Straight Outta Any Where Can Appreciate STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Back when N.W.A. was blowin' up, I would have been listening to Prince, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston and believe it or not, The Judds. Yet, I'd a had to been living under a rock not to be aware of Gangsta Rap and groups like N.W.A and Public Enemy, I just wasn't interested in paying them much attention. Eazy-E's (played by Jason Mitchell) death from AIDS in 1995 is a vague memory at best, and before this movie, the names DJ Ren (played by Aldis Hodge) & MC Yella (played by Neil Brown Jr.) meant nothing at all to me. I started knowing Dr....more

Lovely light on a drastically underused, modest home theatre

  We don't watch television. We cut cable a long time ago and never missed it for one minute. We do watch movies on Netflix (not TV shows, at least not for the kids - these are like soda for the brain, with similar effects), and I also have an old laptop hooked up to the TV so we can find documentaries or watch Crash Course videos on YouTube....more

This is what passes for sexy?

I keep seeing ads on TV for “Magic Mike XX Stupid”… or something to that effect. And all I can gather from the ads is that the movie is about men being forced to change out of their clothing time and time again (and unable to afford any shirts, based on the amount of naked chests being shown on the previews) and women unable to find affection and attention without being forced to pay for it....more

10 Movie Trilogies to Watch

Why Pixar's Inside Out is a must see for everyone with a mind :)

Disclaimer: I was invited to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in May, where I saw partial screenings of the film, Inside Out, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and a presentation from the producer. The conference provided discounted lodging and stay at Walt Disney World, but participants were required to pay their way. Additionally, I was given 4 tickets to screen the film in order to facilitate this review. I am not required to write a positive review; all opinions are my own. ...more

Watching 3D boosts your cognitive skills

The next time your 13-year-old nephew tries to tell you that 3D makes you smart, don't roll your eyes; nod your head.A new study in London did a bunch of cognitive tests on people and then had them watch 3D movies. On the more than 100 people in the experiment, the average results were after the 3D movie were:1. 23% increase in cognitive processing2. 11% boost in reaction timesThis is AFTER the movie, not during. The boost last about 20 minutes after the movie ended....more

Meryl Streep Rocks...Literally

15 Female Action Heroes Respond to the Sony-Marvel Fail List, in GIFs

So you think female action heroes are a bad business move, huh, Sony? That's cute. ...more
Well unsaid lolmore

Top 5 travel movies

 “Movies touch our hearts, awaken our visions and changes the way we see things.They take us to other places.They open doors and minds.Movies are the memories of our lifetime....more