Mother Dear

I find it very sad and upsetting that someone who totes the values of Christian love and kindness and shoves it down peoples throats and quotes scripture and verse can be, themselves, so judgmental and two faced. Quietly stabbing one in the back while showing you a smile. These are what we call hypocrites people and yes, they do exist in a small town, village or city near you. I was taught straight up to not pretend to like someone, either you do or don’t, and if you don’t, there is no need to show your face around them....more

Shopping for Homeschool?

I just got my first book published on CurrClick's website!  I'm so excited!  Can you tell?  My book is called "Girlfriend's Guide 2 Homeschool Conferences".  It's jam-packed with ideas and tips for  getting the most out of your local conference, bookfair or all around homeschool shopping.  I've also included tons of worksheets to help with your planning and shopping....more

No one even comes close

My mother passed at a time in my life when I was going through a hard time with my now ex-husband. I was an abused woman who took a brutal beating nearly every day except on those times when he was away for work. I was raised in a good loving home and was not abused emotionally or physically so when I say that the scars of this marriage have done irreparable damage that was stayed with me even 15 years later, I am not exaggerating. ...more

Dr. Romance Video: Resolving Mother & Sister Fights

(To see the accompanying video, click here.) Often, the same quirks, reactions and behaviors that create problems between you and the female members of your famiy wouldn't be a problem if they was someone else's family. If your best friend's mom or sister did the same thing, you'd probably let it go, gloss over it and focus on what you like about her.  The same techniques will work with your own sisters and mom....more

The Mind Has Its Battles Too

One need not be a chamber to be haunted.. -Emily DickinsonI am in a small and selfish place right now. It is quite familiar to me. That's what eating disorders are like. They make you think only of yourself and your own problems. For anyone who might have a more generous view of this illness, I'll rephrase: eating disorders make me think only of myself and my little concerns. They are seductive ghosts....more
Please join me with the last two sentences of this ...more

Money Where My Mouth Is, and Other Bullsh*t

I haven't spoken to my mother since Christmas break.She has a t-shirt that reads "Mother and Daughter by Chance, Friends by Choice", and she would wear it every time she came up to visit me.  We've spoken on the phone at least once a week for almost all of my adult life.  She had me when she was seventeen, and we grew up together, she and me.  She had foster children when I had toddlers, and we would talk about what it is to be a parent, now, when there are so many rules and so much judgement and such a competition to Do it Right.We talked a lot....more
 @DesiValentine4 Nothing to be ashamed of.  Selfish keeps you sane.  :-)more

I am annoyed by my PERFECT friend

There is a woman I know, who is amazing. We are good friends but she has no idea there are times she drives my crazy.  Why?  Because she always seems so perfect....more
so nice to see that the perfect friend has fall apart moments too! my kitchen is a wreck right ...more

Where Do We Learn To Mother?

I asked each of my family members — including my parents – what they learned from their mother. I got answers from my Michael and my mom. I thought a few moments of focusing on what a mother’s job is might help us to remember what we have learned about mothering....more


The police officer had been right.  What had been   puffy, red and sore had turned into a colorful purple and black eye overnight.  It was way too early to be up and going on a Saturday.  My warm bed seemed much more appealing than taking the 15 minute drive to the police station.  This would be one of the few times I was going to let my picture be taken without any makeup on.  The events of the following day had pushed the definition of family drama to new heights.  I had never been punched by a girl before, much less my sister.  My pregnant, ir...more

My Sister is Taking Advantage of Our Parents!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My older sister has 3 children. Her husband works out of town on various construction projects and is home only 3-4 times a year. When the economy turned sour, they unfortunately lost their home and moved in with my parents. This provided the kids with 24/7 access to my parents and they happily stepped in to take even more of the burden off my sister. My problem is this: since moving in with them over a year ago, my parents STILL take care of the kids once a week so my sister can have a night alone. But now she also expects them to watch the kids at a moment's notice so she can go to the store, get her nails done, or go to the gym....more
Sorry, but you are way off base. You should have stopped your advice with the suggestion she ...more