Sick Babies and Mama Strength

Sick Babies and Mama Strength Right now there are two sleeping babies in my house. My feet are propped up, my tired body is nicely settled into the cushions of the couch, the volume on the t.v. is turned almost all the way down, and the only thing I can hear is the gentle churning of the dishwasher in the background. It is almost peaceful. Which is a far cry from what this week has been. ...more

Growing Up

This morning L. woke up and called for me. I went into her room. I found her sitting up in bed. She smiled when she saw me and said, "I'm happy to see you mama!" I was a bit overwhelmed by how much she's grown in a year. I've grown too. One more year of parenting has taught me a lot. ...more

One Mom to an Expectant Mom: 20 Things I Wish I Had Known

All you really need before the baby arrives is a couple packs of diapers in varying sizes and a handful of onesies. Truly. There’s no need to freak out if you don’t have the vibrating bouncy seat that you put on your registry and it’s just four weeks before the baby’s due. You also don’t need to worry about putting up that Winnie The Pooh wallpaper border before the baby comes either. You’ll probably never put it up anyway. I didn’t. Don’t judge me....more
#21. Water is your friend. For those of you who never got into a pool to relax during your ...more

Mothering Heals Me

Tonight, while I changed the sheets on my daughters' bunk beds I couldn't help but remember moments of my turbulent childhood. I was mindful of how I tucked the fitted sheets on their mattresses because while I did so, I vicariously tended to the bed I would have slept in as a little girl and added the attention I needed... It healed me....more
Beautiful and lovely. It is so amazing the resilience we humans possess, isn't it? And that the ...more

Hollow Spaces

      When you never had the love you needed as a child, you struggle to fill the emptiness with anything that will get you through another day.  It is never enough.       I promised to never have hollow children.  I am so used to stuffing the hollow places, I don't know what to do for people that are already full.  They are stuffed so much, they rage against the stifling love I offer.  I know I am doing it, but I float outside myself and watch it all unfurl.    ...more

Why I Don't Want to be a Mother

 I had a semi-fight with my grandmother this afternoon about some petty things and that triggered my shallow-buried feelings about motherhood in general. These situations usually pull my anti-traditional family sentiments (you know, getting pissed off for some mundane domestic things)...more

The M Word

I am a Mother.I grew up with a less than ideal view of motherhood.Because of that, I tend to look at the whole journey of parenthood in a different way than most.I don't try to mold my children into my way of life. I accept that raising children demands a series of never-ending changes. It requires flexibility and patience.A sense of humor is necessary for survival. The older I get, the more I realize that my children need me to be honest.Honest in a way that is gentle and kind. I try to be aware of my shortcomings and failures....more

October is my favorite month of the year

 Yeah, it's my favorite month.  My birthday falls at the end of the month so it shouldn't be.  But it is, because it is beautiful outside.  I've been busy helping my sweet daughter during the last few weeks, she is at the end of her pregnancy and just in need of momma's help.  (Thank goodness, I love to help her)...more
Happy Birthday Elaine!! A very Feliz Cumpleanos!!! @elaineR.N.more

I’m a Damn Good Mother for Medicating My Child!

I think it’s interestin­g that people believe that parents drug their kids because a psychiatri­st who wants to make money encouraged it or that some big pharmaceutical company influenced us with their fancy commercials. Or even more insulting, because we’re lazy parents who don’t have patience for our boy to be a “real boy”. In reality, parents who face this decision are terrified to put their child on medication and often wait longer than they should. I know this because I’ve had to face this decision myself with my 10 year old son....more