Full Hands

The Moments We StandFull Hands The first time I heard it, I wanted to crawl out of my skin. An older man—holding open the door for me—loudly proclaimed, “You got your hands full—don’t ya?” ...more

Sign Away Your Frustration: Thoughts on Sign Language from a Mom of Triplets

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I was put on bed-rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. If you’ve ever taken a glimpse at my personal planner, you know that I don’t sit idly well....more

10 Sharp Answers to the Most Annoying Mom of Twins Question Ever

"Are they natural?" I am a mother of identical twins. We are instant celebrities on such red carpets as the grocery store checkout aisle and the pediatrician's waiting room. ...more
Yes!! I remember those comments with my identical twins. They are almost eleven now and we still ...more

My Decade of Baby Is Over

Ten years ago, I was deep into fertility treatments and a busy teaching schedule, settling into a new city far from home, and hoping every single day that I would be pregnant. I was trying to wrap my head around FSH and LH levels and pray that my decision to stay on my seizure medication was the right one....more

When a Negative Helps You Focus on the Positive

This time, he didn't bring home flowers.  But in his defense, I took the phone call this time.  And I already knew.Berta was not meant to be....more

I'm Jealous of Mothers with One Child

Not too long ago I sat around a table of other moms at a coffee bar, chatting about this and that and so on and so forth. I joined in by telling them about a mom blogger I admire, who jaunts around town, experiencing and writing about her fabulous life in the city. You know, with her ONE kid... And I emphasized the whole conversation with a big fat eye roll. Which was awkward, because I was sitting at a table SURROUNDED by women who had only ONE CHILD. And that's when I swallowed my gangly foot. ...more
Kathy K I really appreciate this honest comment. I can't imagine having to make the conscious ...more

34-Weeks with Twins--They Said I'd Never Make It!

Today, I am 34-weeks pregnant with twin boys. If you would have asked me seven weeks ago if this seemed likely I would have said, "No."At 27-weeks, I was rushed to Labor & Delivery because I was two and half centimeters dilated and experiencing strong contractions-- though I didn't feel a thing.Here I was thinking I was coming in for a routine ultrasound and BAM! they had me rolling through triage in a wheelchair....more

Miles to go before I sleep...

Last night, I finally got to take a shower at 11pm (I’m a morning showerer).  It had been an exhausting, defeating day, each moment draining me more and more as I failed at just about everything I attempted.  I had spent much of the afternoon in front of my computer working, not because of inadvertently misaligned priorities, but because I couldn’t stand the thought of more time with my kids.  (It hurts to write that. Please tell me you’ve been there?)...more

Come Again?! (Part One of "Expecting a Baby")

On March 18th my husband and I were beyond excited to attend our first ultrasound appointment. The thought that we were having another child was a little overwhelming but amazing at the same time. Now closer to 2 years old, we wanted S Dot to have a partner in crime. This crawling on the floor and being his main form of entertainment was becoming a bit much. Plus, I often tell people that I am not sure how I could have survived childhood without my little brother....more

Can I Ever Be Enough for My Kids?

“Mommy? You come sit with us? You come sit with me and Michael and Maggie on couch in the living room?” Matthew asked me a few nights ago.His tiny voice hit me like a freight train. I looked down at the floor beneath the table, covered quite liberally with leftover birthday cake crumbs. Where are you, Mom? Why aren’t you with us?“In a minute, honey. I’ll be right there, Love. Just finishing up cleaning the kitchen,” I said, hastily sweeping the crumbs into a pile.I felt awful....more
The perennial question: are they getting enough of me? And probably if you ask them, it's no ...more