Starting Anew: Reflections on 2014, Postpartum Depression & Progress

On the surface, 2014 was an incredible year for our family. We sold our condo in February, welcomed our second baby into the world in March, and closed on our forever home twelve hours after I gave birth. Looking back, I feel blessed and grateful for all the positive life changes. My only regret is that I was unable to enjoy them in the moment. Instead, I spent the better part of the year mired in anxiety, hopelessness, overwhelm, and sadness. These feelings were familiar; I’d also experienced them after the birth of my first daughter in 2012....more

Google at Your Own Risk: Breastfeeding & the Internet

I got this email from Tory, new mom to 3 week old Norah. Now, keep in mind that Tory came to Breastfeeding Support Group 4 days prior and was doing fantastic.Hi Katie...more

A Mother's Resume

A Mother’s ResumePosted on December 18, 2014by The Pinterested Parent...more

20 Unmistakable Smells of Motherhood

It's said that the olfactory sense is the one most closely associated with memory recall. Perhaps that’s why I can still remember each of these smells distinctly, fourteen years into motherhood.1. Newborn Baby Head – Solid proof that there’s a heaven.2. Clean Diapers – Mmmmm…that fresh combination of optimism and denial....more

10 Things We (Still) Love as Adults That We Shouldn't

(Original post: day you become a mom is the day that you  transition into becoming a bona fide adult. We’re supposed to embrace responsibility and let go of the things that kept us mired in our own childhoods.But those things were kinda awesome, which is probably why lots of us get our claws into the nostalgia of our youth and hang on for dear life....more

10 Things You Can't Do If You Have Kids

10 Things You Can’t Do If You Have KidsPosted on December 12, 2014by ...more

Mindfulness (or lack thereof), Christmas Rush and the Elf

Being mindful is not the easiest task when you are a mom, especially when you are new in the role. A lot of talk went on this summer over the Georgia father who left his child in the hot car to die. Numerous mommy blogs then kept popping up with moms confessing to accidentally leaving their child in the car, at the store, lost in the mall, and sharing their guilt. I personally don't feel that moms should be put on the spot about this and feel horrible that it become a news story that then morphed into a whole zeitgeist about lack of mindfulness in parents....more
Yes! I hear you, sista! And I say so in my rap "ChristmasTime"...the whole thing gets out of ...more

10 Reasons I Breastfed My Toddlers

Twelve years ago, when our first kid was a toddler, we had a childless couple over for dinner. We were chatting in the living room when our adorable almost-3-year-old walked up, leaned her elbow on the arm of my chair, and dropped a verbal bomb. Just two little words (well, three, technically), and she said them so nonchalantly—as if she were casually offering me a cookie—that I almost spat my water across the room."Wanna nurse?"...more

So, I've got this Prozac in my purse.

For five days, I could hear the sound of defeat clinking around from inside my purse. To the unsuspecting ear, it could have been an innocent box of TicTac mints or a traveling supply of Advil. But to me it was the sound of concession. Of giving in to something I have fought for the last three years. For five days, during each moment of stress or anxiety I would look at my purse, as if I was willing it to give me sign. I could almost hear it whispering, "Let me help you..."I have postpartum depression....more