How to Win and Keep Mommy Friends

Friendships can be tricky.  Even as an adult, we are often looking to make friends, solidify friendships, and maintain friendships.  Based on my own experiences (and pet peeves), I have a few tips for making and keeping friends when you enter the world of SAHM. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves....more

The Day My Breastfeeding Boobs Started a Facebook War

Between your situation and the nursing college grad, I'm about done with dumb people. And while ...more

10 Disgusting Things Only A Mom Would Do

When you become a parent, you do so many gross things you never imagined.  It’s bad enough that you have to wipe the poop off someone’s butt for a solid two and a half years or so—but did you know you’d be wearing that poop?...more
TerriLynnMerritts Lady_Paladin suction bulbs dont work half as well as the mom or dads mouth! ...more

To My Sister, On the Eve of Motherhood

Any day now my sister will join the ranks of some of the strongest, bravest and most powerful women in the world: mothers. Motherhood embraces each of us in its own way. We never know exactly how it will impact us until we cross its threshold, forever changed, nevermore the person we once were....more

Are YOU an American Mama?

Happy Weekend! Maybe you noticed over this week, but let's make it official: Miss Josi Denise is now The American Mama! When I created this blog almost 9 months ago, I used my name because honestly - a lot of the creative names I first thought of were taken....more

Tomorrow May Never Come

One of the saddest days of my life was the day my (now) step-sons had to be told their mother had passed away....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are...

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Boys Are... One of the biggest blessings in my life is becoming a mom to E. I never thought I'd be a good boy mom (I've shared that before) but I love it more than anything in the world....more

24: A Mama Drama

So the television show 24 is back for another season. Millions of people are anxiously awaiting the next narrow escape or bad ass move by Jack Bauer. My life certainly doesn't contain moments of national security or bomb disarming, but it’s absolutely as action-packed at times. ...more

Advice for My Boys

My days are often filled with telling my boys things. Please close the door. That Lego sword is not meant to go in your ear. Or your nose. Please put underwear on. That's meant to be a snack, not a meal. Ya know - the things you tell boys all day long.  Sometimes the constant chatter of the everyday life of raising little humans, leaves me too tired to really tell them the things I want them to know. The lessons to really help them in life, not just protect their ears (and their rears). ...more