First Love

When you fall in love for the first time you think that you are the only person that has ever felt this way.  Your dreams are filled with thoughts of this person and they occupy your heart in every moment of every hour.  You can't breathe without them and you believe that your life will cease to exist without this person. You don't ever imagine loving someone else. ...more

A Tip Before You Bury Placenta: Call Before You Dig!

My husband is a scientist. He labels everything. He once asked me if we could talk about keeping the refrigerator more organized. He volunteered to make labels. Dairy. Vegetables. Condiments. We had only just moved in together so I bit a hole in my lip and smiled and said "if you'd like to take on that project I will try really hard to put things back." It was never mentioned again. ...more
I am... confused, I guess.  I laughed my way through the post, but why do you plant a placenta? ...more

Are You An Acrobat? You'd Make A Great Mother

  The Joy of Mothering...more
I never connected my stance as "slow ansd steady wins the race" I love thatbecause fast and ...more

A mother's day message for less than perfect, but perfectly good mothers

 In my practice the Monday after Mother’s Day is always the toughest. The mothers who come to therapy are not happy. Their ungrateful children and non supportive husbands, at least by definition today, ignored the day. They would have been thrilled to get half cooked eggs complete with bits of egg shell, cold coffee and burned toast, or a small gift, or a hand written card, or three words on facebook, a phone call, a text, ANYTHING!! But nothing. No acknowledgement....more
Yes. I think what goes around comes around. If we want to be treated fairly ... we should start ...more

I Resent the Changes to My Life Since I've Had Kids

I have a confession to make. I've been watching Oprah again -- and she's making me think about my life. OK, truth be told it didn't all start with Oprah (reflecting on the crazy-town that is my life is the point of this blog, after all). But several poignant moments in last week's Life Class combined with an incredible sermon at church today have brought The BadAssMama to her most startling revelation to date. I often resent the changes I've had to make to my life since I had kids. There. I've said it....more
I spent the first two weeks of my son's life crying in the shower (it was the only free time I ...more


Jennifer Grant is a savvy mother, writer, and thinker. In her new book MOMumental: Adventures in the Messy Art of Raising a Family (Brentwood, Tenn.: Worthy Publishing, 2012) her acute observations of life, and descriptions of how events trigger a string of meaning in her mind, are consistently a cut above.Sort of like kettle corn: “a healthy balance of sweet and salty, crunchy and soft”—one of Jennifer’s favorite metaphors—MOMumental strikes a delightful balance....more
sounds like a great book!more

It's Your Decision

The other day son went to Lafayette College.He is on the way back and texts: I love itI text: Great. Did you talk to the financial aid guy?He texts: I will talk to you when I get back.This talk-to-you-when-I-get-back usually translates into you-are not-probably-going-to-like-what-I-have-to-say.He gets back. We talk. He says, “The financial aid guy said I could write a letter. It might get me more aid, it might not. I think a minute. I say, “What do you want to do?”“He says, “I really liked it.”...more

Life on the Curve—THREE: Nurturer

“Mother,” as someone has pointed out, “is a verb, not a noun.”Life on the Curve so far: Spring:  Girl Summer:  Wom-Mind...more
Just found this: "In [1982] psychologist Carol Gilligan published In a Different Voice, a ...more


Mothering I've been thinking a lot about mothering. About the word, the action, the fury of love that drives us to do it. I've been thinking a lot about mothering. What does it mean to be mothering? How is mothering different than being a mother? How, exactly, does one ensure they are mothering well? Why do we do it. Why do we so naturally, so effortlessly, devote every bit of being in ourselves to mothering babies? ...more

Sick Babies and Mama Strength

Sick Babies and Mama Strength Right now there are two sleeping babies in my house. My feet are propped up, my tired body is nicely settled into the cushions of the couch, the volume on the t.v. is turned almost all the way down, and the only thing I can hear is the gentle churning of the dishwasher in the background. It is almost peaceful. Which is a far cry from what this week has been. ...more