5 reasons I still use my VCR

5 reasons I still use my VCR1. It is still operational.  I bought this lovely machiene in 1998 to take with me to college.  I used it in college, and then it lay dormat in my parents basement until I got married and moved into my own house.  My parents told me to take it or they were throwing it out.  I took it. ...more

Middle Age Women and Entertainment

Lately I have been noticing a trend. I can't find much I want to watch on television or at the movies. I think it is because I have hit that magical age (44) when television and movies producers no longer care about me as a demographic. It has been my habit to go to the movies about every two weeks. In the past there has always been more movies to see than I could fit into my schedule and budget. That is not the case anymore. Not only is there next to nothing I want to see, but even on that short list there is next to nothing that mirrors my experience....more

Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts for this list of essential movies I want my children to see before I can consider their pop culture foundation complete. A long  time. I mean, with all the junk that can be dumped into an impressionable young mind, I had to very seriously consider what junk I wanted throw in there. ...more
yesnofilms I didn't see it until after I turned 30!more

Friday Favorites

 here// This hilarious ...more

'The Fault in Our Stars' No-Spoiler Review or Why I Regret Staying Home Last Night

At first I thought The Godfather had been re-released in theaters. I knew I dropped my 15 year old daughter and her two friends off three hours earlier so they could see the film adaptation of John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, but how else could I interpret this text?      "New favorite movie, indescribable." Image: Twentieth Century Fox ...more
luckylori11 Enjoy!more


There really is no other way to begin, no way to delicately, or eloquently discuss the exact situations that led me to my decision-making today. That led me to never, ever become a victim – again. But therein lies the rub.  Sometimes you don’t know it’s happening. It’s the true nature of victimization. When someone’s motivations are so inauthentic, or so contradictory to your own nature, it becomes difficult to question, nay recognize, what you are seeing happening right in front of you....more

Dare to Be Great

"I'm looking for a dare to be great situation." ~ Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything)...more

Noah, the movie

Crashing waves, back-stabbing family, murderous and envious people, this is the stuff movies are made of, more so this is the stuff life is made of. Then there is also the element of screaming back at God and looking for Hope. I think I really liked this movie although it was not your "fast and furious" kind of movie. In Noah we find ourselves in a simple mode of thinking. We are not left on the edge of our seat but left on the edge of understanding our soul. Our soul shows us our desires but in plain sight our desires reveal our soul. ...more
You are right. Some movies are mirrors of life, sometimes  they reflect our reality and our ...more

"I Haven't Seen It" Review of Frozen

Yep, it's true.  I am one of the 7 people who hasn't seen Frozen yet.  I mean honestly, if you are parents and families out there, I would imagine you only go to the movies a few times a year?  Well, we are selective about what we choose to see in the theaters and what we wait to watch on DVD.  Part of it is cost, part of it is waiting for something worthwhile to see on the big screen.   This time around, my husband took my kids to see Frozen when it was in the theater.  I stayed home....more

Phoenix Film Festival: Interview With Jason Carney

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