25 Things Every Mom Should Realize

Inspired by a post on Wall Street Insanity titled 50 Things Every Man Should Realize, I’ve found myself thinking about absolutes every woman—and especially moms—should realize. Having a child is a wonderful life path to choose, but it can also be tiring and it’s easy to lose perspective amid the Pinteresting of it all. To help us all keep the important things at the forefront of our minds, I’ve developed 25 Things Every Mom Should Realize about herself, men, kids, and life in general. ...more
Love the quote you end this post with! Sometimes I have to remind myself it really is that ...more

Mom Confidence: Overcoming Perfectionism

During So You Think You Can Dance auditions, a 30-something mother of two young kids was asked why she was finally trying out for the show. She told the judges she has “mom confidence” now. She didn’t make it through to the Top 20, but her answer stuck with me because I get it....more
Nope. Screw it.more

Some Days, I Don't Feel Like Being a Mom

I didn't really feel like being a mom. I was tired and my stomach was angry at me from the food, and stress, and drinks that go along with hosting a party. I just needed some quiet, but instead my house was filled with boy-noise – a basketball being bounced and shot and missing a hundred times in my dining room, and brothers arguing over rules and turns.  ...more

Coffee Cups, Aprons, and Baseball

I often think, too much, about the legacy we are leaving our children. I know in my heart our priority is raising our kids to know and love the Lord and everything else will fall into place. I know this. I believe this. I strive for this.I also know having tangible items to pass on is an important way to keep legacies alive. I know this because I wish with all my heart I had more pictures or family treasures of my dad, grandfather and Tia. It would make talking about them a bit easier....more


pharrell williams made the academy awards. well, ellen degeneres and pharrell did, but his performance of "happy"? it's totally worth a google if you missed it. the song has been on repeat at our house and has inspired more than a few living room dance parties. in fact, when we woke up to snow and another (!) day off, we declared "happy" our theme song....more

The Price We Pay For Perfection: 5 Ways to Let Go of Unrealistic Goals

Like many baby boomers, I spent a large part of my life striving for perfection.  I was determined to be a consummate professional, a loving and understanding mother, an attractive and loyal wife, and a well-informed, compassionate friend.  Every task I had or created for myself had to be performed flawlessly.  The meals I made couldn’t be standard—they had to be gourmet.  The clothes I wore (being that I am Italian doesn’t help!) had to be flattering and up-to-date.  My hair had to be trimmed and styled every six weeks; my home had to sparkle—I wouldn’t consider le...more

Reasons My Mama Is Crying - A Guest Post By My 2-Year-Old

***I have had guest bloggers before. They were brilliant and insightful but, as fabulous as they were, this writer is hands-down my favorite guest poster of all time.  He is charming and witty and talented and an obvious genius. He is one of those people who, as soon as you meet them, you know he is destined for greatness.  Unless you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who encounter him during a temper-tantrum in the Meijer produce department.  Have you guessed it? Today's guest blogger is Toddler-saurus Rex....more

Five Signs You've Mastered Mom Stealth Mode

1. You take a full 60 seconds to simply close your baby's bedroom door while keeping the latch pulled as tight as possible, knowing that even the slightest click of metal on metal could wake the baby and nullify the entire 45 minutes of rocking and bouncing you just endured to put this screaming baby to sleep. ...more

Forgive me for Stomping all over your Victory

His eyes are searching. His facial expression is one of contained alarm. He’s standing at the doorway in his military camouflage snow suit and winter gear, stopped in his tracks by an entirely different kind of storm. His search finally yields something:...more


 It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ll start by stating the obvious: I REALLY LOVE MY FAMILY.This is not news, because we all do....more