Judgement - It's Not About You!!


Mars vs. Venus: Everything but the kitchen sink

 "Mmmm Mmmm... something smells yummy! Time to put something in my tummy!"I sing this tune to myself incessantly. In the shower, in the car, as I drift off to sleep at night......more

Today... Tonight

      I was going to try and blog everyday but some days it's hard. Right now I feel like curling up in a ball and maybe the world will go away. Yeah. It's that kind of day. All my life I've been self sufficient. I've relied on me. And so have others. They've relied on me handling everything. But do you know what I want, really want, deep, deep, down inside? For somebody to want to care for me. It's not about needing it, relying on it, being codependent or desperate, it's about wanting to share and have someone share back....more

New Beginnings

      My son and I slept in our new apartment for the first time last night. Half of our stuff is still locked up tight in a public storage unit which I will not be able to access for a while, so our make shift lawn chair beds will have to do. We stayed up all night talking to each other. Shelby's dinner was a rotisserie chicken from Stop and Shop. We helped her a bit, but her tummy's pretty full. Our appliances aren't completely hooked up yet, so I couldn't cook or buy anything that required refrigeration. That is why our dinner consisted of beef jerky and cookies LOL!...more


      The best of persons will have an off day. "Nice is different then good" (thanks for that one Stephen Soundheim). I never put much stock in politeness or propriety. I think it's all crap personally. Anyone can fake "nice". It's the goodness that is impossible to mimic....more

P.S....Please DON'T Forget The "Lovey"!

Three of my 4 children took pacifiers; one did not.  Ryan was child number 3 and all he wanted was his "Blankie".  At first I did not realize how important his "Blankie" was to him, but I soon found out.  And THAT is exactly why I could NOT believe what happened when I baby-sat Parker Ann today. ...more

Longing for the Past After Motherhood Changes

Tonight, I found myself looking through old photo albums of when my boys were just babies at ages 1, 3 and 5 years. I don’t know what it was, but I became overwhelmed with sadness and began crying, you know the kind of cry, when you don’t look so pretty and tissues aren’t enough. ...more
@victorias_view I agree and sometimes that's exactly what I do!more

Imperfections “In The Mirror And The Magic Wishing Lamp”

Imperfections We All Have Them I wish I had no stretchmarks and a non wobbly tummy but I don’t, instead I have two beautiful children.I wish I had bigger boobs, but I don’t but hubby still thinks I’m sexy.I wish I had either straight hair or curly hair, but I don’t I have a lot of uncontrollable frizz but it keeps my head warm....more

Guilded Mediocrity

It's something I've been thinking of for a while now. I live in Fairfield County, CT. MANY successful people have homes here. Being a blue collar middle-class person is a stigma. $50,000 a year= barely making ends meat. Yeah. It's that ridiculous. And that's why it's so easy for me to be homeless. It's not about keeping up with the Jones'. It's about being able to pay the rent the Jones' charge in order to pay their own exorbitant mortgages. Absolute financial craziness. But what I've started to notice scares me more then the obvious socioeconomic barriers....more

I wrote this two nights ago...

 I wrote this two nights ago, when we thought we'd be spending our first night in our car. We didn't. My friend saved us by having us sleep at her boyfriend's house, but here is where my mind was before I got her text: ...more