How to Get Back on Track With Your New Year's Goals

I had a big celebration when I turned 40 last year. The Chief watched the kids while I took off for an extended weekend trip to Montreal with two dear friends. I was forty and it was fabulous fun!There wasn't as much pomp and circumstance for 41, but every year older is a blessing and I enjoyed a lovely celebration with my family on the beach....more

the fight / choose happiness

the fight / choose happiness--Last night my husband and I got in a fight.Which is weird to say out loud, because even when we do fight, I really only tell my sister or my best friend, Anamarie…not the whole internet....more

10 Ways to Recharge Your Mom Batteries

Happy Monday!I always used to dread Monday’s because it meant a whole week of waking up early and going to work. I’ve gotten better about shifting my attitude from ‘I hate Monday and the long work week’ to ‘I have a brand new week to do great things.’...more

Life as a food allergy and asthma mom...

On being a mom… Being a mom comes with great love and adoration, immense joy, rewarding moments, sloppy kisses and hugs around the neck.. It also comes with hard days, exhaustion, great sacrifices, worry, anxiety and stress. I think worry is all part of the process. You’re given this tiny being to love and care for. Random things we take for granted become scary and dangerous like flights of stairs and large bodies of water, rocky asphalt and electrical outlets. Ice cream and grilled cheese…hamburgers with sesame seed buns and mustard…peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… ...more

We are More Than Needed, We are Wanted

I suffer from a severe medical condition and, unfortunately, it takes me to some very dark places.  If I’m being honest, sometimes it feels so unbearable for myself AND my family that I truly and deeply believe they would be better off without me in their lives....more

Self-Care..Say What Now?

Self-care…Say What Now? I have been incredibly bad about putting myself first.  Like INCREDIBLY bad.  I haven't taken a couple of hours to myself in weeks, months maybe.  There are multiple days in a row I don't shower (shhh, don't tell anyone.)  And sometimes I feel like I am literally at the very end of my rope. ...more

10 Things Moms Say All Summer Long

Aaah. Summer. We yearn for it the last two months of the school year, but when it gets here, we're snapped back to reality. Being with our kids and entertaining them all day long is not for the weak. In fact, I would say that you have to have super-human strength not to yell and lose your mind. ...more
"where are your pants?": "no popsicles til after lunch". "did you just pee in the pool?"more