Interview with Anea Bogue, Author of 9 Ways We're Screwing Up Our Girls....And How We Can Stop

Last week I posted the first half of my interview with Anea Bogue, the author of a fabulous book, 9 Ways We're Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop.  This week I'm so pleased to bring you the remainder of our conversation.  Check out the book when you've finished - it's an easy read, and you will find yourself in the pages, as well as heaps of information to use in your mothering of...more

Oops: Words from a Mum of Nine

Forget about being efficent or productive when you are interacting with tiny children; you will save yourself hours of agitated frustration on your part and angry resistance from your little ones.- melanie jean juneau Art by Mary Cassat...more

What part of you is in hibernation?

Monday night I had my first class in a series called Mothering Sons at Birth Roots in Portland. It was amazing.  It was also amazing that despite all the craziness that has made up this month and week that I was able to get there, but I did and I'm so grateful to have joined such a great group.  What was truly so needed for me right now was to just sit and talk with other moms who get what I'm saying or at least listen, laugh, and don't judge......more

Do Small Things

When I was in university, I wanted to carry out something great, heroic even. Like all young people, I wanted to make a difference in the world. After spending 18 years pregnant and/or nursing, I have done nothing noteworthy. Yet I intuitively understand that by mothering, by doing simple things, I have changed the world....more
Barbarahughes  art, images are really the language of the subconscious... i love how you are ...more

Oh to be needed....

Once upon a time, I had time for myself.  Now, my toe nails need some love.  My hair is neglected.  I can’t take a shower without an audience. Proof that somebody needs me....more

Will You Remember?

Will you remember April 2014, my dearest Evie? My dearest Ellie, Nathan, and Jonah? Will you remember dozing in the swing and on my chest and in my arms--and my snitched kisses to your soft cheeks and neck?...more

The Loss of the Life I Had Planned

We are now entering the third year of Brenna's life, and it seems very surreal to me. Every memory of the years since she arrived are some of my most vivid but yet almost part of a blur too - a blur of emotions, adjustments and just trying to find my way. And relying heavily on God and others....more

Pushed to My Limits

I write short stories  on ReadWave. After four of my stories were featured on  a parenting theme page, the editor asked me if I could write about moments when mothering pushed me to my limits,...more

Saying Yes to the Unexpected

Moments after giving birth to my first child, still in the delivery room, I forgot my exhaustion and pain the moment I held my newborn. A surge of motherly love rose up in my heart combined with a sense of awe at the miracle of creation as I examined tiny, perfectly formed fingers and toes....more

A weekend alone, and other Gifts from the Sea

Roscoe, 3 years old...more