Leaving my mom legacy

As I sit on the airplane, it rocks back and forth, lurches and lifts and fights the turbulence. It’s one of the ways I imagine I’ll die, a plane crash. So, is this it? Actually I’m writing this as it happens so either some day this will be posted online or it will sit forever swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico....more

18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years of Parenting

My oldest turned 18 a few days ago. He graduated from home school (my first grad! All that freaking out was for naught). We had a nice party for him. It’s funny, I was expecting to feel overly nostalgic about this milestone, but I wasn’t. This day I had mostly the same constellation of emotions that I’ve had about every other accomplishment my children have made.18 Things I’ve Learned In 18 Years of ParentingIn no particular order. Certainly not in order of importance!...more
This is an excellent list. Excellent! (I'm mom of six, aged 18-33.)  Denise  SheKnows Community ...more

The Blame Game (a.k.a. Misplaced Anger)

My daughter suffered a pretty bad bicycle wreck this afternoon. I was partially to blame. Maybe fully. And I feel terrible. Whether intentionally or not, I distracted her, causing her to look back over her shoulder. She ran off our aggregate driveway into the grass, lost her balance and fell with all of her knees and all of her palms onto the rough driveway....more

"we" is the new "me"

that pretty much sums up motherhood! ...more

The Most Thank-Full Job In The World

I've read a number of posts lately in which people have called mothering (or parenting), "the most thankless job in the world." It really made me stop and think. And what I think is, that is so far from the truth.Read the original of this post on my blog....more
This was beautifully written Lisa! Love it.more

Yes, I'm tired.

It's 9:30 pm.  I've been awake since 4:15, and up for the day since 6:15.  I'm tired.But I don't complain. I will never complain.  I chose this job, I volunteered for it, I begged for it....more

Mothering 1950s style


Seoul 2001 :A Life-space Odyssey

 On our way back from the Katy Perry concert, I was thinking about how many wonderful memories I have been making lately with Miss 14. It set me to recalling some of the memories I have of her that she doesn't share, stuff from when she was little. So this entry comes with a self-indulgence warning.  ...more
Edwina's Episodes  I'm the lucky one... of all the mums in the world, they got stuck with me!more

Tomorrow I Will Be Present, With Myself.

Presence. With my children, I am present. ...more
This is really lovely. Thank you.more

True Confessions: How I Use Halloween As the Barometer Of My Parenting Skills.

Halloween is coming up fast, and my son still does not have a costume.Choosing a costume for PJ has been one of my favorite parts of parenting. Even though he is a little young for Halloween, and still does not connect with the idea of choosing a costume and playing pretend, I love the theatrics and creative spirit of Halloween....more