What Caitlyn Jenner reminded me about Motherhood

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An Apology to My First Child

 Dear Daughter #1,I'm sorry.  I'm sure you have noticed that your father and I do not really know what we’re doing. That we figure everything out on you, our lovely, gracious guinea pig.You are our learner child. We’re feeling our way along, using you as our test case. We make our biggest mistakes with you and on you and then have a some idea how to get things right with your younger sister.I'm particularly sorry for…...more

The Undeniable Laws of Motherhood

 When you become a Mom, you learn all about the Laws of Motherhood right away. These laws don't make any sense, but they are fact. Maybe our kids hate us, maybe it is pay back for all the trouble we gave our own mothers, or maybe we lost so many brain cells from pregnancy and lack of sleep that it's all just in our heads, either way the struggle is real....more
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On Motherhood | Becoming a mom for the first time

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Is Your Baby the Boss of You?

Is your baby the boss of you?Well, is he?...more

Momma, I See You.

I saw you today. Spit up on your shirt, dark circles under your eyes, and wrinkly pants…I saw as you lifted that baby girl to your chest, patted her back while gently swaying back and forth and humming her favorite song. You were glowing....more

5 Confessions of a Work-at-Home Mom Entrepreneur by Caroline Chabert

As I sit here staring at the blank page and the blinking cursor, my gaze shifts to little Charlee, who’s kicking her six-month-old legs like she’s training for the Tour de France and wearing that infectious smile that gets me every time.She’s so inspiring that sometimes when I look at her, I’m tempted to shut down my computer and simply stare at her for hours. But that wouldn’t go over very well because I have a meeting to attend, a social media calendar to organize, and a 4 ½-year-old to pick up from school – within the next two hours!...more

Becoming a Confident Mother

Joining Stephanie over at Wife Mommy Me for Mom Talk Tuesdays Her topic: Becoming A Confident Mother...more

To All My Single Ladies: A Letter From a Young Mom to Her Single Friends

Dear friend, I know we haven't talked in forever—like 8 months. I know I forgot to send a birthday card. I know you see my blog posts and wonder how I have time to blog when I keep failing to call you for a phone date. I know it seems like I don't have time for you anymore and that I don't care about our friendship. ...more
This is exactly how it is. My oldest is now 26 years old, I was the 1st of my group of high ...more

6 Lies Stay-at-Home Moms Tell Themselves

I've heard it all before: stay-at-home moms with endless excuses, reasonings, logic and lies that we tell ourselves (and other people) of how and why we are the exceptions to many social norms. "I'm too busy as a SAHM to be able to do that during the day." "People should understand because I'm a SAHM." "Well, that's easy for her to do because she's not a SAHM." Ladies, it's all bull. It really is. ...more
In the article, you exempted everyone who is actually a SAHM. Moms with children in school ...more