You Are the Pinterest Perfect Real Mom

You are that mother. You, right now, the mother wearing the shirt with stains on the shoulders, and your hair swept back, with the toddler on your hip in their pajamas and the preschooler watching Disney Jr. You, that mom, are the Pinterest perfect real mom. You, the mother sitting at home while your 16-year-old drives away, and the middle schooler works on homework, and you trying to balance a schedule that is much too full as you remember those days when they were little and loved Little People. You -- the tired, overwhelmed, joyful, nervous, worn-out, thankful, get-out-of-bed everyday mother. You go on the Real Board....more
thank for this post. I am a pinterest mom!!! but thats because it has saved me so much when it ...more

Stop Patronizing Me

I am a stay at home mom. I am lucky to stay at home with my children. We do out it of financial necessity. We have six children, and only three are of school age. My life is filled with crying, pooping, napping, fighting, laughing, homework, cooking, and very poorly done cleaning. I wish I could spend my days with intellectual giants feeding their brains as they tell me what a good job I am doing. Instead, I try to grow the next generation of intellectual giants....more

Making Mommy Friends....

I have been at this mommy game for a few years now. Making mommy friends was seriously something that terrified me at first. I was so nervous about being judged and also bringing others I don't know into my family! But after a few years I realized that, if someone judges me or is mean, I do not have to be friends with them. There are so many mommas out there and you will find GOOD friends, there are lots of choices, so do not give up if you are in a friend finding rut!...more

As I Was Biking by Cornfields on a Summer Evening

The pain started last week, stuck around everyday and seemed intent upon making it two in a row. Almost simultaneously, as if some universal starting gun had gone off, life picked back up. The lull between sports seasons was gone in the blink of an eye, my in-laws were days away, and a new school year loomed not too far in the distance.Underneath it all ran a current of uncertainty threatening to become a river of disappointment.  Life was challenging me. I was losing....more

Being a Mom Makes Me Stronger!

I must say I love every single thing that comes along with being a mom. Being a mom opens you up. I am so much more open than I ever was. I am more understanding, patient (I have to work on that daily!) and loving. But it also creates a more critical person as well. I have no tolerance for nonsense. It sounds like a huge contradiction saying I am more understanding but have no tolerance. I think I have just grown past all the BS and know what I want from life and what I want for my children, so I cannot handle drama or immaturity....more
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Playground Rejection Is Not Just For Kids

One of the best things about being three-years-old is that everyone is your friend. My kid runs up to another kid on the playground and says, "Hey, wanna slide?" and they're off to have adventures, even if they never see each other again after that day. Kids that age like pretty much all the same things and believe in the Truth of Childhood: Climb it if it can be climbed, always run as fast as you can, and anything can be a pirate ship. They don't know enough about the world yet to judge or condemn or turn their noses up at kids who want to join in, so everyone gets to play. It's beautiful and pure and I wish I was three-years-old again on a daily basis....more
I have a 3 yr old girl and an almost 6 yr old boy.  Right now my 6 yr old is going through a ...more

I Am Not in Love with Mothering

I love my kids, I am glad I’m a mom, I love my life, I’m happy. But I am not in love with mothering. For me, mothering just doesn’t come easy, it seems. It challenges me every day in ways that I was wholly unprepared for when I first decided to have child. I think I am a good mother -- whatever that is -- and I know my husband would agree. I hope someday my children will agree. I love taking care of my kids and I am so grateful that I get to be home with them while they’re little. I still just can’t say that mothering itself is something I love, because it’s so. Damn. Hard....more
Sometimes I feel the same way. I try to be the best mother I can be, but the day in and day out ...more

The Coming-to-Be of a Dissertation on African-American Mom Bloggers: Part One [Intro]

In the summer of 2010, I took an Internet Writing course, and in the class, we had to write a paper that focused on some aspect of writing for the Internet. At the time of the class, I was in my last leg of course work and was trying to firm up a topic for my dissertation research. I knew I was interested in online spaces and that I was also interested in race, gender, and identity and how those aspects were developed and shaped in online spaces. I was also interested in African-American women and they used these spaces....more

When Asshats Attack

You know, people are frequently asshats. This morning I encountered a super-asshat maneuver, and the shitsack who did it is lucky that I had my kids in the minivan, and was thus prevented from getting out of the vehicle and chewing a strip off her moronic, self-absorbed backside....more

My “Duh” List Elicited by the Greatest of Post-Partum Hormones

     I’ve had baby on the brain since writing my latest book, The Baby Symphony. And with baby on the brain, I was thinking of the comedy of errors that came with all of my post-partum hormones. I’m not talking about Post-Partum Depression. That is serious, and it is a whole different thing. I’m talking about the after-baby rush of hormones that gives birth to insane emotions that make you do things that will have you looking back years later and nodding your head at yourself....more