The Pee Jug

There are a lot of moments in my life that I’m not proud of; of, I should say, lots of moments in my life that others react so shockingly to, that I pretend I’m equally as shocked and appalled at my behavior/misfortune/adventures. But usually, these moments don’t really faze me until someone is like “it’s not normal to consider it a ‘good travel day’ to take a train that caught on fire while you were on it to the airport, where you were then delayed for five hours.” And I’m like “It’s not? I was busy playing solitaire and dominating on my phone....more

"we" is the new "me"

that pretty much sums up motherhood! ...more

"What if we just show kindness?" A Response to What-Not-to-Say Articles

I see articles and blog posts like these making their rounds on Facebook. You've seen them too. They're entitled things like, What Not to Say to the Working Mom, What Not to Say to the Breastfeeding Mom, What Not to Say to the Mom of Twins, What Not to Say to the Mom of the Screaming Kid in Target. ...more

A Letter to my Sons

To my dear sons,I want you to know that momma loves you more, deeper, and stronger than you could ever know. You are two of my greatest treasures in life and I wouldn't trade one of our days together for anything on this earth.We have had some hard days though and while I promise to never wish the trouble you've inflicted upon me to someday manifest itself in your own children {well, other than that one time daddy says I did}, I cannot promise that momma will always be in her right mind....more

Embrace The Snuggle

Embrace the snuggle. Those are the three words that keep ringing through my ears. The ears that my youngest nugget has a hold of. Softly holding them. Giving himself comfort. While we snuggle. My little ear holder....more

I don't cry over yesterday

There is a part of me that feels slightly guilty as a mother. Guilty because I don’t mourn for the loss of yesterday, the passing of today, and the coming of tomorrow. Oh, I reminisce and sigh contentedly with my sweet memories of yesterday, but I am not sad. I will not mourn my children’s growth....more

Puzzle Pieces

 I have been picking up a lot of puzzle pieces lately (as I mentioned briefly in my last post). Sitting at the kitchen table across from a 3-year-old with more enthusiasm for puzzle-making than Michelangelo probably had for the Sistine Chapel, I have had a lot of time for quiet reflection (quiet when Benji & Nadia are napping of course) ....more

Motherhood: Little Eyes and Ears Upon You

 Little Eyes Upon You There are little eyes upon youand they're watching night and day.There are little ears that quicklytake in every word you say.There are little hands all eagerto do anything you do;And a little girl who's dreaming...more

My true breastfeeding story

Being a survivor of getting pregnant, morning sickness, evolving into a whale, contractions, labor ...more