THE question

I took the kids out for breakfast this morning. The woman at the table next to us turned around to ask if they were twins, and went on to coo over them. Because they are twins, they have always gotten alot of attention and comments: "Are they twins?" , "who was born first?" , "Aren't they adorable", "Are they fraternal or identical?" (This one always kills me- it's amazing how people don't understand about genetics and that only same sex twins can be identical), etc. It's nice. It's nice that they garner positive curiosity. I'm always very pleasant and patient and appreciative....more

Little Known Twin Facts

On June 20, 2011 a routine ultrasound changed my life. I heard five words that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever hear, “Well, for starters, there’s two.” It took 30 minutes to get from the doctor’s office to my mom’s work. In utter shock, I typed TWINS into the Google search bar on my phone....more

The Real Scoop on Parenting Multiples

Parenting multiples isn't just about doing things in duplicate (or triplicate or quadruplicate!); it requires a lot of creativity and quick thinking on your feet as you navigate the logistics of feeding multiple babies at the same time, getting them on the same schedule, and making sure they sleep in unison. From thoughts on prematurity to which items you'll need to purchase more than one of, this crib sheet on parenting multiples will help you get your bearings if you're carrying twins, triplets, or more. ...more
Excellent post. EVERY TIME I was pregnant and 6 weeks larger than I should be, my doctor thought ...more

How to Get Through Those First Few Months with Multiples

Motherhood alone offers its share of challenges, joys, and freak-out moments. However, when motherhood throws a curve ball of multiples, “normal” gets thrown out the window. Jen Murray(QuatroMama) understands the overwhelming excitement and overload that goes with parenting multiples. She has survived 5 years of quadruplets and is thrilled to offer real-life advice that she’s gained along the journey. Consider this your cheat sheet on surviving multiples! ...more
All fantastic advice! I couldn't agree more on anything you said, especially about routines and ...more

Do Kids Really Need College?

My husband and I have had a few frightening conversations over the past few days. They were about college. Saving for college....more

Life is Like a Pile of Poopy Diapers

We've done it. We've fallen completely in the talk-only-about-the-kids-and-their-diapers-and-the-laundry trap....more
Totally feel your pain!  We've tried to laugh about what drives us crazy to make it a little ...more

I'm So Glad I'm Not You

Today I was stopped by a woman, who asked the phrase that I could not possibly have heard before, "Are those twins?" Chuckling to myself I said, "Yes they are," and smiled proudly at the two toddlers smiling back at me. The lady laughed and said, "I'm so glad I'm not you." In an instant my smile dropped and my eyes bugged out. She continued, "I'm so glad I didn't have twins," and looked lovingly at her own 3 children beside her. My mouth dropped in shock as she actually looked at my twins in disgust!...more
It makes me sad... As the mother of identical twin girls, only to lose one of them two days ...more

23 week twin pregnancy update

From my blog, My health care team (OB, NP, and perinatologist) decided my due date should be moved up 8 days to May 11th. I am not one to argue with most health professionals, so I essentially skipped a week and am now at 23 and some change. In the grand scheme of things, 8 days isn’t much, but to a pregnant lady, it is. Considering most twins are delivered around 36-37 weeks, the clock is winding down....more
wow im 23 weeks pregnant with twin girls andhave been showin from 7 weeks im huge now look about ...more

Parents of Multiples Need A Great Carpet Steamer And Sense Of Humor

Let me start out by sharing that I can't even count how many times we have used our carpet steamer and hard wood floor steamer to clean up poop.One of the worst was one of our kids ended up scooting down the stairs on his naked poopy butt. I can't even tell you what the context was anymore. It was maybe six months ago and I think I found it easier to block that one out. All I can say is that laughter and a really great carpet steamer came in handy....more

Should you test your twins?

When I was pregnant with the twins our Doctor guessed that they were identical, because he only saw one placenta. After they were born, via c-section, we were told the same.  Identical twins are one egg, fertilized by sperm, that splits in two. They are not hereditary and there is no scientific explanation for why the egg splits. They almost always share a sac, but there have been cases when they don't, depending on when the egg splits. I think it's fascinating that they have identical DNA....more