Quick Summary of Divergent Series for Those Mildly Curious

 Simple Summary of the Divergent Movie Series (Divergent, I...more

The 15th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Will Show 55 Films: 43 Will be Premieres This Season

Get ready to watch docs on Billy Nye, Mick Rock, and see Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon at the Tribeca Film Festival....more

Seasons Are Changing

Although it seems to be warming up faster, in 4 season locations. The cherry blossoms are already popping out in the Vancouver, BC area. So, as soon as I get a good stretch of sun and no rain, I will be heading out in the early mornings to snap pics with big Sally. (That's my DSLR, and I just gave her a name, as I'm typing). ...more

The #OscarsSoWhite Problem Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

People hate it when you insist that there’s a lack of diversity in film. That makes me wonder if they simply don’t watch as many movies as I do. They probably don’t. ...more
Parthenia Queen I'm a bonafide cinephile so I always watch the Oscars. I can't help it. The new ...more

Creed - Movie Review

Creed opens with an intense fight scene. This fight, however, isn’t taking place inside the ring, it’s going down in juvenile hall. Adonis ‘Donnie’ Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) is young, sad, lonely, and boy does he like to fight....more

The Philadelphia Story and High Society

  Grace Kelly - High SocietyWhat is it about these charming, old musicals? From their tone of voice to their graceful actions, nothing compares to these one-of-a-kind movies from the days of simplicity and finesse....more

The 4 Worst On-Screen Births

One of the unexpected downsides to having a baby is that I can no longer watch Grey's Anatomy without wanting to throw my coffee at the screen. The same goes for Private Practice, Offspring or any other show that involves a lot of babies being born. Image: Warner Bros. Television ...more
I'm bingewatching Friends on Netflix currently and I just watched the ep where she gives birth ...more