The 'Burbs

I know I’ve already done a very special movie this month, but The ‘Burbs is on Netflix and I just love it. If you haven’t seen this movie then go check it out now. Tom Hanks plays a burnt-out suburbanite staycationer whose neighbor manages to convince him that the new family on the cul-de-sac are murderers. Much to the chagrin of Tom’s wife (in this case, Carrie Fisher) he and a few of the guys from the neighborhood (Bruce Dern and Rick Ducommun) decide to conduct their own guerrilla-style investigation of the new family and their creepy basement....more

Why I Absolutely Loved Interstellar. No Spoilers

I can honestly say that Interstellar  is one of my favorite movies of all time.  From what I see on social media, and in reviews like that of IGN, this movie is getting mixed feelings.  I don’t know if it is because it has a large sci-fi aspect to it, or if people have extraordinarily high expectations for a Christopher Nolan film, or if some people just generally weren’t fans, but in my opinion Interstellar is not being...more

7(ish) Movies that Had an Impact on Me

Sweet Land – a little indie flick that is touching, comforting, and reminds me of both Minnesota and my childhood.Princess Diaries – silly, I know, but I find it sweet and comforting. It’s what I like to watch when I’m feeling down.The Hobbit – the old cartoon version. My brother used to watch it when I was little, and I adored my brother (still do). So the old version of the Hobbit – complete with inaccurately drawn elves – was important to me. It got me in to reading Tolkien, and that has had an impact on how I see the world....more

Movie Review: Mom's Night Out

Your Ultimate Guide To Drive-In Movie Fun

 Tires crunch against the gravel as you pull away from the o...more

What I Would Like to See Melissa McCarthy Doing

Sharon Greenthal

5 reasons I still use my VCR

5 reasons I still use my VCR1. It is still operational.  I bought this lovely machiene in 1998 to take with me to college.  I used it in college, and then it lay dormat in my parents basement until I got married and moved into my own house.  My parents told me to take it or they were throwing it out.  I took it. ...more

Middle Age Women and Entertainment

Lately I have been noticing a trend. I can't find much I want to watch on television or at the movies. I think it is because I have hit that magical age (44) when television and movies producers no longer care about me as a demographic. It has been my habit to go to the movies about every two weeks. In the past there has always been more movies to see than I could fit into my schedule and budget. That is not the case anymore. Not only is there next to nothing I want to see, but even on that short list there is next to nothing that mirrors my experience....more

Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts for this list of essential movies I want my children to see before I can consider their pop culture foundation complete. A long  time. I mean, with all the junk that can be dumped into an impressionable young mind, I had to very seriously consider what junk I wanted throw in there, besides the usual dysfunction. ...more
yesnofilms I didn't see it until after I turned 30!more

Friday Favorites

 here// This hilarious ...more