Where Do We Learn To Mother?

I asked each of my family members — including my parents – what they learned from their mother. I got answers from my Michael and my mom. I thought a few moments of focusing on what a mother’s job is might help us to remember what we have learned about mothering....more


The police officer had been right.  What had been   puffy, red and sore had turned into a colorful purple and black eye overnight.  It was way too early to be up and going on a Saturday.  My warm bed seemed much more appealing than taking the 15 minute drive to the police station.  This would be one of the few times I was going to let my picture be taken without any makeup on.  The events of the following day had pushed the definition of family drama to new heights.  I had never been punched by a girl before, much less my sister.  My pregnant, ir...more

My Sister is Taking Advantage of Our Parents!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My older sister has 3 children. Her husband works out of town on various construction projects and is home only 3-4 times a year. When the economy turned sour, they unfortunately lost their home and moved in with my parents. This provided the kids with 24/7 access to my parents and they happily stepped in to take even more of the burden off my sister. My problem is this: since moving in with them over a year ago, my parents STILL take care of the kids once a week so my sister can have a night alone. But now she also expects them to watch the kids at a moment's notice so she can go to the store, get her nails done, or go to the gym....more
Sorry, but you are way off base. You should have stopped your advice with the suggestion she ...more

My Mother the Cool Dresser; Accessorized to Kill

It is a well known fact that my mother has always dressed and accessorized in style; more like dressed to kill the competition, no matter what her age. Even now, aged 77, her grandkids and great-grandkids refer to her as “Gramita (or Grandma) the cool dresser.” She is bejeweled and appropriately colorful, with added rouge to her once-high cheekbones and lipstick to still plump lips.When she was a young woman living in San Salvador, El Salvador, early-enough to wear sexy 3-inch spike heels, she knew how to catch a man’s eye. And boy did she ever!...more
From the pictures I've seen so far, you really resemble your mama best. Same smile! And I ...more

Reflections Upon Receiving "Cleavage Clips" for Christmas....from my Mother

O squee! O glee! A contraption I'd never known of from wonderous Meez Janis whose unique selection -- at least these--leaves me feeling...umm...well, surely not bliss... ...more
Oh. My. Goodness.more

What Moms Really, Really Want For Christmas

I can't really comprehend why men think buying gifts for women is such a mystery. Well, I got close to clarity once when I heard a husband say, "But why would you want more earrings? You already have so many!" It's an utter lack of the ability to understand what gives women pleasure, what makes them feel loved. So I'm here to help! Why try to drop hints -- which most men are simply biologically too unsubtle to capture -- when you can email a link?...more
Boy - you hit the nail on the head! And victorias_view, you just cracked me up because that's ...more

The Duggar Family and THOSE Photos

Reposted from my personal blog:Sorry – I have another sad post…  Bear with me.If you haven’t already heard – the Duggar family (you know, that one with the 19 kids and counting?) recently had a loss.  Michelle miscarried her 20th child this week.Now – I’m NOT going to talk about how many children she has.  I personal don’t agree with having that many, but those kids are well taken care of and it’s not my vagina those kids are coming out of....more

The Virtue of Shopping

This week I had the pleasure of an extended visit from my mom, which meant multiple and lengthy sessions of retail therapy.  My mom loves to shop.  You think you understand what I mean by this but you don't....more

Dreams and Prayers

I am a mom.  Two of my favorite job duties include dreaming and praying.  I go in my kids’ rooms at night after they have gone to sleep.  I pull up their covers and kiss them on their cheeks.  There, in the quiet of their room, I dream for them.  I pray for them.  I pray for good health.  I pray for their time at school.  I pray for their friends and their teachers....more

Sunday, Sunday...

Mama gave a final hug to her room mates, Caleb, Suri, Joshie, Molly and Simcha, and dashed off with BFF Betty and her quiet son, Greg, for their annual pilgrimage to Branson, Missouri.  Her favorite is the Lawrence Welk Show, but mom, "Nan", is happy as a clam with most anything musical.  The first born of the famous dancer/singer/actor James Waugh Russell,  Nan comes by her appreciation of entertainment naturally.  Although she is retired from her hula dancing and doesn't win anymore trophies for her jitterbug, she still does the Russ...more