I Hate Mother's Day

I hate Mother’s Day and feel so guilty saying it, but it’s the goddamn truth. My mother is still alive and so is my grandmother. With my five-year-old daughter, we can pose for a “four-generation of women” photo and enjoy a picturesque brunch where a vase of tulips holds down the cream-colored linen tablecloths. Only this doesn’t happen, nor would it ever with the parties involved. ...more

When Parts of Us Get Swooped Away by Motherhood

Leaning up against our piano, across from my little white desk where I’m sitting right now, is an old steel-string guitar in a case that won’t snap shut anymore. I used to play it a little.I bought it when I was in my early 20s on a whim at Homestead Pickin’ Parlor, a quirky little music shop next door to where I worked for an adult literacy program in the basement of a used furniture store. My first “real job” out of college....more

Ten Truths of Motherhood

{one} You will have days when you're angry because you can't just go. It's not like before you had kids and you could just pick up and go at the drop of a hat. You didn't have to think about nap time or feeding kids or any of that.{two} You'll be exhausted all. the time. Even when you don't think you're tired, you're tired.{three} You will have to know when to just let some things go. You're son is vacuuming for the second time today, and not a bit of cleaning is actually being done....more

Confession of a Stay at Home Mom

Dear Husband,Jealousy showed it’s ugly face this morning. I’ve felt it before, so I know the feeling.I was jealous of the girl at school who was pretty and did everything “just right.” I’ve been jealous of my sister’s hair which is perfectly straight while mine is a frizzy, wavy mess.  I’ve been jealous of the moms on TV who bounce back to pre-baby bodies WAY before me. I know the feeling. ...more

An Open Letter From My Fitbit

If your Fitbit could talk would you like what it said?! If you own a Fitbit like this one here you’ll know that it can become an obsession.  Always tracking your sets, having competitions with friends and family.  It can be addicting!  BUT there’s one part that surprised me.  Soooo….if you’re FitBit could talk what would it say? Dear Mom,...more

Teenage Parenthood Realization Moment

Unlike math, parenthood has no right answer. From the onset, I held this 7-pound slimy human who was reliant on me for every bodily function 24/7 and I had no idea what I was doing. By the time I emerged from the haze of year one, my little human was using words and persuasive behavioral tactics (read: debate-worthy negotiations) ...more

Fact: All Moms Are Working Moms

Dear Working Moms, Today, you’re all on my mind. Whether your office is in a professional building or in the comfort of your own home, I’ve been thinking about you. Whether you’re a married mom or a single mom, whether you dress up in a suit to go into the city or slide on your yoga pants in the morning to take care of your kids for the day, it’s important to say: We’re all working moms.  ...more
Absolutely!! :-)more

I’m Worried I’m Ruining My Son: And 6 More Confessions of A Single Mom

When I became pregnant with my son, I was in a relationship with his father and it was alright. We were making it work. We had our ups and downs but like most people that have kids will tell you, children change relationships. Some survive and some don’t. We did not but not for a lack of trying. I love my son’s dad and we will always be great friends and we are actually extremely close. That is all fine. I have reconciled with the fact that we are young parents evolving and trying to figure out the dynamics of our family....more

But Are They Good Kids? (Answer: Probably)

The glasses are all lined up on the cement in a perfect row. The sunlight dances off of the etched designs. The boy's hair blows in the wind as he scours the gravel for his smooth stone picks. Rubbing the stones between his fingers, he stands at the glasses and takes ten paces to his throwing line. Launching his first stone, he smashes the first glass. The glass shatters and echoes off of the garage door. The boy stands tall and looks at the first glass, then smiles. ...more