I Don't Want Your Freedom

Kir writes for shoes & cupcakes at http://www.thekircorner.com “Mommy, I do it. “ “Sweetheart, it’s too heavy, let mommy lift it.” “No, Mommy. I. Do. It” The milk bounces against small muscular legs but is eventually hoisted onto the table. *********************************************************** “Come on, we need to get in the house”. “Mommy, I put the code in?” “Sweetheart, we’re running late, let mommy poke the numbers”. “No, Mommy. I. do....more

Mom Nostalgia: What Passes In A Blink

Riding the subway with my sons, I look across to see a baby strapped to his mother’s chest, lovingly patting her face. (And then, not quite so lovingly, trying to stick his fingers up her nose.) I smile. Remember. My two are slumped against me, one at each shoulder; snuggled, tired, happy. On our way home from a boisterous day at the Cloister’s medieval festival, swords and shields safely stowed in our pack. I think the thought of all parents of older kids: “How did THAT turn into THIS?” Blink. Whoosh. ...more
@RuthNY Thank you. Yes at 9 there are whole new realms opening up, yet still they deign to hold ...more

Single Infertile Female & The Truth About Trying

Infertility blogs are (unfortunately) a thriving community on the Internet. Women facing the heartbreak of trying to have the family they've always dreamed of meet to share their struggles, successes, coping tools, grief, knowledge and of course, their dreams of the children they are trying so hard to welcome into their lives. That's why when Redbook magazine asked BlogHer to participate in their new video series about infertility, it didn't take us but a second to say, "Well, of course." And it doesn't hurt that I used to run Redbook magazine, and that Redbook was the first major magazine to feature an infertility blogger on its website, Julia of Here Be Hippogriffs. (Julia went on to have two beautiful babies, a set of twins, one boy and one girl. Yay!) ...more
@BlogHer I couldn't before but whatever the problem was, it resolved herself.more

World Momination

I had a funny thought the other day. Now mind you, it’s not that I ever want to take over the world, but if I did, I think I know how to do it. Let’s just say (yes, shall we?), that the world is controlled mostly by men. I mean really, line up the leaders of the world, and by and large it would be a penis parade. Can I even say that in a blog? I think I’m blushing…not as much as when my daughter asked me in front of the cable guy if he had a penis, but still a little bit. So back to taking over the world…I think it boils down to the simple common cold....more

I AM the New Wave of Feminism

I Am the New Wave of Feminism I am the new wave of feminism.I see a gay black woman leading an organization side by side with a middle age white man....and it doesn't surprise me. I expect it.I have never known a time when I didn't have the same rights, same abilities, same expectations as my male counterparts.I believe femininity is as valuable a tool as hard work, strength, determination and will....more

When Mothers Attack

Mothers have a pretty crappy job.Literally. We clean butts, we wipe butts, and we are responsible for anything that happens to come out of those butts.What bothers me most is when other mothers choose to think that they have superior parenting skills or the right to tear down other mothers in their quest for perfection....more

The Long Road to Autism Diagnosis (and all the signs that were slapping me in the face along the way)

In Hampton, Virginia on June 25, 2006 at 1:09 am EST, a ten pound, healthy baby boy named Olin made his debut on this Earth… and I was a very nervous new mommy.  He continued to grow and grow, and thrive on breast milk.  I returned to work after three months and Olin had a very easy time transitioning from being home with me to being with a babysitter, and I thanked my lucky stars for that!!!!  I always said, “Olin is horrible birth control!  He is the easiest baby ever!!”  He continued to develop, and started sitting up unassisted around 6 months, and he used to ma...more

Being Just Enough Me

Many people used to tell me, how lucky I was to be an only child.  They had this perception that my parents would undoubtedly spoil me to death, that I would get whatever I wanted, and that I would never have to share what I own with any siblings. They couldn't be more wrong. Being the only child meant that all of my parents' expectations lay on my shoulder.  Not wanting me to repeat...more

Wanted: a mom (the weak need not apply)

 A while back, I wrote my "letter of resignation". (click there to read it...)  Not to the salon where I spend my one day a week working (vacation as I call it), or to Lindsay my crazy Earth Monkey partner…but to my family.  I had a moment where I just thought, this is all too hard and I certainly could find an easier, better paying job without much trouble....more
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