Midlife Cabernet: When Mom Sang "Que Sera, Sera"

 I was 7-years-old the first time I saw my mother cry. She leaned against the kitchen counter with her face pressed into a gingham tea towel, and I didn't know what to do because it was my fault she was sobbing. She had returned from the hospital and told me she "lost the baby" and I yelled at her to go find it. I didn't understand what had happened....more

Does My Husband Have to Spend Mother's Day With His Mother?

Dear TMH, Mother's Day is coming up, which would be wonderful in theory. A day to sleep in and be treated like royalty, right? However, my MIL lives nearby, and that raises some issues. Am I obligated to spend the day with her? She seems to expect us to do something with her, and I don't really want to do that.  My husband is caught in the middle, because he wants to make us both happy. But hasn't she had her share of Mother's Days?Help!Signed,It's MY Day, Dammit...more
This is the most ridiculous question I've ever heard. YOU are not his mother. SHE is. I ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughters be good to your Mothers

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughers be good to your Mothers With Mother's Day approaching, I thought I'd share an article that I found this post about the 30 Signs Your Mother is the Best Person in Your Life: http://elitedaily.com/women/30-signs-your-mother-is-the-best-person-in-your-life/....more

7 Things Your Mother Needs To Hear you Say

When I was a child, my mother was the center of my universe.She seemed to alight from high, and softly land in all the right places.She never raised her voice, and never ever raised her hand....more

Why losing your mom is so hard

Beautiful mommy smile Five years ago todayWe couldn’t make you stayNow a flower in God’s own garden...more

Park Moms: Observations from the Playground

At the playground, Kay goes off to play with the first kid she sees (shy she is not), and I get to people watch. Here are some of the personalities I've noticed at the park. Which one are you closest too? ...more
This is so true! Id have to say depending on how much sleep I had the night before I'm either ...more

Mothers at the Sochi Olympic

I loved the visibility of mothers in the Sochi Olympics.  I appreciated the fact that the commentators mentioned whether a particular athlete had children.  Even the sometimes corny P&G commercials about moms were significant.  The athletes don't achieve their current status on their own.  Many people contributed to their success, and their mothers without doubt played a very central role.  The P&G ad  that totally captures the courage and ferocity motherhood requires is ...more

Numb Mum

Mothering several small children at the same time was, for me, often mind numbing.  My days swung between off-the-meter stress and irritation, to brain deadening sameness and daily-ness. I love my children completely. I love being a mother. In the end, mothering has expanded my heart and my soul more than any other thing I had ever done.   But some days were positively brain deadening....more

Barack Obama Wants Americans to Listen to Their Mother When it Comes to Health Care

In a rare joint Oval Office appearance, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met with eight mothers this afternoon to discuss the Affordable Care Act. BlogHer was chosen to provide the pool report, giving us a close view of the event as they discussed the implementation of the new health care plan. ...more
This is interesting to read about from here in the UK. We just don't have the concept of paying ...more

I Don't Want to Come to Your Jewelry Party

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My new friend is selling one of those jewelry lines. Stella and Bella or whatever. The jewelry is not exactly my taste, but I feel bad not buying anything. She hasn't pressured me at all, however I don't want this to jeopardize a new friendship. Should I just buy something?Signed,Keep Your Crown Jewels Away From Me   ...more
I think your blog title says it all- 'Mouthy Housewives'. I can see where people would get ...more