Little Things to Remember

 Do you know that my baby is 11 months old?  I can hardly believe it.  Soon we will be celebrating her first birthday and her big sister's third.  Time really flies when you're up all night, wiping noses and changing bums, reading books over and over and of course dancing a little.  This motherhood journey can be a real blur and I'm starting to realize what people mean when they tell you to enjoy your children because they are only little for a short time....more

School Happens: Other Homeschool Moms Make Me Feel Bad

Here's the thing: I read other homeschool blogs and moms are smiling as they let their children lead the way through the grace of an "unschooled" environment. Johnny is off writing his own book about rocket science and Mary is learning to be a fashion designer as she sews her life away. They don't need math or regular structured learning because they're so damn smart already that books are pretty much a waste of time. That's so NOT what things look like here. I wonder, am I alone in this?...more
I am late in responding to this post.  But it really touched me and I wanted to say a warm ...more

Throwing Yourself Off the Cliff

I didn’t take to motherhood like a duck in water. My own mother was -- and is -- so good at it. Endlessly patient. Endlessly understanding. Endlessly giving. She was born to be a mother the way Mozart was born to be a musical genius. (Nope, not an overstatement.) Me? I feel selfish in comparison. There are things I want out of this life that have nothing to do with being a mom. That doesn’t mean I want to shirk off my kids -- quite the opposite -- but it has taken a long time to figure out how to be me while still being a mother to them....more
Hello there, Trish! I find this piece brilliant in its insights. It offers so much. I am an ...more

5 Things I Swore I'd Never Do

Before you become a parent, you are able to freely judge those with children. You can easily look down on them as lesser beings. You vow to yourself to show them exactly how a 'good' mother does things when you have kids of your own. And then you have a baby...If you don't yet have children, please, enjoy your daydreams because once the bundle of joy is here, you'll forget any of your morals exist. I promise....more

A Letter to My Son

There are days when I certainly don't qualify for the Mother-of-the-Year award. Times when there isn't enough coffee in the world to make me want to play Hot Wheels for the ninetieth consecutive hour. There are moments when all I want is to take a nap, or at the very least, think like an adult for more than half a second....more

My Pregnancy Journal and Advice!

Here are the products that you will need to help ease 9 {10} months of pregnancy: Bio Oil or Obliphica Intensive Serum- This is great for your belly bump to stay moisturized. Not just for hopes of trying to prevent stretch marks which I beleive are hereditary but for the insane itch that comes with the skin stretching. These will ease that itch which may end up preventing the stretch marks....more

That Feeling When Your Kid Asks You About Sex For The First Time

I consider myself a pretty highly educated, open-minded, worldly kind of "sex is a natural part of life" person, but I was unprepared to have the sex talk with my kid at this age. I covered the high points, leaving out the part about fluid exchange, and released a completing sigh of relief. I intended that sound to signal an unspoken "the end" but unfortunately, my daughter is a keen listener with an inquisitive mind and an attorney for a mother. She queried, "So how exactly how do those little swimmers get inside the woman?" ...more
@WittyLittleSecret  You have a great way of capturing the surprising human moments, and the ...more

What Do You Tell an Expectant Mom About Childbirth? Nothing!

"Wow," the young woman said, "three girls. So how was your first childbirth?" Uh-oh. Careful now, I told myself. Because that's a very telling question. Notice she didn't say: "What's it like having three girls?" or my personal favorite, "You don't look old enough to have three kids." She said, "How was the childbirth?"...more
I have to admit...after my first pregnancy, I was kind of pissed that my friends and family ...more

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

What makes a great mother? Maintaining a perfect household? Not needing to create a To-Do list because everything from your bathroom to the entire family's toenails shine like the top of the Chrysler Building on a daily basis? Having polite, non-tantrum throwing kids? Having perfectly coiffed hair, impeccable make-up, and well-manicured hands? I think not....more

5 Years Ago I Became the Mom I Never Thought I'd Be

I never dreamed of becoming a mom. Really. When I looked down the proverbial road, I saw myself as a reporter and maybe eventually an editor at a decent-size city newspaper who would perhaps have kids. The road turned back toward Murray when I said "yes" to my then-boyfriend's marriage proposal. I never doubted he was worth it, but I did wonder what this meant for my career. Plus I had said I was done living in Murray....more