Two Bloggers in the House: When Mother and Daughter both Write

I think I was about 14 when I started seriously thinking of myself as a writer.  Our daughter, on the other hand has been writing things down since grade school. For years now she's been personally supporting the composition book industry, but in the last two or three years she has really started taking it seriously. ...more

How My Mom’s Boob Won A Pink KitchenAid Mixer

This is a true story as told via Facebook posts, on how my mom's boob won a pink KitchenAid mixer. Well more like how me talking about  my mom's boob on Facebook won a pink KitchenAid mixer. My mom is a 14 year breast cancer survivor, she is also the reason for why I am the confident woman I am....more

Parental Responsibilities

This post is a plea to white moms. The ones I wave to in the carpool line and serve with on the PTA. The ones I casually chat with at school orientation and in the stands at baseball. The one sitting next to me last week at the playground while we discussed affordable aftercare and food allergies. I know all parents have some parental duty that they hate. Many parents don't like diaper duty, or doctor's visits or PTA meetings. But we do it anyway. Most parents dread that nightmare-inducing birds and bees conversation....more
This should be required reading for every (white) parent. We are the royality, the ruling class ...more

#MyMomMonday #mmm: Let's Start a Thing!

Let's celebrate our moms on Monday. If you would like to join me in a celebration of your mother, create a collage to honor her and/or remember her and add hashtag #mymommonday and/or #mmm. It can be similar to #tbt or #throwbackthursday.I created this collage in my writing and technology integration class....more

I will make my kids throw away their own trash

So I took my two year old to eat at a fast food restaurant for lunch.  It was a fun lunch.  My son enjoyed looking out the window at all of the cars and trucks.  A baseball team was also eating at the same restaurant with their families.  The team consisted of 10-11 year old boys in fancy matching baseball uniforms.  They all had nice sunglasses and some were carrying around smart phones.  All of the boys were sitting at a big long table with their families sitting at tables around them.  In general they appeared to be well behaved....more

Family is About Sharing

I have three younger siblings. Before our family split, that meant our parents got to put up with four sick kids at the same time whenever one of us brought something home with us. Naturally, that meant four miserable little voices, four cranky attitudes, and when chicken pox came around, four itchy sets of skin. I don't know how they did it, but we all managed to get through it. Now that I'm married, my husband and I share each other's germs, too, regardless of how careful we are. Hopefully, the cold he shared with me will pass quickly....more

5 of My Favorite Baby Products & Why I Love Them

If you've had a baby, then you know what a hassle it can be to find the best baby products. You end up spending lots of money on products that don't work out and then you have to start the painstaking process all over again of looking for safe and effective products for your little one....more

My New Phone

My children gave me a wonderful plant and homemade ceramic gifts for Mothers Day.Today I got a big surprise when they gave me my new phone..A Samsung S4. I'm so excited .Thank you to my wonderful children, Love you! ...more

Mother's Day is not for mothers

Moms are awesome ...more

Is your mother exceeding the limits of your medication?

My mummy with my sister (long pants) and I (shorts)...more