t hate her....more

The Baby Milestones That Matter Most

The day those two pink lines appeared, I felt the world stop moving. It was a wave of joy, fear, and squealing family phone calls. My brain was buzzing, and a giddy smile lingered across my mouth. I could hardly wait until my husband got home. He eventually walked through the door, exhausted after a 14-hour shift. The news exploded out of me. ...more
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Pumping for an Occasional Bottle

Have you ever wondered, “If I am breastfeeding all the time, how am I supposed to ever be able to pump milk for a bottle?”Here’s how:After breastfeeding your baby, pump both breasts.Try to do this around the time when you seem to have the most milk. For many women, this is in the morning. Perhaps your breasts feel fuller or heavier in the morning, or baby only feeds from one breast rather than her typical two.  You are more likely to get a higher yield if you pump at this time than if you pump at a time when your breasts feel more empty after breastfeeding....more

If I Could Hold You Forever

If I could choose to live in a single moment, I would be holding the tiny body of a child in my arms forever....more

Kids Want To Know Why

7 Surprising Motherhood Discoveries

There is no way to fully prepare for motherhood.I was told that I would always be tired. That’s an understatement. The lack of sleep is brutal. I was told that my heart would swell with love. That is also an understatement. As soon as I gave birth, the love overflowed from every pore of my body. As did every other emotion that comes with motherhood… awe, responsibility, worry, loyalty, pride. Every emotion was intense. I was also told that my life would change. An understatement as well....more