Taking Our Triplets And Baby To Disney World Was A Dream Come True For Our Family

What did I want to do after my grandparents and my older brother all went to heaven within a year, we survived the first three years of triplets, survived our baby’s first year, lost our home and savings to a flood when our baby was two months old and our triplets were two years old? Go to Disney World of course!  ...more

Lily & her three little angels

Adeela, Adeena, and Adeeva are three little newcomers to the world. Unfortunately, these prematurely-born infants will not experience their mother's warm embrace.Lily Riyana Lubis, the mother of the triplets, died not long after delivering her daughters. The exuberant Lily died from pre-eclampsia....more

Research to Help Women: Please Help If You Can

Have you or anyone you know made decisions about multiple fetal gestations?...more

The gift of the first time, there is still time....

“We must become the change we want to see.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi...more

Tough Questions about Adoption

I was pregnant with Coby when we brought the girls home from Vietnam. They were only 11 months old when he was born. They don’t remember life without baby Coby, he was just always there. They were much too young to remember me pregnant with him or life without him....more

Mommies In Orbit, Raising Kids, One Orbit At A Time.

Mommies In Orbit, a new post added today, the kids have had two snow days in a row and now the weekend."It's All In A Day's Oribt."...more

The Twouble with Twiblings

Many newspapers are running the story of what they’re calling the “twiblings”: two babies born days apart to the same parents via surrogacy. In other words, the parents worked with two surrogates simultaneously in order to transfer embryos to both at the same time which resulted in each surrogate carrying a child, delivering them within days of each other. So they have boy-girl twins … from separate wombs. ...more

I haven't read or thought a lot about this subject so my comments below are meant to show my ...more

Stories We Tell Ourselves

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will.  As a young girl, I definitely had my ideas about what my life would be like when I “grew up”.  I would, of course, be married.  I would have my first child by 24.  I would be a fabulously successful fashion designer.  I would live in New York with my equally successful husband.  Perhaps he was an architect.  Yes, I had plans. ...more

Great post, Gina. I hope other women find your honesty in sharing your story helpful. more

Stretched: Spreading Myself Among the Kids

  Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough of me to go around. Right from the day when I heard those fateful words, “Definitely two babies,” I knew that there would be tough times to come. Times when I just couldn’t give both children what they needed right when they needed it. Of course, since then I’ve doubled that problem, and now I am stretching my resources between four small people. Sometimes I have reinforcements, but often it is just me and them....more

It may not be the most glamorous job but you are right, it is an important job!