I'd Like To Turn In My Cape, Please

I am not Super Mom. I tried to be, believe me. It seems like these days when you leave the hospital with your new little bundle of joy, you also get a cape packed in with the coupons for diapers and formula. ...more
 @ActivityHero Why thank you! :)more

Why Moms Don't Shower

I’m a stay-at-home-mom. Yes, I work from home as well, but my primary duties are to my little monster boy. He’s 2-and-a-half. I have been known to go one, two, three even four days without showering. Yea, yea, gag, gross, whatever. But let me tell you the story of today and then see which you gag more at -- me not showering for days or the aftermath of one 15 minute shower....more
I am having anaughty daughter, I prefer to shower at night it is the time when my little angel ...more

Dusting off my Michelle Branch CD...

Dusting off my Michelle Branch CD has me revisiting my ideas of balance, motherhood and creativity. http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/06/dusting-off-my-michelle-branch-cd.html...more

For Those Imperfect Seasons Of Motherhood

In motherhood, have you noticed that there are seasons when everything is going smoothly? I have. During the good season, the kids are happy and balanced. So is the marriage, and so am I. The fridge has healthy stuff stocked, lots of it. I’ve got patience and sweetness to spare. But then the other seasons come around, too....more

Dear Son: I Love You

June 06, 2012Dear Son, I love you. I tell you this every single day. I cannot help myself, because I truly, truly do. When I look at you, whether asleep or awake, calm or raising hell...the words just come right out of me: I love you. Now, once you're old enough to read this, you will also be old enough to think your mom is just corny or simply a ball of mush. But my hope is that you'll also be old enough to say it back, and mean it as much as I do. Son, I love you. Love always, Your Mom...more

The glamorous life

Today I shall write about the joy and wonder of shit. Or, more accurately, the inability of Lilo & Stitch to produce it like a normal human being when they were younger.So feel free to run screaming now....more

Being Hard on Ourselves When We're Unsure About Becoming a Mom

In my latest book, The Baby Matrix, I take a critical look at a set of beliefs that has driven our society for generations--pronatalism. It is everywhere and affects all of us in many areas of our lives, and not in a positive way....more

10 Things a Mom Should Never Skimp On

When you become a mother for the first time, you swear that you will never buy anything but the best for your cute little bundle of joy.  As the bundle grows, and you add bundles, you realize that you no longer can, or should, buy only the best.  I decided today, after a horrible wiping accident, that there are just some things that you just should never skimp on as a parent and feel I should share my short list with you....more

Becoming His Own Person

We're two halves of a whole, Kieran and I. We share the same laugh, similar mannerisms, common expressions. We sleep curled up like two peas in a pod most of the time....more
 @Psyche_Lesley You made me cry, too :) I also wonder when Kieran will be "too big" to hold my ...more

The Lost and Found of Motherhood

Ever feel like the world around you seems to be doing just fine without you. You see family and friends who have children, but their homes still seem spotless and beautifully decorated, as you try to scrub the latest crayon art piece off a living room wall that hasn't seen fresh paint in well over 5 years. Sometimes we get to the point where we are merely surviving the everyday routine of motherhood, and we really don't know if we even have time to come up for air....more
Yes. It was like I woke up after weaning my third child and wondered 'what happened? where am I? ...more