A Selfless Act of Love

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, a day filled with homemade cards, a bouquet of pink and yellow flowers, and beef brisket. It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day spent with my family and my mother....more

Am I a better mom now?

Am I a better parent by not working right now? I say "right now" because I quit my job a little over a month ago to take a midlife sabbatical. Now, I seem to have more energy to focus on parenting than when I was working. I'm not saying it's helicopter mom time; quite the opposite. I'm just more relaxed. I find myself with more energy to discipline my daughter, which has been my major parenting shortfall. My 9-year old daughter's not an easy daughter to raise (not that any child is); importantly, I'm not an easygoing, mothering-comes-easy to me type mom....more

Clean Up On Aisle 2...Spilled Juice and Brain Matter

  Every week we gear up to go grocery shopping.  This is no small feat and the trip requires preparation, breathing exercises, and sedatives (wishful thinking).  ...more

Making of a Mother

Here it is. May 8th. Mother's Day! My in-laws just left from a wonderful visit. Husband is off to work. The kids are a bit off. Something to do with staying up extra late, candy, birthday cake, major busy-ness all day long. Heck, the chicken coop is done. Whew. And I just turned on the computer to take a deep, calm breath of computer time. (You know, the house is a bit of mess, after all.) And Google has to tell me it's Mother's Day. What?! ...more

Parenthood, Actually: This Day Is For You

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you are reading this as you relax on a sunny porch while your children bring you lemonade and paint your toenails. Even if that's not quite the case, I hope you are able to find some relaxation, some joy and some peace on this day. ...more

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post for Mother's Day and it reaches out to a lot of people in ...more

Prioritizing having fun - can I do it without feeling selfish?

My cousin said to me Sunday about my midlife sabbatical from working: “If I were you, I’d just have fun and do stuff you haven’t been able to do all these past years.” It hit a chord. I’d been prioritizing volunteering for charities as my next step. I’ve been feeling a need to “do good” for a long time. But I’d also been depriving myself of pursuing having fun for myself. Why? Do a lot of moms do this? All I know is I’ve been putting my daughter, family, and job’s needs above my own for a long time. But I immediately I heard conflict in my head. It felt self-centered....more

ain't nobody happy, right? :)

Seriously, though, I think it's vital that everyone has time ...more

A Mop! A Mop! A Cleaning Lady for a Mop!

I once had ambitions just like Richard the III and dreamed of my own matriarchal kingdom. It would be a shiny beacon that would make Martha Stewart envious of my organizational skills. In the past week I have washed, scrubbed toilets, and de-cluttered almost all of the closets. It was only within moments my homes squeaky clean appearance was tarnished... ...more

I couldn't even imagine the two little men getting dressed and every morning walking to the ...more

Your baby probably won't give you Ebola.

I found a great post prompt on SocialMoms.com the other day. It was titled, What Are Your Tips For Taking Care of Yourself? I was going to post a clever response here including “tips” like this: Sunburns are dangerous....more