8 Things a New Mom Needs Her Non-Mom Friends to Know

It's no secret that being a new mom changes routines, priorities, and sometimes relationships. As a friend of a new mom, it's easy to assume your friendship will fall by the wayside- especially if you are a friend who hasn't made the leap to motherhood yet.Even though she may be unrecognizable underneath her messy mom bun and multi-colored baby wrap, your new-mom friend is still the same girl. Just give her a second to get her crazy life together....more

Sometimes I Regret Becoming A Mother

I feel pretty shitty about it, if I’m being honest.“Mom.”“Mommy.”“Mama.”“MOMMY.”Me: “WHAT? JESUS GOD, MAX. WHAT.”Max: “I’m awake.”Me: ...Sunday morning. 4:54 am. Public Domain Image via Pixabay There is the smallest sliver of light blinding me through the gap between our blackout curtains, the only indication that morning is coming....more
I remember mornings when I woke up and wondered why, how? Or when I had post partum depression ...more

Confession of a Mother

Being a mommy is hard. A lot harder than I thought it would be.I always knew that I wanted to become a mom…eventually.For those who do not know me, I was blessed with the news of my first child shortly after my 22nd birthday. I know, I know, some of you are thinking “why so young?”.  Life, as you know it doesn’t always goes as planned. (Surprise right?) I was faced with a surprise that changed my life forever....more

Life after pregnancy: the real side of motherhood

Once upon a time, a mom gave birth to a baby girl...The baby was precious and cute, and right away the mom felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness....more

6 Things That Smell Just Like Motherhood

Having been a mom for a little while now, I consider myself an expert on the subject of stink.  ...more

No Shame in my Crying Game

Today my toddler made me cry in the grocery parking lot. I had reached my breaking point after a string of unfortunate events in the aisles, none of which are too interesting. But the series finale included her throwing her Elmo figurine at the poor elderly man in the checkout line. He was just trying to help me pick up my dropped juice pouches. So for aiding the enemy, he got an Elmo straight to the face.  ...more

Five Motherhood Myths Debunked

I have been a mother for almost 15 years now. I currently have a preschooler, a pre-tween, a pre-teen and a full on teen at home. So although I don’t really fall into the certified parenting “professional” slot, I  feel mostly like my rookie parenting card has been punched enough times to have moved on to moderately experienced parenting. Meaning that the children are still alive and appear to be reasonably well adjusted. Kudos to me right?...more

Erase Her Misery


Searching for Geocaches and Finding Memories

Legos were the first way I bonded with my son. I would help him sort through his almost thousand-piece Star Wars sets, organizing them by color, shape, and size, and page-by-page, we’d work through the multiple booklets and put together some flying fighter contraption which lived on his bookshelf until we moved. ...more

3 Tricks to Motherhood (So Far)

3 Tricks to Motherhood. (So Far) I have so very much to learn, but here are three tricks that have helped me down this parenting road.1. Routine...more