My Mother and The American Way of Housekeeping

I found the book nearly untouched, its spine still uncracked. THE AMERICAN WAY OF HOUSEKEEPING. The cover featured rather lurid illustrations of a ‘50s era meal: a coral salmon wedge surrounded by a ring of peas, accompanied by deviled eggs. “What’s this?” I asked my father....more
I loved this post. I experienced a bit of this too from my mom. She met my dad (who was in the ...more

My Child-Mothers of War

Dear Farrah: Don't leave Sophia.

Dear Farrah, I know you don't know me, and I don't know you. I mean, I've watched you go through your pregnancy on television (16 and Pregnant), then watched you parent your beautiful daughter, again on television through the show Teen Mom, so it feels like somehow I know you. I don't always agree with you, but I appreciate your spirit and tenancity.  ...more

Realizing That Moms Are "Real"

Erm...WOW! this post is amazing :) I love the way you've captured how a young girl things about ...more

Priceless: for everything else, there's Mastercard

I link my arm in hers as we walk,  just soaking in the simple things.  The sound of her voice. The warmth of her body next to me.  Her pearl necklace that she never takes off.   Her personality that’s both calm and vibrant at the same time....more

Down with Mompreneurs

Not the people, the word. ...more
Absolutely! I run a private daycare out of my home. Like you, I'm an entrepreneur who ...more

An Amazing Letter From My Mother

We're getting ready to start our donor egg IVF cycle and I was talking with my parents about it over the weekend. They are hugely supportive of what we are doing because they know exactly what we are going through. You see, when I was 2 years old my Mother had a stillborn son. The cause was doctor error,, they pierced the umbilical cord during an amnio in the 8th month. She had no idea anything was wrong until the next appointment when they found no heartbeat. This was back in the 1970's when people weren't nearly as sensitive to these things....more

This Mom 2.0

If the search for the Confirmation dress was agony, the search for shoes proved to be sheer ecstasy.  After a rocky start at a shoe warehouse, we struck gold with black shoes at Payless.  Comfortable, not too high a heel, and an open toe with a sliver of a platform.  What happened on the way to Payless, however, was a moment I won't soon forget.  I was preparing to spend a week at a professional conference with other college writing teachers and program directors ...more

Sweet, Sweet Sleep

What is it about a clean home, eucalyptus spearmint wafting from the nearby outlet (courtesy of Bath & Body Works’ Wallflower) and two quiet children off doing their own thing upstairs, that makes me so… restless! I feel like I should be doing something, other than doing nothing.  That’s crazy, right? Having a few moments to myself to do absolutely nothing and feel oh, so wrong about it. How many times have I longed for ten minutes of peace and quiet during times of chaos? Did I really want that or was the idea of it so appealing....more