8 Things Moms Say They'll Never Do vs Reality

I’ll never be that mom who complains that she doesn’t have a moment in her day to even brush her teeth. I’ll never be the mom who doesn’t do anything for herself. I’ll always be sure to have “me” time. ...more

Dear fellow trauma parents

No child should experience what your child is right now. No parent should experience what you are right now. No parent should witness their child’s suffering. Yet here you are.  Here we are.Everything has changed. Forever. That’s dramatic. But that doesn’t make it any less real.I know what it is like to have the rug pulled out from under you. To have all of your plans and dreams permanently shattered right before your eyes. Let no one tell you different. That is what has happened to you and to your baby....more

7 magical steps to handle toddler tantrums

Tantrums. One word that summarizes pretty well the third year of a child’s existence, and the pain that parents have to go through.No matter how ready, patient, quiet, supportive, attentive, cheerful a mom could be, when the tantrums hit, she will lose her mind....more

My 5 Year Old Daughter Has a Boyfriend

I take the term boyfriend seriously and have only handed it out to three people, two of whom I eventually married. Other men coveted the title, but I was stingy with my endowment. My daughter understood the significance of the title boyfriend. After all, until last year, my husband had been my boyfriend for ten years, five of them with her around....more

I Tell My Daughter She's Beautiful

On Valentine’s Day, my family visited my 87-year-old grandmother. My five-year-old daughter wanted to dress up. She donned a dress with a sparkly heart top and a tutu skirt. She asked me to do her hair with the curling wand (she saw me using it earlier). Then she took my brush and put on some blush and some red (!) lipgloss. I also let her apply gold shimmer power on her eyelids. When she was all done, she twirled, her arms above her head, like a ballerina, to show daddy how beautiful she looked....more

10 Things I Thought Would Be Different About Motherhood

When I found out I was pregnant with Blaire in June of 2013, I knew my life was about to change dramatically. I also thought I knew how it was going to change. HA! If you’re a mama, I have a feeling you’re going to LOL at these. If you’re not a mama, you have friends who are moms. You have a mom. You think you know the basics. You think you know what it’ll be like....more

Something's Right, Even When It All Seems Wrong

Originally posted on mommyidentitycrisis.com.This morning went the way most mornings do. I let the baby stay in bed with us after her 5:30 a.m. feeding, and was woken at 6:30 by Ceci climbing in too, bringing blankie, Pillow Pet, and talking Yoda with her. I managed to get everyone dressed and fed. I only yelled a little. We arrived at preschool exactly on time, which almost never happens; everything else was usual....more

The Hardest Two Weeks

You deserve to hear the truth about the first two weeks of motherhood.I’m writing this as if I am talking to a pregnant woman, but that pregnant woman’s partner should read this, too.The first two weeks of motherhood are the hardest two weeks you can possibly have during the happiest two weeks of your life....more

This is my experience of new motherhood

It's 10pm, still early in the night, and I'm attempting for the first time to lay my baby down to sleep without my help. She's displaying all the signs of her sleepy window: rounded mouth, drowsy eyes, relaxed arms and fists. I lay her in the bed, kiss her goodnight and tip-toe away before she notices....more

Bonding With My Teen in the Baby Department

I simply can't walk past baby stores or infant departments without having to browse the adorable clothing, toys, and other goodies. My daughter is in high school now, but I'm still pulled in every time, especially if I see a pink display....more