Dear Tired Momma of Young Ones

Dear Tired Momma of Young Ones,A few weeks ago, I had one of "those" days. You know the one. The kind of day where you seriously contemplate packing a bag and running for the hills BY Y O U R S E L F!...more

I'm A Mama

After being in the weird category of "just a stepmom" for many years,  I'm a mama now. I'm coming out of the fog of the first year and reflecting on what this means. I'm a mama, I eat toddler tapas all day--bits of cheese, nuggets of either fish or chicken, random puffs and Cheerios as I try to get some housekeeping done while my son is napping. Haute on-the-go mom cuisine! ...more

Never Gonna Let You Down

I hate it when the Internet makes me think. What's even worse is when it makes me feel. This is what happened a couple of weeks ago. I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a link with a Buzzfeedy vibe to it, boasting 27 facts that are sure to blow my mind. Ever the sucker for any article with an odd number assigned to it, I nibbled at the bait. Two weeks later, I don’t remember any of the facts that the article included in its rundown except one. ...more
Very nice posting!Happy Holidays!more

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Through The Eyes Of A ChildPosted on November 11, 2014by ...more

For the LOVE of babywearing {Part 2}

Part 2: The Wrap by Solly Baby.  Things we liked:-Comfy! The fabric is stretchy and lightweight(and pretty)!...more

My heart is outside my body

Learning to Love Myself

My mom’s group has recently started the Momnipotent study. This week’s episode started with this:

Being a Mom and Not Losing Your Identity

I’ll be 34 tomorrow and my oldest child is 16 years old. If you’ve done the math then you know I had her when I was 17 years old. Yep, I was a teen mom. No TV show, just reality. I’m a young mom that feels young at heart as well. A lot of times I get mistaken for the older sister. I call it damn good genes. My husband jokingly says it’s the way I dress. ...more

Stay Right Here. Right Now.

As most of you may know, I have a daughter, Lucy, who is 7 1/2.  She is cute, hilarious, smart, kind, considerate…stubborn, bossy and a persuasive.  She reminds me a lot of her mother....more

Skulls Blowing in the Wind

 Post Halloween, there were plastic skulls blowing around on my front porch:...more