Noah, the movie

Crashing waves, back-stabbing family, murderous and envious people, this is the stuff movies are made of, more so this is the stuff life is made of. Then there is also the element of screaming back at God and looking for Hope. I think I really liked this movie although it was not your "fast and furious" kind of movie. In Noah we find ourselves in a simple mode of thinking. We are not left on the edge of our seat but left on the edge of understanding our soul. Our soul shows us our desires but in plain sight our desires reveal our soul. ...more
You are right. Some movies are mirrors of life, sometimes  they reflect our reality and our ...more

"I Haven't Seen It" Review of Frozen

Yep, it's true.  I am one of the 7 people who hasn't seen Frozen yet.  I mean honestly, if you are parents and families out there, I would imagine you only go to the movies a few times a year?  Well, we are selective about what we choose to see in the theaters and what we wait to watch on DVD.  Part of it is cost, part of it is waiting for something worthwhile to see on the big screen.   This time around, my husband took my kids to see Frozen when it was in the theater.  I stayed home....more

Phoenix Film Festival: Interview With Jason Carney

[Originally posted at]...more

7 must see movies {bossy list}

There's so many "bossy" lists out there. Must see movies. Ten places you must visit before you die. World's best pie. (Not sure if that last one is an actual list...) Anyways. None of these lists are authoritative in any way at all so I figure I can totally make my own bossy lists. ...more

Everything is Awesome - The Lego Movie

Everything is Awesome - The Lego MovieEmmet: That's the signal, but the shield is still up. Batman: Then I guess we'll just have to wing it. Batman: That's a bat pun....more

The Amazing Career of Philip Seymour Hoffman

I have been trying to avoid the endless reporting on the recent tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was an immense talent, and I think it would be best for folks who have no real connection to the family or the case to focus on his legacy, his acting. He left this world far too soon, but at least the prolific performer has left us an amazing catalogue of roles. Whether he was the lead actor, supporting or even a cameo performance, whether a sympathetic or loathsome character (or possibly both at once) he was always fascinating to watch....more

Giveaway: Studio Movie Grill Vouchers | Dallas, TX (Closed)

I'm excited about the opportunity to give and share with other single moms. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to give. I realized today while sorting through my emails that I have two movie vouchers that my son and I have not had an opportunity to use. The tickets are to Studio Movie Grill at any theater in the Dallas Metroplex....more
newsome815  Hi, the giveaway has now closed. I've updated the title to reflect the status..sorry ...more

Puppy Bowl, Kitten Bowl and Other Big Game Alternatives

Sunday is the big game, and many Americans are excited about the players, the game, Peyton Manning, buffalo wings, chili con queso, the frigid weather, and the commercials.  Show of hands here? Am I the only person in the world who could give a rat’s patootie about the NFL Super Bowl game? I speak blasphemously, but the only thing I care less about than the NFL is college football.  (There’s a backstory here that involves years of Big Ten rivalries, cold weather, insane over-the-top fans, but I’ll leave that for another day.) ...more

Happy (Belated) Birthday Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage just turned the big 5-0 the other day. What I like most about Cage is that his movies can be found on some of the best and worst movies of all time lists. Cage is an actor, and actors need to act. While some might say he doesn't always make the best choices, he is far from the only great actor who consistently turns up in crummy films (cough, Denzel, cough)....more

Would you believe me if I told you...

...that I haven't read the books or watched the movies of the following classics ?Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Twilight series... and many more.  ...more