Kicking Off Awards Season 2012 with the Golden Globes: Will You Watch?

[Editor's Note: Make sure to join your BlogHer Contributors live-tweeting tonight's show by following hash tag #BlogHer, and check back for more commentary tomorrow! --Morgan]Tonight marks the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards, and as always they promise an evening of interesting battles for the season's first golden statuettes....more

The Silver Screen

Most families have some sort of defining characteristic. Maybe you come from a sporty family. Mom and Dad were athletes in high school and you and your siblings have carried on that tradition....more Who doesn't love Errol Flynn? There are so many great old movies on ...more

Movie Review: "Pariah" warrants acceptance with its vibrant, universal themes

Dee Rees, is a talented writer and filmmaker whose directorial debut, Pariah, began as an award-winning short in 2007 has transformed into a feature length film in 2011/2012. A crowd favorite at Sundance in 2011, the cinematographer, Bradford Young, was honored with the [U.S. Dramatic Competition] Excellence in Cinematography Award for his brilliant work on the project....more

Don't Believe Everything You See

Life is changing around us, that much we know. But, do we really know just how much it is changing or has changed? One must be very aware to research the threads that bring true information to light. Even more so as we can no longer count on a picture being a thousand words. Sometimes they are worth many more, as they create an illusion around us....more
@HomeRearedChef Hi Virginia! sometimes frightens me....It is amazing to see it ...more

Almost Good — We Bought A Zoo

Original post at xoxoxo e...more

Best Movies Ever — In A Lonely Place

Original post at xoxoxo eDixon Steele, "I was born when she kissed me. I died when she left me. I lived a few weeks while she loved me." — In A Lonely Place, 1950...more

Tintin (yawn) goes on an adventure

Original post at xoxoxo eThe Adventures of Tintin was ... OK. I am SO glad I didn't spring for 3D or IMAX or any of the other wallet-gouging gimmicks, because then I would be really pissed. It has a nice beginning, and then a really slow and frankly boring middle, a great chase scene which could have wrapped up the movie, and then it continues for at least another half hour — it's just too damn long for a cartoon....more
We went to TinTin over the weekend and my kids loved it! I also got such a kick out of Captain ...more

Banana Peel

Blog DirectoryI opened my lip and had a good look at it in the mirror after I told Alex that I'd be right back in five minutes, but really I took longer than that cause I got a drink of water, washed my face, sprayed bath and body works spray on, and checked my voicemail to see if a crush had called....more

The Gift of Dynamite

 It gets me every time.I don't know exactly why. Maybe it's the way he's so earnest and concentrated.Maybe it's because it is such a bizarre and true act of friendship.Maybe it's because it's such a statement. Every time.He dances, I cry....more