Love without Possesion

  In Maya Angelou’s Letter to My daughter, I was struck by her revelation that she could love her son without possessing him. I had to really examine what it means to love someone, especially as a mother, without possessing them. I realized that as a mother of four, I love my children....more

Taking Back Happiness

Bloggers Hollee Schwartz Temple at and Meagan Francis at TheHappiestMom have just published new books on happiness.  Katherine Stone, who writes about women’s emotional health at Postpartum Progress and ParentDish, sat down to talk to them about life’s holy grail. ...more

I've been a fan, of The Happiest Mom, for a while. Thank you, for such a great ...more

Coming to Terms with Not Having Children

On a semi-regular, if not daily basis, I find myself scrolling through the checklist above in my head... as if somehow by thinking about and/or stating only the negative attributes that children bring to a couple's life eases the harsh reality that I, indeed, did not get to decide that I wanted a life without children but rather, the decision was made for me. ...more
I just want to say thanks. An eternal optimist who believe firmly in things happening for a ...more

50% Feminist / 50% To Be Determined

I don't think there is a word for a woman like me.       Recently I came across a popular illustration on a young woman's web-site who proudly stated that she is a feminist....more

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Ambitious 29 Year Old Woman Kidnapped...

And replaced with an unsure mother. Have you ever felt, by becoming a mom, you have lost all traces of the former person you used to be? Have you ever looked in the mirror at your disheveled hair, clothes stained with baby milk, and dark circles and wondered what happened to that savvy, well-manicured, vibrant woman who used to inhabit the person who now knows more about Bubble Guppies then the economic bubble? ...more

Master of Manipulation & the Big Boy Bed

For a few days, we had to fight a good fight while Parker adjusted to The Big Boy Bed. We have learned that there will be no new idea or change that occurs without some back-lash – kind of like the kick-back after shooting a gun. Parker would try to hold me down on his bed, not wanting me to leave. He would hang on to me. He would lie on the floor and cry. He would scream, “Mommy, help me!” over and over....more

Blingy Club Mommies

When my first daughter was born I was eager to know all the information a Mommy would need, I scoured the Internet for months preparing myself for illness, developmental milestones, the newest learning toys and anything that I could add to my arsenal of Mommy hood to prepare myself and my Darling Daughter. Fast forward 7 years, add another child and the challenges of life and here I am....more