15 estate planning tips for single mothers

A 2014 report in Daily Mail suggests that there are 1.8 million single parents in UK out of which 650,000 are not into any sort of active work. Though there is benefit support from government however, still single parents face challenges when it comes to money....more

Objective triage in the disaster setting: will children and expecting mothers be treated like others?

Emergency responders have to be made of strong stuff. Not only do they have to deal with victims of various kinds of natural disasters but also decide on who receives medical attention and who does not. This particular decision making process is best described as triage and in a disaster scenario it is perhaps the quickest way in which limited medical resources can reach the neediest recipients in as efficient a way as possible.Complexity...more

How to Survive Mother's Day When You're Estranged

Mother's Day, at least according to Hallmark, is about showing your love and appreciation for your mother. When you're estranged from your mother, it's often yet another painful reminder of what should have been instead. Before you resign yourself to a miserable day, take heart: there are ways to reduce the grief of being motherless, even and especially, on Mother's Day. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
'survive' mother's day? That's just such a strange though to me. I mourned the loss of my mother ...more

Generations of Mothers

In my maternal great-grandmother Lillian’s dining room, next to the buffet that held her special-occasion silverware, was a lovely little writing desk with a feather quill, according to my mom.To the right of the desk was a full-length closet door mirror. If you turned to look into the mirror while sitting at the desk, you’d almost think there were more and more rooms tunneling deeper inside it....more

The Obligatory Mothers Day Post

Mother's Day is fine if you have either a mother or children. Otherwise, it's difficult, confusing, and even annoying. And for some people, worse than that.Let's think about this. Childless women...more

Mothers and Daughters: Proof, That Karma's A Bitch!

Senior portrait, 1981 I was all about matching sweaters and keeping my nose out of trouble!...more

25 Facts of Life Moms of Tween Girls Know Well

You'd think I'd be better at being the mom of a tween. After all, I've already been one with my now-teen daughter, who is -- thanks for asking -- still speaking to me. But with her younger sister,I feel like I'm starting all over again. ...more
I related to Every. Single. One. on the list! And somehow my tween turned into a teen and now ...more

Celebrating Women

Hello, I am 38. I was born on September 18th 1977 and I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe I should not borrow the universal intro from AA meetings, as a means to mock a problem that I don’t have. Well, it’s out there now but it’s not with the intent of being insensitive toward real issues by making light of any real addictions that our society are plagued with.  Having said that, I am speaking to our beautiful women and our grace in ageing....more

Going Back to Work in the New Year? Tips For Moms Making a Move

One of my favorite things about my job at Mom-mentum is spending time with members in their Mothers' Centers.  That's what I was doing a few weeks back when the conversation turned to going back to work (the paid kind, OUTSIDE the home!)....more
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