The Priceless Campaign Launch

I have a dream and vision to uplift teenage girls by gaining the support of teenagers (boys & girls), parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, social workers, mentors, and anyone willing to help. My vision is to spread the truth about teenage girls. As a women I remember the labels put on teenage girls and me fearing and living up to the labels and stigmas once I hit my teenage years....more

Next Of Kin.

My mom is on food stamps. There, I finally said it. ...more
@Blackbeards Wyfe Wow, thank you for this. Honestly it made me cry a little bit. Thank you for ...more

My Confession

I have a confession, it's something that I haven't said aloud, but have thought for a long time.If you know me, or read my blog, you won't be surprised at what I am about to say:While I appreciate nature, and feel at home outside,my true passion, is watching people....more

The Keepsakes Find a New Home

My mother has been going through photos and other items lately. From my estimation she is both cleaning up and giving away keepsakes for three reasons:1. She has a lot of things saved. She has always been a “just in case” or “you never know when you might need that” person. Sometimes she gets the need to purge a few things and when that happens she checks with each child first to see if they need anything. We don’t but it doesn’t hurt to ask....more

Social Security: Neutral in Name, Sexist by Design

Soon after we had our daughter, I read that elderly women receive far lower Social Security benefits than men due largely to motherhood. Having just become one, I visited the Social Security Administration website. ...more

A Grasshopper, a Friend & the Mom Who Wanted Everyone to Shut Up!

Oh, shut up. That nasty little phrase can be on the tip of my tongue all day. Like a Tic Tac, a nasty milk-sour one, that just won't dissolve. I long to blurt it at everybody. Even the dumb squirrel pausing in the middle of the road, paws in air as if to make some terribly poignant point, so I must swerve to avoid smearing its bushy grey existence across the pavement. The too-eager restaurant water kids who can interrupt my own poignant point to ask if they can top off my water glass: Oh, shut up. ...more
Wonderful narrative on a situation that we have all experienced as moms... anyone who swears ...more

Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold

I’m not sure exactly how I arrived at the title for my new book, a sequel to my mother-daughter dialogues in Becoming Flame (2010). But reading this quote by Robert Johnson itself would have been enough:“Whether called faith, destiny, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work bringing coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time they weave a remarkable tapestry.”And so I have subtitled Spinning Straw, Weaving Gold: A Tapestry of Mother-Daughter Wisdom....more
This is breathtaking .... and what a wonderful blog for me to read as I prepare to send my ...more

From Covered Wagons to the Chicago Skyline: A Celebration of Mothers Past and Present

The other day I was wondering about my great-grandmother and the land she came to Illinois to Homestead with her husband and eight kids. I have a photograph of the family in my office, all seated in their finest clothes around a buffalo hide rug. Mid 1800s. She looks like she could kick your ass if you were good enough for an ass kicking. If not, she’d just turn her boney Yankee shoulder to you and you would understand for the first time what it is to be on the receiving end of disdain. I wanted to know about my mothers. Especially this one. I wanted to know what she was like outside this photo. So I called my mother. ...more
Hey, Laura! Did someone say COVERED WAGONS?!?!?! I've got my Sunbonnet on and I am so there. ...more

A Mother and Daughter in the Emergency Room

A Mother and Daughter in an Emergency Room My mother was hungry and thirsty; when she’d fallen that morning, she’d just woken up, so she never even got a cup of coffee before she was whisked away in an ambulance. More than food or drink really, she wanted a comb. They’d loaded her into the ambulance as they found her, on the bedroom floor in a lavender nightgown, with not even shoes or time to grab her purse. “How can you not carry a comb?” she asked me. ...more

Mothering Newborns Means That Life Is Stripped Down To The Basics

  The Joy of Mothering ...more I never quite used these exact words like you have ... "upgrades the moment ...more